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I like writing stories starring Sunset Shimmer and sometimes Adagio is there.


[Equestria Girls/Bully Crossover]

Canterlot Academy is hailed as one of the best private schools in the country, but the people who say that are only talking about the academics and not the social elements; random acts of violence, vandalism, rampant bullying, segregation, tribalism, elitism, and that is just a fraction of all the problems plaguing the place.
That is the world Sunset Shimmer found herself in after she crossed the portal back in Equestria, and to make things worse, in order to blend in with the hairless apes that happened to be the dominant species of this alternate reality, she was turned into a hairless ape herself; in order words, she had no horn to channel her magical energy and cast the spells she had relied on for so many years.
How can an unicorn-turned-human survive in a cruel world completely devoid of magic?

Warning: This is an Equestria Girls fanfic with Equestria Girls characters that takes place in an universe similar to that of the game "Bully", so playing it is NOT mandatory in order to follow the story.

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Never played the game Bully. but think can follow this story.
Wonder how she adjusts and will she change things?

I don't want this to go like how the game went. I see that is not the case already so good,I'm gonna like this one

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I saw a Bully story on this site a while ago. Never got finished. Shame cause it was VERY good. So I'm looking forward to how this goes.

So far so good. I remember the stage where you have to help protect the nerd during his speech.

From what I can tell: Dash is the Jocks. Rarity's the Preps. Adagio's the main villain. Twilight's the nerd. Applejack is likely the leather jacket people. And Fluttershy is the friend of the main character. So that just leaves Pinkie Pie.

Adagio's Betrayal happened lot quicker then I thought it would, but glad to see the new chapter.

Wow Preppies done already. And Sonata is here. Guess we'll see Aria as well

Also: A Bully 2? Sweet!

Been waiting for Trixie's appearance forever and wasn't disappointed. I'm really looking forward to the next chapters and in the meanwhile I might as well replay Bully too.

Sci-Twi's Earnest?
Guess I can see it.

I really hope they can get some evidence on that couch and shove into Celestia's blind eyes, sure she be questioning she should be principal from then on in!

Also fluttershy, Dash...WHAT THE BUCK!!!


Fluttershy betraying one of her friends okay that's b*******

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