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Cover Art by ponygoddess.

Twilight Sparkle is a simple student from Equestria Elementary, mostly content with keeping to herself and focusing on her studies. But all that changes after a field trip to Belle Industries where she finds herself on the receiving end of a genetically-enhanced spider bite (due to the bumbling of a certain wall-eyed girl).

As the side-effects become more and more apparent, unknown to her several of the other spiders ended up getting free and have escaped into the city! Over time the victims of their bites start to surface, each one stepping up to defend their city.

But as time goes on, more superpowered individuals start to surface as well... and not everyone will use their new powers responsibly...

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This story is a sequel to Death Battle: The Rainboom Wonderbolt vs The Ryming Swordsman!

Sometime after the first two battles against Starfleet, a much smaller adversary makes their way to the land of Equestria... and ends up butting heads with a certain dragon.

This will be one of the more... unusual battles to say the least.

Equestria vs Starfleet! Round Three! IT'S TIME FOR A DEATH BATTLE!!!

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This story is a sequel to Death Battle: The Princess of Friendship vs The Space Enticorn!

Not long after Twilight's battle with Lightning Dawn, a new face arrives looking for revenge. With Twilight out of town, our speedy blue Wonderbolt must take up the challenge and put her years of skill and training to the ultimate test! Can Rainbow Dash match up against this strange warrior?

Equestria vs Starfleet! Round Two! IT'S TIME FOR A DEATH BATTLE!!!

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Not long after her encounter with Raven, Twilight ends up being targeted by a strange pony from outer space wielding a power like nothing she's ever seen before! It's up to Twilight to utilize the Magic of Friendship to protect her home from this creature, but will our Princess of Friendship be able to prevail?

Equestria vs Starfleet! IT'S TIME FOR A DEATH BATTLE!!!

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Discord decides to create a holiday centered around ponies pranking each other, it's a contest to see who can pull off the most pranks throughout the day. And whoever pulls the most gets the title of the Prankster King/Queen!

However Discord, Pinkie, and RD AREN'T participating! No, they are the judges of the entire contest! It's their job to basically rank the pranks on their execution, setup, and just how funny they are...

This is gonna be fun...


  1. Co-written with VampDash.
  2. Cover Art by marioking89.
  3. Now has a Live Reading by Agent Fluffy.
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This story is a sequel to Princess Trixie Sparkle

Note: The events of this story was written before the animated version reached it's final episode, therefore this story acts as a sequel to the written version, not the animated version (which has several additions and alterations that give certain characters more validation in their actions).

After everything that's happened, Trixie has finally gained what she's truly wanted, friends who love and respect her, as well having become the chosen bearer of the Element of Forgiveness!

But her actions during her time in Twilight's body have not been forgotten, and Shining Armor plans to remind her of that...

Now has a Dramatic Reading by ChaosServant 12345.

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While stargazing one night, Rainbow Dash spots a suspicious creature sneaking into Sweet Apple Acres. Upon pursuing it however, she comes across a familiar face... who seems to regressed to her little batpony phase...

My entry for the third FlutterDash group contest.

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Cover Art by: V-D-K

When Lyra's best friend Bonbon revealed her true identity, it was the most soul-crushing realization she'd ever gone through... but not for the reason Bonbon thinks...

Now Lyra must make a choice of her own, but which will she choose? Her best friend, or her duty to the crown?

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In the world of Dragonball, several distortions end up altering the timeline and changing what past. Seeking the strength to help stop these mysterious changes, Time Patroler Trunks gathers the Dragon Balls and makes a wish for warriors powerful enough to help him fix the timeline...

In a distant far away world, six mares who have saved their world countless times are summoned to a to the New World by Shenron and Trunks (with Spike unknowingly hitching a ride), who asks for their help in saving the timeline of his own world, after some debate the group agrees.

However things start to get worse as the ones distorting time start altering it further, causing certain events to happen earlier than usual! Now they must not only adjust to their new bodies, but find a way to defeat these new enemy and save all of time!

Co-Written & Story-Boarded With:

Brother Malachai

Blank Scroll


(Currently on Hiatus while searching for moreco-writers)

Cover Art By: Me!

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On Hearts and Hooves Day, the new CMC; Api, Pixel, & Echo manege to convince Valiant Heart to help them get Prism & Whirlwind back together using love magic. However when he tries to do it he ends up using a bit of his offensive magic to strengthen it. It works... way to well...

All OC's in this story belong to Kilala97.

Co-written with The Avenger.

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