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The yacht's wrecked. Spring Break is ruined. The cruise patrons are stranded on a deserted jungle island. And the crew of the yacht just...left them...somehow.

Sure, there'll probably be a boat, or rescue planes, or something, but why wait for all that when there's a perfectly good portal in the middle of the dark, spooky jungle that leads to a shortcut home?

Well, that and a long hike through another dark spooky forest. And a complete change of species.

The story of how the Canterlot High gang got home after the yacht sank.

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I am about to read this, but here’s hoping that numerous writers give there take on this story line.

Edit-great story.

Here we go! Wonder how they'll manage to sneak their way to Ponyville without being noticed?

I’ll might do a fanfic reading about this, however I’m making Wrestlemania 35 highlights right now.

Three small, brightly colored ponies stared back at them.

So what exactly determines what kind of pony one would transform into, provided that there were a 100% guarantee of ponification? And what would their cutie marks look like?

The little group stumbled over to the pond and leaned over it.

Three small, brightly colored ponies stared back at them.

I know what happens right after that. :raritywink:

If you have a counterpart in Ponyville/Equestria, you become an exact duplicate, with the proviso that dupes of alicorns become their pre-ascension versions -- i.e., Sci-Twi has no wings.

If you don't have a duplicate than it's the luck of the draw, although physical types tend to be pegasi and creatives unicorns.

And it probably won't be touched on in this story, but will we ever find out where human Sunset and Starlight are?

So would those who are both physical and creatives become alicorns? And who would become Earth ponies?

The last panel of this fanmade comic, which I know isn't canon, suggests that human Sunset Shimmer was a target of the mafia.

I knew it wouldn’t be too long before someone did this. All aboard the crazy train!

I think it would be more accurate to say Athletic types (sports stars, etc) would become pegasi, while strong types (weight lifters, fitness junkies, farm workers, etc) would become earth ponies.

Now I'm really curious what they would make Celestia, Luna, and Cadance look like as ponies. (One of the books says Cadance was a pegasus before, but what about the sisters?)


Other fics have done it, but here's hoping the crowd of humans-turned-ponies freaks out the agents of S.M.I.L.E.

Please let this have Fluttersquee, the hugging terror of cute ponies...

I'm somewhat convinced that VP Luna has no counterpart in the pony world, simply because the pony version of Luna just seems far more likable to me.

The fact that Sci-Twi still needs glasses as a pony suggests that you don’t become an exact duplicate of your double so much as a genetic twin of them... so if you have an injury that they haven’t sustained (such as some kind of eye strain) that stays unique to you. Or vice versa. I’m guessing that Princess Celestia had some magical means to pass along of protecting/improving her student’s eyesight.

A fun start! Here’s hoping that the herd of ponies aren’t eaten by timberwolves.

Well, the timberwolves had better hope none of the humans were from North Korea!

Also, what if someone with no pony counterpart made it through? What would determine the kind of pony he'd become and his cutie mark?

Only thing I have to ask....

I REALLY want to see pony Lyra meet human Lyra. To quote Luna:

The fun has been doubled!!!!

Plus, I think it would be absolutely hilarious to see both Lyra’s geeking out over each other.

This story looks very promising. I can't wait to read more adventures and shenanigans of the Canterlot High gang in the Pony World.

On another note, has anypony else read "Well, this is awkward" by Jay David which features a similar premise?

This is great. I love Trixie in this; can't wait to read her reaction to being a pony. Please continue with this :)



Pony Lyra: *Ears perking up* My human senses are tingling. Some pony has mentioned something about humans.

Bon Bon: *Facehoof* Not again....

Oh what a perfect storm of chaos this is going to be. I can't wait to get started.

I was hoping somonewould do a story on this and tbe fact that its you makes it even better. This is going to be awesome.

Pretty sure the ENTIRE ship went with sunset through the portal they just only showed the main characters, flash and backgroudn characters wort noticing. Its implied all of them came with her so...

If anyone is just going to know the random detail of how the crew got off the island, it would be Pinkie Pie. She knows everything.


:o Would she hug herself then? or Maybe the CMC?...

It's awesome that someone is making a story based on that ending, the 'how did they get here' etc. for the whole group. It would be cool if they spent a little time in Equestria, just to look around a bit, maybe see the princess'es or something... Maybe Discord have some fun... Having the EG universe meeting the EQ universe is interesting to me, because most of the ponies seem 'grown up' ... ie they all live on their own, and even have business, where as EG are high school students, living at home. Hope to see more soon.

So what kind of pony do you think one would become when one passes through the portal?


Well if they already have a ponish doppelganger, then their form is easy to predict. If not, I'd probably just throw dice. 1-2 earth pony, 3-4 Pegasus, 5-6 unicorn. But really, we've such a crowd of established characters to look at, it almost seems wasteful to focus overmuch on OCs.

No offense, but shouldn't ponysonas such as that of QE2 be alicorns?

And I'm just asking for my own curiosity. I doubt any such portal exists IRL, but if one did, I'm asking what would happen if we went through it. Keep in mind that as a musician, I can't really live without my fingers, though.

This is a story I wanted to write. There ia so much to explore with a canon HiE story, and the episode just glossed over it.

So thank you. I look forward to more.

The crew parted ways with the passengers at the shore, implying they went back to the shipwreck/had another way off the island.

So you think you'd turn into a dragon rather than a pony... I'm not sure whether that really happens.

I don't really have an OC to represent me, but I'm making my own pony characters who are nothing like me for a possibly upcoming story of mine.

This is going to be fun. Not just because we get to see the others students react to being ponies but the other passengers too.

"It's just, well..." Flash stuffed his hands in his pockets. "I coulda sworn I overheard you say something about Equestria and my—the other Twilight?"

I love moments like these. I will never let go of the Flashlight ship or give up on it.

For the musician thing; I want to point out that in both the show and the comics, ponies are shown playing all sorts of instruments that would normally require fingers (using hooves, wings, or horns). So your choice is still up for possibility.

Of course there is the possibility you could come out as a hippogriff, minataur, diamond dog, dragon, changeling, yak, or even kirin as well.

I want to see this too!

Wonderful to see someone tackle this in greater depth. You doing it means it's sure to be fun. Eagerly looking forward to the madness.

Also, I can only assume the ship's crew sublimated into narrative irrelevance. Especially Ragamuffin.

TBH, I don't think there's an answer for that. There's no example in canon that would show us. We'd need someone like Micro Chips to go through to find out (i.e. he has no pony counterpart as far as we know, and his cutie mark would most likely be whatever symbol he's been seen wearing on his clothes in the various EqG movies, specials, and shorts).

Other than that, we don't know, as there's no examples in canon anywhere to show us. The only humans-turned-ponies we ever get to see were characters that we've already seen pony versions of before.

Well, Sunset Shimmer has no human counterpart as far as we know of and yet she still became the human/anthro Sunset Shimmer we see in EQG.

And how would hooves form airtight seals around tone holes on woodwind instruments and press velocity-sensitive keys on a keyboard?

Well, I suppose it's a good thing that they became ponies. I don't think that a human would live long in Equestria without falling ill. Pony standards of sanitation is definitely differet than human standards. They walk with their hooves and then often pick up food with them and eat it. They prepare food with their hooves and mouths, getting their mouths on stuff. They manipulate items with their mouths, and hooves, getting germs on stuff so transfer of germs is probably insane. Not to mention that our bodies wouldn't be used to any diseases their world would throw at us. We would have to live in quarantine. Their bodies probably have robust immune systems used to their environment. Ours definitely isn't made for an environment like Equestria. Most of us would be dead in a week if we weren't ponies.

Oh, I just love where this is going :rainbowlaugh: And is it going to be narrated from Flash's POV? I'm really looking forward to this

Always love your work. But I'm dying for more of your other fics. Sunset vs., Turkey Bacon Club, Sunset Knight, and all the others!

The cruise patrons are stranded on a deserted jungle island. And the crew of the yacht just...left them...somehow.

I could not help but think of "Gilligan's Island" when I saw this.

When I saw the ending of that I really wanted to see what happened with all the people once they got into Equestria, I'm actually surprised the girls never wanted to go there to meet their counterparts or vice-versa so this should be fun to see how everyone deals with it. I hope something like the portal in Twilight's needed a little fixing up to be used for so many people crossing over so we get a few days for everyone to explore and see what everything is like.

I just figured they got past the plant monster thanks to them having Fluttershy with them, and she had a small army of herbivores who were probably very hungry after all that stress of fleeing a sinking ship.

Nom nom nom!

Nice can't wait to see the next chapter on this one


A crowd of high school students and shipwrecked cruise passengers walked in a thick knot through the dense foliage of a dark, damp jungle.

Already they had been beset by a smoke monster, four polar bears, a blonde lady with a weird flying necklace, two Elton John songs, and bouncing boulders of varying sizes.

"The Great and Powerful Trixie demands to know why Sunset Shimmer and her friends are making us all walk deep into this dark, creepy jungle full of who knows what horribly dangerous animals!"

"This is no longer a vacation. It's a quest. It's a quest for fun!"

"Twi, you want an aspirin or something?"

"Don't touch!"

"I just saw a big hairy spider," Bulk Biceps said, hugging himself tightly and shivering. "I'm scared of big hairy spiders!"

"That's okay, the skinny hairless spider with the foot-long legs just ate it."

"I mean, we could have waited for the rescue planes!" Trixie continued to complain. "Or a boat, or...or however the crew got off this island!"

There was a pause. The entire group stopped moving.

"How did the crew get off the island?" Applejack asked, scratching her chin.


"All the more reason we should be waiting on the beach for a rescue!" Trixie pointed out with a dramatic throw of her hand. "Not...not traipsing through the jungle like...like characters from some shipwreck movie!"

"The great Trixie will NOT be referred to as 'and the others' when songs of our fateful trip are sung!"

"She's right," a woman in the group said, holding her frightened daughter protectively close.

While paying no attention to her devil-may-care daughter.

"Hours?" someone murmured. The word was bandied about in hushed conversations through the group, while they pressed on into the darkest part of the jungle.


"She said the secret woooord!"

"Is this more of that crazy magic stuff that follows you girls around?" Bon Bon asked. "Don't tell me you've found some kind of warp tunnel or something that leads back to Canterlot!"

"Something like that," Sunset said. "It's a bit more complicated. But it's totally safe! Just...well..."

"You have to blow the whistle to get you to the warp zone, then blow it again immediately to get you to Canterlot."

Rainbow Dash favored the entire group with an enthused grin. "Trust me, it'll knock your socks off!"

"It'll knock all your clothes off, even!"

Flash Sentry suddenly materialized at Sunset's elbow. "You girls sure are doing a lot of secret whispering up here," he said. "It's starting to make the rest of the group a little nervous. Not me, of course, I totally trust you, but you know how it is with, well..." He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly.

Sunset smirked. "Uh-huh," she said, casting a significant glance at Twilight, who smirked back.

"So you know where to hide the body?"

"Depends on how many pieces you leave him in."

"It's just, well..." Flash stuffed his hands in his pockets. "I coulda sworn I overheard you say something about Equestria and my—the other Twilight?"

"Pretty easy to overhear stuff like that if'n yer snoopin' 'round like a dog suckin' after an egg," Applejack said with a teasing grin.

"Graphic, but accurate!"


"What? I can't complain about all of Applejack's countryisms."

Flash flinched as if struck. "Sorry," he said. "I just—yeah..." He started to drop back, but Sunset rolled her eyes and snagged his elbow, pulling him forward.

"You're now our sacrificial bait to the plant monster over the portal."

"Yeah, I am," Flash said, nodding rapidly. "I just, well...I just wanna see her one last time, y'know? I mean, I never really got to say goodbye to her."

Sunset's face softened. "She'll be happy to see you, I'm sure," she said.

"Just don't be TOO happy to see her. Ponies don't wear clothes."


Sunset rolled her eyes. "Is the entire cruise going to come up to us one at a time and ask for the whole story?" she wondered.

"Looks like it," Pinkie said, popping a handful of candies into her mouth.

"Wait, Pinkie, NO!"


[coughing up plumes of smoke] "...ooooh, tastes like spicy pop rocks and soda!"

"Calm down," Sunset said. "Those are ordinary creeper vines, there's nothing magical about them."

"One of them is trying to take off Lyra's skirt and another one is hover-handing Bon Bon."

"Like I said, creepers."

Sunset pursed her lips. "Twilight, Rarity, keep the plant monster busy with your magic," she said.

*Twilight and Rarity put on a puppet show*

"Rainbow Dash and I will get everyone into the portal one at a time. Applejack, help whichever of us needs help. Pinkie, back up Rarity and Twilight. Fluttershy...you go through the portal first, something tells me you'll be more useful to us on the other side."

"*sniff* Why do you want me dead?"

"The other side of the PORTAL, Fluttershy."


She cleared her throat, then raised her voice to address the group. "May I have your attention please! We're about to usher everybody through a portal that's disguised as a quicksand pit. It's being guarded by a...well...nevermind what's guarding it, because we'll be keeping it busy while we sneak you all through the portal. Once you get to the other side, line up in as orderly a fashion as you can manage, stay together, and please try not to freak out. Well...much."

"In the event of a water landing, you will find a vest under your seat. Inflate it by pulling the straps on either side. Always put your vest on before assisting other ponies."

"What do you mean by 'portal'?" the woman with the young daughter asked skeptically.

While the woman with the old parakeet knew this was the end of their journey together.

Sunset braced herself. "We mean there's a magic portal here," she said. "It goes...somewhere else."


Vines snaked toward the girls as three giant, carnivorous heads descended from above, sappy jaws snapping. "Wow, this thing grew more heads since we came back!" Rainbow said.

"We can deal with it," Sunset said.

"No, we can't!"


"Because it's... it's SINGING!"

"What the hay does 'I'm a mean green mother from a horsey place' even MEAN?"

"Rarity, go!"

"Use Barrier!"

"Darling, I'm NOT a pokemon!"

"First one through!" Rainbow called.


Flash looked up at the plant monster, then down at the quicksand. Swallowing, he jumped straight in...

His last thoughts were, "Oh god, I shouldn't have swallowed so much quicksand."

Light—far too much light—gave way to pitch blackness. Spots blinked and flashed in Flash's eyes

While Trixie's eyes played tricks on her.

Flash tried to stand up, but found it hard to get his feet under him. Somehow, it seemed easier to crawl on all fours, so he did so, with Trixie trailing behind him, complaining all the way.

"Will someone keep this mangy blue mop from slapping all over Trixie's face?"

After a few minutes, the three teens found themselves in a dappled clearing with blue-green grass and low-hanging canopies of leaves. A small, rippling pond of clear water stood off to one side. The little group stumbled over to the pond and leaned over it.

Three small, brightly colored ponies stared back at them.

"Hi! Did you want to join the Cutie Mark Crusader Snorkeling Club?"

"It's one of those talents we didn't end up having, but we liked doing it anyway!"

"There's room for more if y'all wanna join!"


"Is... that a no?"

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