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In the world of Dragonball, several distortions end up altering the timeline and changing what past. Seeking the strength to help stop these mysterious changes, Time Patroler Trunks gathers the Dragon Balls and makes a wish for warriors powerful enough to help him fix the timeline...

In a distant far away world, six mares who have saved their world countless times are summoned to a to the New World by Shenron and Trunks (with Spike unknowingly hitching a ride), who asks for their help in saving the timeline of his own world, after some debate the group agrees.

However things start to get worse as the ones distorting time start altering it further, causing certain events to happen earlier than usual! Now they must not only adjust to their new bodies, but find a way to defeat these new enemy and save all of time!

Co-Written & Story-Boarded With:

Brother Malachai

Blank Scroll


Cover Art By: Me!

Chapters (13)
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*these new enemy


to be honest, i could have done a lot more to help out with the story. that's my own fault

great so far.

“What about Dumplin?”

glad you know team four star. By the way could you use my time patroller character in this? Or at least for a chapter? I can give you all his information.

color me intrigued. :ajsmug:youve piqued my interest.:pinkiecrazy:

Hay that's Demon God Dumplin.

This is already off to a promising start! I especially like how tied in the not only elements like DB Online with what presume to be a Time Breaker, but Heroes and Dumplin as well. Am I right in guessing that EVO timeline is based on Dragonball Evolution? Interesting reference. Also poor Twilight just got done with an dimension hopping adventure. Oh well at least the whole gang will be along for the ride. I will earnstly wait for the next chapter.

Very interesting story. Will be keeping on eye on it.

Okay, why is this not at least one of the more popular fanfics in this crossover category? This was very well written, only a few grammar mistakes here and there. The premise is also very good, though I guess not entirely original, since I saw another xeno verse did. But you really made me interested. In curious to see who this Masked Saiyan is. Is it someone we know, or a completely new Saiyan?

Anyway, I really hope you continue this soon, because I can't see when this was first published.
You have earned yourself a favorite.

Stay frosty.

I am interested as well, a fairly intriguing plot for now and I hope to see more soon. :)

when is a next chapter going to be?

Dumplin is in the one Universe that truly needs his special brand of "help". Godspeed you little gray terror.

although kudos for remembering that Dragonball Heroes exists.

I'm genuinely surprised, I didn't think anyone would get the heroes reference!

6123815 How could I not remember it exists when it constantly has new additions, updates, trailers, and its own weekly manga Dragonball Heroes Victory Mission by Toyotaru? Just because its not a thing stateside does not mean it still there isn't news of it. It also helps that I a massive Dragonball/Z/GT in general, and check Kanzenschuu almost daily for news. Then again even outside Dragonball I have a knack for noticing things. Anyways can't wait to see the Mane Six's, (& Spike's), reactions to Trunks, Supreme Kai of Time, Shenron, and Toki Toki City in general.

A good start, looking forward to seeing more of this as it comes out. I'm genuinely curious to see how the next parts gonna turn out, if the mane six are gonna stay in their pony forms, or shift species, like the cover image seems to imply. And on that note, let us pray that if Pinkie becomes a Majiin, she never discovers the ability to turn things into candy.

Interesting start. If the ponies shift species, will they get clothes with it, or will they need to be gifted them?

6118118 Don't blame yourself. I fell off towards the end of the prologue because of IRL issues.

Speaking of... I'm sorry I couldn't go through and fix any of the grammar and spelling mistakes. I'll do better with the next chapter. :twilightblush:

6122523 Hey Bardock, I didn't knot you were a Brony

Seems kind of stupid to send them out before training is completed. Not only that, but it was hinted that the reason all six were summoned was due to the Elements. ...Shouldn't they explain to Trunks and Supreme Kai or whatever his name is, just what the Elements are? And stick together? Seems to me that the elements would be a whole lot more useful than two barely trained individuals.

Sorry I couldn't help much. Money problems still. Two jobs drains me

“This story... YOU.” The majin piece said without moving from it’s spot... or opening it’s mouth.

Welp, Twilight's doomed. Also, calling it now, Twilight's death will cause RD to go super saiyan since they don't know about the dragonballs being able to revive the dead yet.

Anyways, looking great so far! It'll be interesting to see how the mane 6 react to each of their respective races special traits, if it's ever brought up, of course.

I smell Dead Zone Abridged with Ponies...

"Oh's bike, don't think that way.

Do I have to say anything?

“Oh... I don't think it would that bad—,”

would be that

"Are warehouses is just extinct here?"

Are warehouses extinct here?

"It's like a when I take a nap inside a cloud..."

It's like when I take a nap inside a cloud...

"Good thing your mane doesn't match your coat Rarity." Pinkie smirked, getting the fashionistas attention.
"Yeah, otherwise you'd be completely invisible right now!" Rainbow Dash added with a giggle, causing Applejack, Spike, and Pinkie to start snickering.
"That's not funny." Rarity grumbled in irritation.

I'm assuming they're just joking, since Rarity's coat isn't a perfect white but more like extremely light gray. And since The chamber is pure white, she would still be visible, even if a bit harder to see.

Clap Clap Clap.
Alright, I say this is quite the good one, although, I am surprised at the change of race between Twilight and Rarity when compared to "The Xenoverse" story. If you were to ask me, I'd have made it Applejack and Rainbow Dash who'd be Sayians, while Rarity and Twilight were humans. So, will we be seeing personalized moves? Like in "The Xenoverse"? or will they all be using existing moves?

I enjoyed this story and the idea of not all of them having to go on a mission at the same time is a good idea as well. This story has a lot of potential, and my complete approval.

Please give spike transformations I'd be so happy

(reads description)

Seeking the strength to help stop these mysterious changes, Time Patroler Trunks gathers the Dragon Balls and makes a wish for warriors powerful enough to help him fix the timeline...

Thus... messing up the timeline even MORE.


Dumplin: I will send you to the fuck box!!!!!!!

Dumplin. GREAT. Don't get me wrong, I love TFS, they're hilarious, however, they've shown time and time again, that they're not very good at video games, more often than not almost deliberately choosing a bad options just because they can and out of stubbornness. For example, keeping the Final Flash despite it being a very lackluster Ult compared to say, I dunno, the Special Beam Cannon. That, and they're really not that good at the same. In that anyone who knows what they're doing and is high level enough could destroy them.

“Um…Anyways, Majins are a race of powerful beings whose bodies are nothing more than a giant wad of bubblegum. They can take parts of their bodies and turn them into different weapons...”

And if they're anything like Buu, can regenerate, and damn near impossible to kill and have an affinity for magic. And can easily copy techniques they see.

"Humph! When you're the master of time you can make yourself as young as you want." She proclaimed proudly. "But first things first... ZA-WARUDO!"

Well, that, actually kinda makes sense. She IS the Supreme Kai of Time, she has a lot of experience, makes sense that she's capable of freezing time even if for a bit.

“But you just said-”

Bottom line, the difference is that an AU is a whole different universe. Alternate Timelines are the same universe, it's just timelines where things went differently.

“Don’t spoil my fun! I do what I want!” The voice shouted to her. The Kai grumbled for a moment before shooting a purple bolt of lightning into the sky, it hit something in mid-air causing a mini explosion and aggravated scream.

Dammit Dumplin.

“Let’s just say the guy they belong to? Is... unstable.” The Kai said as she slurped her drink.

At best.

“I AM THE HYPE!” Rainbow Dash yelled, while stomping her foot on the ground.

Considering that in pony form she can match the Wonderbolts, and can fly at supersonic speeds with ease, she actually IS. Unlike Vegeta, most of the time when she's bragging, she can very much back it up.

“OK, that last one was on purpose!”

OK, see? THIS is how you do a good TFS joke. It's just that, I've seen a lot of people reuse TFS's jokes. But you're doing it right. You're also making your own jokes and using those jokes well and with good comedic timing, not just because ou can.

"Just how far has technology managed to go in this world?" Spike wondered out loud. "Are warehouses is just extinct here?"

Probably. Just a whole fridge filled with capsules of food can outdo a warehouse.

"The art of ki", "Beginners Fighting Techniques", and "The Manipulation of Flight".


"Did you seriously think just losing my wings would hinder my flying speed?" Rainbow asked with a coy smirk. "Now then, let's see how good you are at close combat!" She shouted before rushing towards her.

Smart. Plus, being a Saiyan means that her gung ho attitude might be a good thing as she's get hurt more and that means more zenkais and she might be able to go Super Saiyan.

"I will cover the universe and the darkness so thick and cold, that the only rival will be that of the Dead Zone itself! All hail Garlic Jr! ALL HAIL ME!!!"

... Damn. I didn't expect that.

"It's just as I feared..." The Time Kai said as she closed the scroll. "Our enemies are not only altering the timeline, but are in fact fusing separate timelines together!"




"Scouters, specialized devices that allow you to scan your enemies power levels as well as communicate with each other." Trunks explained as the two placed them on their left ears. "They can also be used to scan for certain objects should the need arise."

Very useful for finding those capsules to make healing items until I have so much money I might as well buy them.


Well, he is a defender of various life forms at the end of his arc (except for the TFS Version, which is just mad that he got sent back in time :rainbowwild: ).

An unorthodox choice having Intellectual Twi and frou-frou Rarity being Saiyans, but I can see some good comedy coming from this, especially if they have to train under tougher trainers such as Vegeta while learning how to become Super, etc... Plus, I'm sure RD is going to be infuriated over the whole "Saiyans becoming stronger after a fight" thing. I'm starting to think I'm seeing bits of that now w/ Twi giving her trouble in training.

Since Twi was selected to be "YOU" does that mean Rarity might go Super after seeing her kick the bucket? :raritycry:

One Problem, RD is human. :applejackconfused:

Also, from Twi not having experience w/ Time Travel and alternate timelines yet, I'm going to assume the Starlight Glimmer Villain Arc hasn't come to it's conclusion yet in the G4 MLP Timeline.


It was a simple mistake. Slow your roll there champ.

6703965 My bad for the errors I'll go correct those.

6610554 And the next chapter should be upload soon. As soon as Alpha gets on.

Oh snap! Next chapter is ready for everypony... I mean everybody :twilightblush:

Roshi was trying to keep a straight face, Goku and Krillin were snickering, and Twilight arched a brow before shaking her head in disbelief. “Wow. Just wow. Even by Equestrian standards… those names are just stupid.”

At least Equestrian names are usually puns or somewhat clever.

And angry vein made itself visible on his forehead is he immediately slammed his fist into her stomach causing her to double over before spinning around and kicking her in the face. She was sent spiraling for a few seconds before she quickly stabilized herself in mid-air, wiping the blood off her mouth she gave her adversary a smug look. “Oh? Did I touch a nerve, Sparkles?”

Says the one named Twilight SPARKLE.

“There’s nothing as precious as the love between a father and son isn’t there?” Mustard mused as he cracked his knuckles. “Well, let’s just see how much you love your dear little boy, shall we?”

Buddy, you made a huge mistake. NOBODY threatens Goku's friends or family. Ever herd of the original King Piccolo? He got a hole through his chest after one of his cronies killed Krillin.

Standing across from him was a man with extremely long spiky black hair going all the way down to his knees. He wore brown and black colored battle armor with long shoulder pads, armored gloves & boots. He had his tail wrapped around his waist, signifying his Saiyan heritage. Additionally he wore a blue scouter on left ear, a white band tightened around his left arm, and another on his left leg. He was one of the last living Saiyans and the elder brother of Son Goku- Raditz.

Small nitpick, Raditz's scouter is green. Also, the bands are light brown.

their they’re

Remove "their".

“I think even Goku in his Super Saiyan 3 form would’ve had a hard time fighting him!”

Mostly due to how tanky Tirek is and that he has no defense against magic and while Tirek can hold that form, SS3 drains Goku very quickly.

“A-amazing! Why even Majin Buu had to use a lot of Ki to-!” Trunks started to stammer.

Magic. And Pinkie Pie is known for being able to make reality her plaything. Be glad you're not dealing with Discord. Also, no double space between a and lot.

Back at Kame House the battle raged on.

Comma after house.

Famous Technique

No caps.

the kid Let’s go!

Comma after kid and decapitalize let's, or exclamation mark after kid, but remove the extra space anyway.

Salt's Arms

No caps for arms.




No caps.

Beans! Niimmmbuuusss

2 spaces too many between beans and nimbus.

smoke. In its

Comma not period, decapitalize in.

Prickly Pear from a nearby Prickly Pear Cactus and poked himself in the process

I understood that reference.


Popo. No extra cap.

Of course Sir

Comma after course.

“I do.” PoPo replied with some degree of snark. “Byeeeeeee Kami~! I’ll get the special Peyote Blend for you!”

Popo's great, he's as snarky as his Abridged version, but he does actually care about Kami.

“I don’t trust that guy. We need to keep an eye on him,” Rainbow Dash replied as she started to charge up.


Mysterious Rainbow

again, no caps.



go South

No need to capitalize the S in south.

Twilight nervously replied. “Well...we can’t say too much about our mission. But let’s just say it’s in our own best interests to make sure that Garlic Jr. and his men are defeated. Long story short, it’s a bunch of overly-complicated space-time stuff that’s over your head.”
“Huh?” Goku asked as he scratched his head.

If Garlic Jr wins, the world is screwed.



7580233 Ouch, I can't believe I missed so many errors. Thanks for catching those, I'll get right to it.


Says the one named Twilight SPARKLE.

That's exactly what I said when I read that :rainbowlaugh:

7580233 quick question, bro. I checked over the doc and couldn't find that last error. Where was it exactly?


Says the one named Twilight SPARKLE.

Thatsthejoke.jpeg . :rainbowwild:

Woo! And it's up! Sorry about the delay, dearest readers. :twilightblush:

Pinkie Pie is going through a fase huh? And those DBZ abridged references.

“OH. MY. SHIT.” Emperor Pilaf mumbled as he stood there with a blank look on his face for a few seconds.

Ah, it's good to see someone remembering who Goku is and how much ass he can kick, namely, yours.

“Well, at least we know his power has been greatly reduced and he can’t transform,”

Not quite, he's stronger than he ever was with his tail, and you give him a couple of years and he will be able to transform into something far worse than a Great Ape.

ChiChi stopped him, “Goku, I’m not mad at you. I know it’s hard for you to believe, but it’s true. Even I have a hard time believing I just said that. I think it’s because I know you’d do everything in your power to protect our son.” She said as she held his hand, looking him directly in the eyes. “We can do the blame game later if need be. For now, let’s go rescue our son!”

This. A thousand times this. It'd be so easy for Chi-Chi to be left on the sidelines and be simply angry that this happened, but she's not, she's angry at Garlic, not Goku, she's in her old armor, or at least her helmet, and even though she knows she isn't as strong as Goku, she's gonna give it her goddamn best. And woe betide any who hurt Chi-Chi in Goku's presence.

“Yes, I’m sure she’s just fine, darling!” Rarity added in. “I’ve seen her go through things back in Equestria that would seriously hurt most other ponies and she didn’t even get a scratch! And that was before she became a Majin!”

Now she's damn near unkillable.

“Pumpkin Bread!” Spice yelled out.
“Gingerdead Men!” Ginger exclaimed.
“Fish And Chips!” Vinegar shouted.
“Stuffed Peppers!” Yelled Sansho.
“Hot dogs!” Shouted Mustard.
“Cinnamonnnn...Toast Crunch~!” exclaimed Nikky.
“Salted Pork!” Finished Salt.

That's stupid.


I get it.

“I’ll...make you pay...for taking...my grandson!” The Ox King growled as he grappled with the mechanical monstrosity.
“I’d like to see you try old man! This is the best mechanical combat suit zenni can buy!” Pilaf countered as he pressed various buttons and pulled various levers.

Which gives you an idea of how strong Ox King is.

However, as Vinegar’s lifeless body hit the ground, she didn’t feel much emotional pain or remorse at the time. At least as much as she thought she would. Was it the heat of combat? The adrenaline and other chemicals pumping through her body? Or was this the effect of being turned into a Saiyan? Was it because she knew how ruthless and merciless her foe was?

I'd say a bit of all.



dirty pool

“Hang in thar Flutters! KIKKO-HOOOO!!” Applejack yelled as she, Krillin, and Tien Shinhan all fired a unified Tri-Beam attack.

That has GOT to hurt. Also, didn't know Krillin knew the Tri-Beam, his shtick is the Kienzan.

“Oh, you’ll find out soon enough!” Launch chuckled. “She made me ‘Purple Promise’ or something along dose lines to be quiet about the surprise she has planned. Now go! I heard Kami had a secret mission for you two!”


“What old days?” Yajirobe asked. “Our own past or the days when Ninjas and Samurai went at it in Feudal Japan?”
“I was going to say our own past,” Chow said as ducked a strike aimed for his neck and swung a counter-blow of his own, “but I suppose the other too.”
“I know, right!?” Yajirobe exclaimed as he gave a quick kick to Chow’s ribs. “We’re even fighting in a Castle!”

He's not wrong. Also, good to see you remember that Yajirobe is a decent warrior in his own right considering he chopped one of King Piccolo's sons with ease.

“I want you to make me the world’s largest cupcake!” Yelled out Pinkie as she leapt down from the ceiling and onto Garlic Jr.’s head, pinning him face-down to the throne.

Good work.

Shenron growled in annoyance for a brief moment. “FINE! I DON’T EVEN CARE ANYMORE! YOUR WISH IS GRANTED! FAREWELL! I swear, I’m not paid enough for the garbage I go through...”

Shenron, you're an Eternal Dragon who can only be summoned once a year, you don't get paid at ALL, and what would you even NEED money for? Also, I see we're working with Abridged! Shenron.

“I swear, did Michael Neigh write this scene!?” Pinkie exclaimed as she saw the gunfight going on behind her. “And why is there a gunfight at all!? This is crossover with Dragonball Z, not Cowboy Bebop!”
“Quit ruining my fun for me Pinks!” Launch yelled back as she opened fire on Mai, who quicklt ducked behind another pillar. “I’m not end up on the bus again like in the default timeline!”

Nice. Also, quicklY.

It was then that the holes in Pinkie’s arms and head started to let off a high-pitched whistling noise and steam. The steam then enveloped her whole body...

Oh dear.

She smiled as she trotted up to the Spirit of Chaos, who was in a Orange Gi with a blue undershirt and had a spiky whitish-blue wig on.


“Well, my dear, you just ate an entire tree’s worth of hallucinogenic fruit. You do the math.” Discord sarcastically commented as he pulled out a chalkboard and chalk from somewhere off-screen, put on a graduate cap, and wrote:
Pinkie + hallucinogenic fruit = RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

You're goddamn right.

When the steam cleared, Pinkie was still there. But now, she was slightly taller, slightly more bulky, with her tentacles still lying flat on the right side of her face, and her skin color was now a mixture of grey and pink. She let off another puff of steam with a high pitched whistling sound.

Evil Buu form.

“Kamehameha!” Yelled Applejack as he hit Spice in the back with a Ki attack, sending him crashing through a nearby wall.

HOW are you still alive? You used the Kikoho at least 3 times, and a Kamehameha in quick succession.

the fight ters


The grey-pink Majin was now wearing the distinct spiked armor and cloth toga of Nikky.

She absorbed him. Another reason to fear Pinkie, damn near unkillable, vicious when angered, operated on Toon logic and can absorb others to gain their power, abilities and knowledge.

stuck he new

Stuck The new sword, and no extra space between the and new.

“Me too.” The Time Kai nodded in agreement. “It’s always a toss-up as to what effect the technique of absorption will have upon a Majin. In some cases in can actually cause a Majin to become less wicked as it was upon the younger Majin Buu, but in others-”
“It can make them even more cruel and wicked.” Trunks concluded. “Something tells me we’ll have to keep a close eye on Pinkie Pie for a while. I sure hope the others can help keep her in check. In many ways, her unpredictability and ability to break the Laws of Physics makes her the most dangerous fighter in the group.”

Exactly. Humans may be very versatile and stubborn, and Saiyans may hit extremely hard not to mention can go Super Saiyans, yes Spike being an Arcosian means he's very hard to kill, but Pinkie is FAR worse.

“Because I’m giving you a chance to leave alive.” Goku replied back. “Most of the others here wouldn’t even give you that option here, including Kami. Despite being his FATHER I’m still giving you that option.”

Do as he says, Goku may be merciful, but even his mercy has limits.

“Wait...you were the ones who defeated-?” Were the last words to come out of his mouth and Pinkie slammed the large ball of Ki on top of the large Makiyan, resulting in a large explosion.
When the dust cleared, the remains of a Makiyan split from head to haunches laid upon the ground.

That ball, split the guy in two, how does that work?

“I have a feeling that creature is going to be a lot of trouble for all of us! Possibly even worse than Beerus!” Trunks said as he put his sword back into its sheath.

You'd be right, as bad as Beerus is, he's rarely actively malicious, Discord can warp reality to his whim, Beerus would just kill you.

“This is why I HATE Tetris!!!” Pinkie yelled as she dodged various bits of wall and ceiling falling towards her and in her path.
“Crap crap crap crap crap! Crap crap crap crap crap crap!! Crap c-crap crap! Crap crap crap!” Krillin cursed as he ran away.

I get it.

“So we’re not wishing for Cupcakes or Panties?” Asked Nappa.
“Ugh! Just get in the damn Ship, Nappa!” Yelled the Prince.
“‘Kay!” cheerfully replied Nappa.

Abridged! Nappa, a joke that has gotten old.

“I’m not going to destroy this planet and I’m now going Freelance.” Raditz stated. “In fact, I will help defend this planet from now on.”

Break Through The Limit did it.

Pinkie tapping into Pinkimena for a bit eh? This was the thene that went through my head when she transformed.

“H-how could I be made a member of such a cruel species!?” Twilight wondered in shock.

‘Wait...I’m now a member of a race that kills other races...for cash?!’ Rainbow thought to herself in horror.

you think that's bad, Pinkie's not only related to Dumplin, one of the most powerful beings in the universe to ever exist, but she's born from the same Buu that not only destoryed the earth, but millions of other planets. Nobody tell Pinkie about her heritage.

You know. I'm really surprised at the interactions between Pilaf and Garlic Jr. While never addressed in the series, they were once apparently the same being. Apparently Pilaf is the childish side of Garlic which he cast away.


"Stupid" or not, it is a reference to both the TFS and Official films. They would yell out food products related to their names when they bulked up.

Ok there is zero reason twilight would perform better at hand to hand than rainbow. Ki I can accept as it falls into magic-like abilities. Rainbow has studied ponyform karate (got a black belt if I remember right) and because of her love of flight gives her quick reaction speed. She is athletic to a fault. Twilight's best known physical accomplishment is pacing herself on a marathon. Literally all other accomplishments have to do with magic and mind. So it stands to reason she should not be better than rainbow in h2h. Again ki makes sense h2h does not.

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