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This is where you put your Star Wars/MLP:FIM crossover fics!

If you would like to add a fanfic, please make sure your fic is actually a crossover between MLP and Star Wars, or is in any way Star Wars related. Also, please make sure you put your fic in the correct location in the folders. That's what they're for, people.

Discord writes fanfics, why don't you?

Feel free to post anything Star Wars related in the Forum, but please don't harass other people.

The admins for the group are:
-Serpent-, the founder for the group
and Moon Breeze
Feel free to ask us anything you need, that's what we're here for.

Don't forget! Have fun!

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Glad to know this group exists! Been writing a Star Wars/MLP Crossover for some time, but haven't managed to bring up the courage to post due to general nervousness and a lack of a demographic. It's great to finally find some more Star Wars fans on here though! :D

Star Wars and ponies forever.

May the Fourth be with you, May Revenge of the Sixth, May the Seventh be my Day of Birth (Serious, I am).

Fanart, I will show you:
(For enlargement, click the next image)
To that last one, my reaction is:

The Force will be with us... always. :twilightsmile:

yes today star wars day

Glad I am this group is here. Decided I have to join it yes.

388739 didn't notice the blue wings

388617 no it's not. It's luna she is just in a darth vader outfit

388463 that's nightmare moon in that picture, because luna is not black

356747 you mean nightmare moon

You can resubmit them. Just make sure they are in the correct folder and you're good.

Sorry for the misunderstanding.

346627 Just to let you know, my stories I submitted does have a Jedi in it. Concepts from Star Wars are definately in the story. What misled you?


Flagwaver's is about a journal of a Jedi Knight.

EDIT: Oh wait nvm yours is good too, it just didn't seem like it had SW in it. Sorry for removing.

346623 Why don't you read it first, then judge? If this doesn't count as Star Wars, then Flagwaver's shouldn't either.


To put stories in the folders, they have to have something to do with Star Wars...

346621 Whatcha mean?


Sorry, they don't really have anything to do with Star Wars..

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