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Cover Art by ponygoddess.

Twilight Sparkle is a simple student from Equestria Elementary, mostly content with keeping to herself and focusing on her studies. But all that changes after a field trip to Belle Industries where she finds herself on the receiving end of a genetically-enhanced spider bite (due to the bumbling of a certain wall-eyed girl).

As the side-effects become more and more apparent, unknown to her several of the other spiders ended up getting free and have escaped into the city! Over time the victims of their bites start to surface, each one stepping up to defend their city.

But as time goes on, more superpowered individual start to surface as well... and not everyone will use their new powers responsibly...

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 29 )

You have link to PonyGoddess's DA page, could you also give us the link to the original piece that you're using for the cover art?

The link itself is in the cover image.

Also, thoughts on the story so far?

....First this story had my curiosity but now it has my attention

REALLY good job on this first chapter. The exchanges, action, characterizations and future chapter set-up are all well done in all the right places. Twilight DOES, indeed, make for a great Expy of the Peter Parker Spider-Man (right down to the bad luck and the wisecracking in action) and I ESPECIALLY liked the scenes with Spike (who is human in this universe instead of a dog) and Sunset and Flash (Sentry NOT Thompson). And I'm guessing Shining got killed by a crook she failed to stop when she had the chance judging by her reaction to the picture.

VERY definitely going to be looking forward to more of this.

I seem to recall a story with the Mane 6, Sunset, and Trixie all being bitten by radioactive Spiders, and gaining the powers of different Spider-men. And the power-sets the cover implies they'll be getting just happen to be the same ones.

Wow, an Equestria Girls/Spider-Man Crossover. Color me intrigued.

Haven't come across a story like that myself, however I can assure you that the events that lead to these characters getting their own powers will be vastly different.

I think it's called "A League of Spiders"? I don't remember it being as well written as yours.

Also, Sunset as the future Superior Spider-Girl makes sense.

Twilight hurried out to the cafeteria rushed to her locker, she quickly pulled out her duffel bag… only to stop as she turned her attention to a picture taped to the wall of her locker. One of her, her parents, and a young adult with white skin and blue hair wearing a police uniform…

Her older brother.

Oh no... Shining Armor was Twilight's Uncle Ben, wasn't he?

Behind almost every hero is a tragedy... :applecry:

Wait...is Sunset evil in this? I can't tell.

I have a feeling she might be starting out as a jerk and a bully (like in canon), but gradually changes for the better (albeit NOT until Twilight and her future friends give her a bit of a humility lesson).

Oh....hmm...that's a bummer. There's so little evil Sunset stories anymore.

Well, I might stick around for the FlashLight stuff. That's why I looked into this in the first place. That and it looks like some seriously fun Spider-man stuff.

Comment posted by AandWguy deleted May 5th, 2019

Kinda guessing that Trixie as Venom is gonna start as a villain. As Venom's more often than not do. A really dangerous rival with little care for collateral, at least.

That's assuming Venom was forcibly bonded to that warlord before ending up Bonded to Deadpool for a minute before meeting Trixie. Venom's species are peaceful by nature but take on the personality of those it bonds with.

Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe in the middle. Maybe never.

This is a really good start to the story! I'll definitely be interested to see where it goes from here. :pinkiehappy:

...I just wish that I'd been quicker to get my own Twilight-as-Spider-Man idea written up and posted. :twilightsheepish: Ah well, such is life.

So who will be this world’s Sinister Six? The Shadowbolt Six or someone else?

I'm liking this so far!

Keep it up! :pinkiehappy:

Good question. Pretty much the only villain(s) I can guess immediately is either Filthy Rich or Spoiled Rich PROBABLY being the Norman Osborn/Green Goblin Expy (which would make Diamond Harry) and Trixie as Eddie Brock/Venom. Sunset is either going to be Otto Octavius with some elements of Flash Thompson or Flash Thompson with Otto Octavius's intelligence (one of the two, but we don't know which one yet).

I came for two reasons. One, post-Endgame withdrawal. Two, FlashLight. I stayed because this story got good. :twilightsmile:

So I'm fairly certain that all the images in the cover art are indicative of eventual character power sets. Meaning that Sunset is going to end up with the Superior Spider-man powers, which was Otto's mind in Peter's body in the comics, but the suit itself was more of a regular Spider-suit with the Iron Spider legs. As for the Osbornes...I could honestly see Blueblood taking the role of Harry, with an OC being Norman.

That transition at the beginning was pretty abrupt, but I was starting to get into it once I figured out that we switched protagonists for a little bit.

REALLY good job on the action, exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up here. Yeah, I like the bit about Rainbow's backstory in the future (and considering how far in the future Rainbow is from, it stands to reason that Spider-Girl IS a pretty legendary hero by that time, so that thug that called Rainbow/Spider2099 "a Spider-Girl wannabe" might have been a case of Right For The Wrong Reason). And Rainbow's first meeting with Scootaloo and her Aunt Holiday was some wonderful stuff. Yeah, Rainbow being an escaped test subject from the future definitely makes far more sense than her being a scientist despite her loose basis on the Miquel O'Hara Spider-Man. And the detail of Rainbow's future pursuers (one of them the friend she is trying to get back to) definitely makes for some great set-up for a future adventure.

Great work! I really like this handling of Rainbow Dash as Spider-Woman 2099.

Wow, this was a very suspenseful read! I enjoyed it very much. The characters were a slight bit confusing, but I don't think that's much of a bad thing. Maybe try developing the characters some more, so we can follow along even more than we already can. There honestly isn't much wrong with this other that though. Great job!

The first two chapters are great. So Rainbow's a test subject. Well. Makes sense. I don't see her as the scientific type. Not like Twilight who is the Peter expy. I really like how she's characterized as an escapee trying to survive. Good meeting with Scoots. The Spidergirl wannabe thing was a bit hilarious. There's already two if the first chapter is believed. Spider-2099, while not imaginative Rainbow, works for you.

Also, "escaped to" not from. Rainbow didn't escape from a timeline to Alchemax, she left ftom Alchemax into another the timeline.

616 and 1610 (Scorpion), I wonder who they are. Scorpion is likely Fluttershy due to the various powers of Miles Morales or Applejack due to the green eyes. Though, that begs the question of if they enhanced Applejack to have Scorpions powers as well as Spidergirl's.

Who's 616 though. Can't wait to see who this is. Is this the girl Rainbow is talking about or Scorpion?

Characterization is fine so far. Since Belle Industries is the one who gave Twilight her power (who's the snippy one, Sunset?🤔 ) I'm guessing Mrs. Belle is Norman, but 65 version not the corrupt, insane, prick of the usual version. That makes Rarity, Harry then. Noir suits her for her love of noir films/lit.

Sunset doesn't have her goon squad. Guessing this shows how she cates for them more than lackeys. Superior Spiderman, Ya that's Sunset alright. Ego to prove she's better than Twilight in everyway.

Anyway. A solid two chapters. Can't wait to read more.

Ya. Cause Trixie's ego, competitiveness, and showboating issues wouldn't have a negative effect on the poor symbiote.

Edit: forgot the review part of the review.


All quite well said. Yeah, I too am thinking that 616 is either Applejack, Fluttershy or Gilda. But if you will look at the picture more closely, it seems more likely that Rarity will be the red-and-yellow version of the Iron Spider (which would also be quite appropriate) with Pinkie gaining the Spider-Man Noir costume and abilities (though still retaining her largely light-hearted personality). And good catch concerning Fluttershy (indeed, we KNOW she is going to have the power set of the Miles Morales Spider-Man, but we don't know yet if she's going to be Scorpion, 616 or neither [only the author does and that falls into spoiler territory, so we'll have to wait and see]) As for if Applejack, we know she will gain the costume of the Scarlet Spider, but we don't know if she will have the powers of Spider-Girl, Scorpion or a combination of both. That IS an excellent question too (though if she DOES get both Spider-Girl AND Scorpion's power, it would probably cement her place as the physically strongest of the future main hero group) .

That's an interesting take. I just think she's using the iron man suit possibly have Mattie's powers, but still calls herself Noir due to her love of detective films. Pinkie Pie, I have no idea what powers she'll have. The whole powers thing is already confusing as it it in EQG. If Rarity and Applejack are the two brainwashed lackeys, what the hell became of their little sisters?Are they slaves too? If so. Are they going to attack Scoots for seeing Rainbow?

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