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This story is a sequel to Reconciliation

After learning something fishy, Sunset and Twi head to Equestria with the twins to visit Sunset's family and investigate their discovery.


Part of the SciTwi Shimmer Chronicles

Proofread by my good friend TheWingman.

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Well now...that's a lot to just drop on somebody.

Side Note: Do we get to see Celestia and Luna's place at some point?

Sunset really has got a temper... Damn


Side Note: Do we get to see Celestia and Luna's place at some point?

Not sure yet.

Most redheads do.

I can confirm. My red hair may be contained to my beard, but I too have a bit of trouble holding back my temper. It's something I hope to get the chance to work through with a psychologist.

If I may, here's some advice regarding anger management from a "licensed" counselor:

Well, MagiTwi seems to have had a serious brain-malfunction not inviting dear Sunny-buns to her coronation. Oops. Hopefully Sunset's not going to be on the warpath when she gets there.

Maybe she will. Maybe she won't. :trollestia:

Damn you’re urge to use that opportunity to troll us!:pinkiecrazy:

Old habits die hard. :rainbowlaugh:

Oh good, Gleaming's got a "sense of humor". That kids going to be a riot when she gets older.

Hopefully, things will get better once they're in Equestria and Sunset will have her full magic to counteract Gleaming.

Is it ever explained how Gleaming has magic in this world?

It is explained in an earlier entry to the series, A Leg Up in which Solaria is the first to display magic.

I notice that (at the time I'm writing this anyway, though I doubt it'll change) this has 0 dislikes. Finally everyone else seems to agree pabrony is awesome.

Nice to know that Starlight's got thing's handled in the castle, so to speak.

Also, Ali-Twi, why do I have the feeling you're going to have a very angry Sunny-buns on your hooves in a few hours.

Yay! An update!
*kermit flail*


Oh my lord😔 its here again the cliffhanger that has not yet reached the end, even years has passed😭 Please continue this🙏

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