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I've always been a lover and writer of fanfiction, but it wasn't until I got into MLP that I really found something I loved writing about. Hope you all enjoy.


Flash Sentry has come to accept that in a world now full of magic, someone like him is nothing more than a side character despite how much they want to help. He's sent to live a life of boring mediocrity, until one unexpectedly strange day. From out of nowhere, a pod comes crashing down to earth. And inside is a device that will change Flash's life forever. The Omnitrix.

Written with the help of SuperSonicHeroes


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Comment posted by SlidDiamond3214 deleted September 10th

This story's like McDonald's, because I'm lovin' it!

Here's to hoping for more of this story soon. :pinkiesmile:

W little rushed at the beginning, but it is ok, I am following this :D.

Im interested on who’ll play Vilgax. Og Viglax was awesome.

Edit: Oh, Vilgax still remains as vilgax…

Okay somoene finally is going to answer the question. If a pony is scanned into the omnitrix, would it be an alicorn as the untimate example of the species?

11356072 The Omnitrix wouldn't be able to scan a pony. It can't handle magical species.

It started when an alien device did what it did!
And stuck itself upon his wrist with secrets that it hid!
Now he's got superpowers, he's no ordinary kid!
He's Flash 10!

Sorry, I had to. Helping you with this already gave me so much childhood nostalgia! Nice to finally see this up after you have been planning it for so long.

It is really good so far and I'm excited to for the rest of it.

"Earth," she spat the name out. "Once again I find myself at this pitiful planet. But this time, your precious Max Tennyson isn't alive to stop me."

Looks like something happened to Max in this version.

"So what do you think this alien can do?" Flash didn't answer and looked himself over, amazed by how powerful this one felt.

"I don't know," he told her before smirking. "But I bet it's gonna be cool."

I always love that line and consider it an iconic moment for Diamondhead.

This one was a blue velociraptor alien wearing black and white armor. He wore a black helmet with mask that had a blue glass visor that was X-shaped, the mask retracting to reveal a blue face with black lips and black lines around his blue eyes. The rest of the suit was black with a white stripe running down the front, but its stopped at the shoulders to reveal blue arms with black claws. It also stopped halfway down its lower leg, which were also blue with black balls between its toes and its tail was black and blue striped with a black tip. The watch symbol could be seen on the chest stripe.

My favorite alien of the franchise, XLR8!

Would that include Raidramon? Because the first alien sounds like it.


The omintrix was able to scan the DNA of Celestialsapiens. Why can’t horses with wings and horns.

11356114 All I know is, the Omnitrix has a hard time processing magic and magical beings. I remember it being written somewhere, but not sure where.

Or simpler, the watch can’t process other dimensional creatures. It could only process the DNA of creatures that exists in the universe it was created in. (Just a theory though, I’ve been watching a lot of game theory)

So, what do you call that alien that shoots lightning bolts and the other one that is like a lion but with the pipes?

And are we going to see more of the classic aliens, like Heatblast, Forearms, or maybe you can add Overflow into it

11356147 You'll find that out in later chapters.

11356192 That's not a real alien. I'd rather not get flagged for copyright.

It would be amazing if the Rainbooms think he is trying to cause trouble and get annoyed by Flash showing them up. They try to stop him but fail each time.

So how are the Rainbooms gonna find out Flash is the aliens

Another banger Flash series of your can’t wait for more!:pinkiehappy:

Just the title and concept alone, makes me want to see the MLP version of Kevin.
Imagine various alien parts on a pony body. And then a pony-amalgamation of aliens.

That it is. I didn't see the EG tag.

Hello mister Banshee531
I was wondering since you did a kamen rider and power rangers story so can you do a garo makai knight story beside here are my idea
So flash sentry character in pony world is a knight
So in human world flash is a makai knight who is the soul hearer of the strongest armor garo
He took the title after his father he fights in secret and defend humanity from the fawol demons know as horrors
See both are the similarities a knight in pony vile and a knight in ceantrot city
The makai order exist to stop the horrors from eating people and there are priest and knights train in super human level to fight and combat these horrors they can seal a horror but can't destroy it only on special occasion or a horror canibal eats the horror
And the knight and priest protect all even bad people from horrors
If you like this idea please respond or message back beside who never thought of this idea before it's golden

11357270 I've never seen that show before and I don't have the time to research it. Sorry.

Beside the priest magic is stronger than equestrian magic and you know it

And we'll can you still make Scott his sister I just love that family

11357274 Nope. Nope. Horror. I don't do horror. Sorry, not my jam.

Well can you atleast make a super Sentai story I say go with
Zyuden Sentai kyoryuger
Bakryu Sentai abarangers
Or kikai Sentai zenkaigers
How about that and make Scott his sister

My only real complaint is the overuse of "WOW!"

Comment posted by Blaze-saber deleted September 9th

Senpai I know my garo story idea didn't work so I thought why not take idea from this series these have no horror and is awesome
Flash can be red
Trixie can be blue
Sandalwood can be black
Just watch and see the awesome ness

You need to chill out dude. He already said no to you once, trying to pester him about it and flooding the comments of his story won't make him change his mind.

Change his mind? No I'm just saying that atleast make this idea in suggestions for the future story

Flash Sentry as Ben 10. Cool! I like that along with aliens I don't recognize, he's got the OG Diamondhead and XLR8. With Trixie playing the role of Gwen and the Rainbooms obviously going to help later, let's see what happens with our heroes later on.

So will micro and sandelwood help and is Scott his sister

so Trixie will be taking Gwen's place helping Flash sounds good.
Also I liked jow she said Max's line diamond headed guy and how the fight went a lot like Ben's. Yes I am also a Ben 10 fan
also will you give original aliens as well as canon ones

So is this a Flash and Trixie ship story if so I'm fine with it

Out of curiosity I have two questions

1: Are you going to make Trixie an Anodite like gwen or a sorceress like charm castor

2: Who if anyone do you have planned for the character of Kevin Leven

yes I gathered, but how many more will he have that are original and from the series?
will he have fourarms and ghostfreak?

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