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I've always been a lover and writer of fanfiction, but it wasn't until I got into MLP that I really found something I loved writing about. Hope you all enjoy.


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

The Jedi Knights are the greatest peacekeepers in the galaxy. They protect the innocent and stand up to injustice wherever they find it.

Join Flash Sentry, as he joins the Jedi Temple and attempts to prove himself worthy of the title of Jedi. There he's make new friends, face many challenges and come across enemies too numerous to count.

And in a dark corner of the galaxy, evil is beginning to stir.


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Welcome Padawans! :pinkiehappy:

I hope you guys are enjoying the first three chapters for this awesome story!

About couple of months ago, Banshee asked me to be his beta reader for his Star Wars story and I immediately said yes because my dad is a huge fan of original Star Wars trilogy… so I grown up on Star Wars and I always wanted to get involved with Star Wars stuffs but I couldn't able to think for one.

While I will not spill the beans, I can promise you that this is one story you don't want to miss! :raritywink:


Is there's anyone out there, can you make a TV trope for this story?

Hope you did your research about Star Wars lore because there’s a lot of stuff that goes into this type of story. A lot of material that is very devisive among the Star Wars fandom. I’ve had many experiences where I said one thing about something and they get all uppity.

He is aware of that and I been helping him with Star Wars material.

I can't go into details as I don't want to give it away but I did my best to help him with the material.

What a surprise to see this series get posted next. This is going to be fun.

Flash's journey as a Jedi begins, and we finally get to see it for ourselves.

Interesting Star Wars take with our fave MLP crew, I do hope to see a certain small purple draggie make an apperance at some point! :moustache:

That's quite the backstory for Flash. Losing your master is always hard, but I'm sure Grand is watching over him knowing Flash will make him proud.

Cool to see Skybreaker as a Master on the Jedi Council. Wonder how many other of the knights will appear? Speaking of which, I also find it clever how just like in your other series Flash is aiming to be a knight, just a Jedi Knight instead of a Royal Knight.

Great EQG/Star Wars crossover fanfic I wonder how the rest of the mane six and other characters would fit in?

Here are my shared ideas and suggestions.

1. Applejack and her family could farmers on Planet Canterlot but some of them like AJ and Big Mac could be troopers.

2. Fluttershy could be a part of these version Galactic Senate and try to offer peaceful Solutions.

3. Pinkie Pie could be the baker providing the troopers and jedi some food? I honestly don't know

4. Rarity could also be a part of the Galactic Senate

5. Rainbow Dash could be a part of a squadron of star ship pilots called the Wonderbolts

6. The CMC could be the younglings of the Jedi

7. Discord could be a a space pirate like Hondo Ohnaka

8. Spike Twilight's alien pet?

All except the last one are great, I prefer Spike as a younglin like the CMCs.

Nice now I want a fic of Baldur’s Gate EQG!

11721161 Well you're not getting it from me. I don't know anything about Baldur's Gate.

Well just play the third game if you want

Nice chapter so far. So hey. Are Scootaloo and Flash gonna be a brother sister figure thing or something since there not technically family but still and also what about the Darth Vader and other Sith lords coming in. Will that be happening any time soon.

Banshee told me that none of canon Star Wars characters will appears in this story.

So, don't expect Darth Vader or other canon Sith Lords in this story.

If you read the second chapter, you would knows who are Sith Lords in this story.

Ok got it then. What about Flash and Scootaloo then. There relationship

Unlike Flash Sentry Chronicles, their relationship will not be big in this story.

The relationship between Flash and Shining will be important instead as Shining becomes Flash's teacher in this chapter.

After all, the relationship between master and apprentices are important in Star Wars world.

Very impressive so far.

Will this have a reference from the Old Republic, High Republic, before the Clone Wars, or whichever?

This was fun. Flash showed his potential by passing all the tests given to him, plus we got to see the Mane 5 and their fighting styles as Flash faced them. Spike and the CMC even got to appear briefly. Them being different alien species and a few having different weapons rather than regular lightsabers were all interesting and seemed to fit them well.

I think this is the first time Shining has officially been Flash's mentor in your stories. He has played a mentor-like role to him briefly at times, normally subtly, but this is the first time he is officially his teacher since the role normally is filled by Grand.

I am curious now who on the council voted for and against Flash joining.


I think this is the first time Shining has officially been Flash's mentor in your stories. He has played a mentor-like role to him briefly at times, normally subtly, but this is the first time he is officially his teacher since the role normally is filled by Grand.

Yup, Shining is Flash's mentor in this story.

After all, the relationship between Teacher and Apprentice are important in Star Wars, especially Jedi.

I am curious now who on the council voted for and against Flash joining.

I imagine Celestia, Luna and Skybreaker were the one who voted for Flash joining since they didn't talk badly about Flash compare to other council.

As for the rest of the council, Banshee told me that most of them are just generic Jedi masters since he struggled of coming up with the rest of the council... so, besides Celestia, Luna and Skybreaker, don't expect the rest of the council to have major roles in the future.

Which era is the series?

Prequel, Original, or Sequel?

To those who are reading my comment, I honestly had no idea about Jedi Cores when Banshee first explains to me… through, I manages to understand his intention.

Yeah, I agrees with Banshee's choice on the characters' core.

Seeker fits Flash well because he's not the greatest guy when it comes to intense knowledges like Twilight and Medical and Agriculture just don't interest him and he picks seeker because he want to explores all things since he spent most of his childhood stuck on a moon.

I hope you enjoys this chapter cause we got next awesome chapter on the next week.

Stay tuned. :raritywink:

"I used my Lightsaber to cut open my snow steed and stuffed the guy inside." The Younglings let out several cries of disgust. "Hey, it was thirty below out there. I think he'd rather smell like Tauntaun innards than get frostbite."

Star wars II.

Luke had to go through the same way you know. And it wasn't good but it was survival.

Nice explanation of the different Cores and which character is associated with which one. I knew right away Flash would pick the Expedition Core, but he did pretty good in the Agriculture Core too. Looks like his first mission is coming up, and he and Shining get to work with Skybreaker and Iron Core.

Nice reference to the Tauntaun scene from Empire Strikes Back too. I've seen parodies of it plenty of times but it is a clever way to survive.

That's actually Star Wars V. Star Wars II is actually Attack of the Clones.

This is one of chapters that I helped Banshee with as he was struggling with coming up with Flash's first mission as a Jedi Padawan.

But I won't go into that detail until next week but I'll talk about the original plan for this chapter.

Originally, it was Iron who supposed to be with Flash when they get separated and it would be about them having an uneasy bond since Iron was a jerk to Flash before they have to put their feelings aside in order to find the problems with Relgarians.

But Banshee decides to have Shining instead as he feel Flash and Shining haven't really bond with each other since master and apprentice are meant to bond with each other and this chapter is sorta the beginning of their bond which I thought it was good call by Banshee.

One of the sacred rule of the Jedi: Jedi do not form attachments.

Well, sorry to disappoint you but Banshee confirms "No attachment" rule will not be present in this story as he find it too many complications and later chapters would address that.


Shining wasn't impressed. "Come on! Focus!"

"I'm trying!"

"Do, or do not. There is no try!"

"What? What does that even mean? How can I do something if I don't try." Shining tried to think of an appropriate response, but frowned.

"I'm not sure. Honestly, that one always kind of confused me to. Master Celestia certainly likes to say it a lot." Iron kept throwing the balls at Flash, who managed to dodge a few of them. But way more hit him and he was eventually knocked off balance and fell to the ground.

Nice Star Wars Rebels reference.

Nice mission so far. It looks like there is definetly some kind of conspiracy going on with the princess involved. Here's hoping that Flash and Shining can get out of this and meet back up with the others.

"I'm trying!"

"Do, or do not. There is no try!"

"What? What does that even mean? How can I do something if I don't try." Shining tried to think of an appropriate response, but frowned.

"I'm not sure. Honestly, that one always kind of confused me too. Master Celestia certainly likes to say it a lot."

Nice reference to Star Wars Rebels.

"Jedi stupid. Hole escapable not!" The Jedi shared a look before both leaping straight up, managing to get up out of the hole without issue. "What?"

That part was funny. Those idiots don't understand Jedi can Force Jump. My guess is they probably figure they should have just dug deeper.

Hey, this is Ragnarok17, the beta reader of Star Wars.

Now this chapter out, I can talk about this chapter.

When Banshee asked me about what should Flash's first mission be, I suggested ideas of him and other Jedi investigates through unlike this chapter, one of the ideas was bunch of space pirates stealing the spices.

As for Calveris, his intentions are good but like every characters said, he went overboard and almost got his comrades killed and the king's relationship with Relgarian destroyed over his irrational fears of his planet being attacked.

Calveris is like James Ironwood (Volume 8) as both men do questionable actions in order to protect their home but they ends up suffering the consequences for their actions.

I hope you guys enjoys this chapter and see you on next week. ;)

This was a fun mission. Looks like I was right about there being some kind of conspiracy, just not about who was actually involved with it. Flash did good.

Calveris clearly had good intentions, but the actions he took to try to accomplish them ultimately made him a villain. The moment it was revealed he tried to lead his own men to their deaths just to trick his king was when he lost my respect. Though thankfully the relgarian were understanding enough to realize the king wasn't at fault.

This chapter might be controversial for hardcore Star Wars Purists because the whole "No Attachment" thing was big part of Jedi lore but in this one, that rule abolished by Celestia but if you read the comics, Luke is in a relationship with Mara Jade and yet, he didn't go to the dark side like his father did.

Also, you would get frustrated if you have to deal with Jedi's old ways and unfortunately, the padawans and youngling became rebels toward the order because they hate how restrictive toward them.

We finally meet Lightning Blitz who is probably not the biggest fan of Jedi in this story… you'll understand why he absolutely despised Jedi very much…. Lightning represent those who views Jedi as villains.

As for how he somehow know Flash? Well, people from temple informs him (at least, that’s what Banshee told me)

Though Luke marrying is part of the “Legends” continuity of Star Wars, while most of the films, TV shows and other forms of media use the “Canon” continuity. And then there’s the whole George Lucas thing that got many people talking about Mara Jade and Luke.

It may have been filler, but I did like how the lives of the other Jedi were shown.

I wonder what the CMCs and Spike are doing, or are they not leaving the temple yet? And what will Spike's relationship with Twilight be like, because it seemed strange to me that they didn't talk about him when Twilight's parents showed up.

I was also surprised by the appearance of Lightning Blitz and that he is against the Jedi, I honestly thought I saw him as someone using the dark side of the force, but it seems that he will take another direction in this story.

I believe Twilight and Spike are not related in this story... if Spike was related to her, Twilight would talk about him but I certainly he's not related to her in that case.

The reason why Lightning Blitz is an officer than a Sith cause we need someone to represent those who are not fan of Jedi considered how many civilians looks up to them so far and we felt Lightning would be perfect for that role.

Oh, wow, thats odd, I have always liked the sister brother relationship they had, maybe in the future he could be Twilight Padawan and she can consider him her brother, like obi wan and annakin.

And about Lightning, I think that role suits him perfectly.

This was a fun chapter. Not only did we get a look at what the Mane 6 do during their free time, giving us a look at their personal lives, we saw Twilight's parents and see the pain Flash went through over losing his own. Losing a loved one is never easy, especially at such a young age. I imagine losing Grand wasn't easy either, despite how he says he held it together.

Plus we have Lightning Blitz introduced here, and I see he still has that "winning personality" he has in most of your other stories. It is definitely going to be awkward dealing with him with Grand gone, since I assume he is going to pull the whole "my grandfather died because of you" schtick on Flash.

"Flash!" Grand cried, but he knew the boy wouldn't be able to hear him through his grief. He let out a groan and started pushing his way through the wind, which began ripping up trees and throwing them around. Several houses were knocked down, whilst metal was sucked into Flash's vortex.

It wasn't easy and Grand was sure he would likely end up getting stabbed by something inside the tornado. But he kept pushing forward, using The Force as best he could to protect himself. And by the time he finally reached Flash, the tornado threatened to suck everyone else in.

Grand grabbed Flash and pulled him into a hug, holding him tightly and pulling him away from his parents. "It's okay!" He clutched him to his chest, "it's okay." Flash kept crying, "please calm down. Don't let your pain spread to those around you. I'm here." Flash seemed to respond to this, as the wind and force around him began to slowly die down.

Slowly, the vortex faded away and Flash continued to cry into Grand's chest. The Jedi Master looked around and saw nobody was hurt, but Flash's power truly was a sight to see. And without control, Flash could very well cause untold devastation.

That reminded me a lot of Aang when he saw Monk Gyatso's skeleton. Flash is just lucky that like Aang he still has a family even without his parents anymore.

I don't see any problem with Jedi having romance or attachment to others. I am well aware if the rule from canon, but it was also ignored plenty of times, not just by Anakin. For example, Kit Fisto and Aayla Secura were implied to have had romantic history at one point, one comic showing he saved her life by "breathing for her" while underwater with a kiss. Then of course it is canon that Revan and Bastila had a relationship in the KOTOR series.

The Jedi were stuck in their old ways and since they didn't develop that contributed to their downfall in the films. So I welcome this change.


Plus we have Lightning Blitz introduced here, and I see he still has that "winning personality" he has in most of your other stories. It is definitely going to be awkward dealing with him with Grand gone, since I assume he is going to pull the whole "my grandfather died because of you" schtick on Flash.

Well, I can say he is less asshole compare to his Pokémon counterpart and his hatred toward Jedi are justified once you learns why he hates Jedi so much in later chapters.

After all, I pretty sure there are couple of folks who views Jedi as villains for them being hypocritical. (The Jedi claimed they have no thirst for powers and yet, they are the council who oversees the entire planet)

Lightning Blitz is meant to represent those who views Jedi as villains, especially if you watch prequel movies and the council are bunch of self-righteous pricks.

That's right! Jedi and Sith finally meet at last!

I know some of you guys thought Shining was being harsh to Flash but you got to remember, Flash hold a grudge against those troopers for killing Grand Hoof and others back on his planet… of course he wouldn't take it well.

Shining forbidding Flash to help him because he knows Flash will ends up letting his grudge consume him and going overboard.

In Attack of the Clones, Anakin ends up murdering the entire village of Tusken Raiders because they tortured his mom to her death, that's what Shining and other Jedi fears the most.

Oh boy. The Jedi finally encounter the Sith. This is going to be an important encounter.

Luna is right, knowing who is the Master and Apprentice in the Rule of Two is very important. When the Jedi defeated Darth Maul they didn't know which he was at the time, so they didn't know they still had Sidious to deal with. By the time they learned of his existence in the tail-end of the Clone Wars it was already too late.

I can understand Shining wanting to protect Flash from giving into his rage and seeking revenge, but at the same time Flash can't avoid his past forever, especially with how big of a threat this enemy is. Flash has the right idea, wanting to stop these guys not for the sake of revenge, but to stop them from hurting anyone else they way they hurt him, including his new family.

Despite what Flash said, he almost gives in to his rage after Solara keep taunting him… it's hard to be a Jedi when you can't keep your emotions in check… Jedi is not an easy job after all.

I bet some of you guys didn't expect the bug troopers to be apparently immune to Jedi Mind Trick… I won't talk about that part… you have to continues reading the story.

See you in the next chapter. :raritywink:

Okay, the first fight between the Jedi and the Sith didn't go well. Not only did Solara completely dominate Flash in a lightsaber duel, she got away with the relic she was after. The Sith might be the clear winners of this battle for now, but the Jedi know about them now and the connection they have to Flash's past, so things are just getting started. But Flash needs to get his head in the game.

Chrysalis being here and working for the Sith is interesting, and certainly confirms a few things. I originally thought the soldiers that appeared here and the previous chapter were droids of some kind, since they aren't afraid to die to keep information safe, barley say anything, and are immune to Jedi Mind Tricks. However, with Chrysalis here I think that pretty much confirms they are the equivalent of Chagelings.

"I see," Sombra nodded. "We'll need to be careful how we approach our objectives in the future. I'll inform Doom, Tirek and Armalum. We cannot allow the Jedi to know of our intentions. Not until it's too late for them to do anything. Chrysalis, continue your work increasing our number and bring the relic to me. Solara, you have done well. But you still have two more relics to find. Once the keys have all been gathered, the doors to the Jedi's destruction will open." They nodded, as the hologram ended.

Quite the collection of villains for the Dark Side. Not only do we have the Sith Master Sombra and his apprentice Solaram they are getting their soldiers from Chrysalis, they have my personal favorite villain Tirek among their ranks too, and two of Banshee's iconic OC villains, Doom and Armalum.

We finally meet Big Score, Rickashay and Boulder, Banshee's recurring villain OCs…. I actually came up with making Rickashay a Bat-like humanoid and Boulder a Rhino-like alien when Banshee decides to have them in Star Wars story.

I know some of you still think Lightning is a jerk but can you really blame him for hating on Jedi? For those who didn't understand the reference, Doom's story is a reference to an arc where Ahsoka was framed and Jedi Council made her life a living hell as they didn't believe her innocence.

Once Anakin proves her innocence, Jedi Council tried to have her back for the order but Ahsoka rejected their offers because not only they never apologized to her (especially Mace Windu claimed it was "part of the trial") but they never believe her to begin with and they almost executed her if weren't for Anakin… she felt betrayed by them and for that, she ultimately leaves the order…. Her leaving the Order is what causes Anakin's relationship with the council to be strained and his turn to the dark side.

So yeah, Doom Raizer is basically what if Ahsoka really becomes Sith and letting her resentment toward Jedi Order get to her.

Lightning really hates Jedi for not believing in his father and ruined their life… would you hate the Jedi if they drove your parents away like they did with Lightning?

What would you do if the Jedi Council drove your parents away after your parents get framed for crimes they didn't commit? You probably would hate Jedi like Lightning did.

"Because you are the bad guys. Going around, swinging your stupid laser swords around. Tricking people into thinking you're here to help, when all you do is cause problems. You even had me fooled once, but I saw through your deception. And I'm gonna find a way to prove who you really are. Power hunger tyrants." With that, he marched out of the bank.

Oh, brother. That guy really needs a reality check.

I suppose not, and as Maul tried to say, their hypocrisy is what caused their downfall. The Jedi really were slowly lost in the Dark Side, they were just too blind to see it.

This was a fun character building chapter. While Flash tries to deal with the pain of losing Grand and his loved ones, we get some focus on Cadance and Thorax as they investigate a bank robbery and are forced to deal with Lightning. I enjoy seeing Thorax as Cadance's apprentice, and it is interesting that he has no idea what his species is, which also gives us some dramatic irony knowing how he is connected to Chrysalis and by extension the Sith. I can understand why Lightning hates the Jedi, since his father went through the same thing Ahsoka did, but he's letting his hate for them get in the way of his job to an extent since he's trying to blame them for everything.

In one of the courtyards, Spike, Scootaloo, Sweetie and Applebloom were sitting together and discussing the Sith. Scootaloo spoke up. "I heard, that Sith have the power to raise the dead. But the bodies they restore have no souls. They're just filled with evil and walk around like zombies." She mimicked a zombie, Sweetie shivering.

That is pretty creepy. I think the Night Sisters did something like that once.

"I know," Celestia nodded. "But none of what happened is your fault. And Shining told me what you said on the mission. How you didn't want to lose anyone to these people again." Flash nodded. "I'm sorry to tell you, but that's impossible to do."

I am reminded of the very important quote "Miles, the hardest thing about this job is... you can't always save everybody."

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