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The First story of the EQuestria Girls Marvel Universe. The EQGMU.
Now with a Tv Tropes Page! :https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/FanFic/EquestriaGirlsMarvelUniverse

AU where the Marvel Universe and Equestria Girls coexist. This story takes place two weeks after Captain America Civil War and before Friendship Games.
About a month after the Battle of the Bands, during a field trip to the OsCorp building, Flash Sentry is bitten by a genetically altered spider and is gifted with new abilities. After learning that with great power comes great responsibility, he dons a costume and takes to the streets as your friendly neighborhood Spider-man.

And for only being in the superhero biz for about four months now, he's done pretty good. He even got to help Tony Stark and the Avengers in Germany, which earned him his new and improved suit.

But as the days go by, more and more supervillains are coming out of the shadows; some powerful, some crazy, some crazy-powerful. And many of them want nothing more than to squash the spider.

Meanwhile, Sunset Shimmer and her friends discover that the Sirens weren't the ONLY magical threats from Equestria that ended up in the human world. And some are drawing the attention of powerful people, very few of them being good people.

Will Flash Sentry be able to keep the people of New York City safe AND juggle his busy life as a high school student? Or will Spider-man fall before the coming storm? One thing's for sure...

...it's going to be Amazing.

Cover Image is by https://www.deviantart.com/mabocdurenarts
You should check out his page, because they have some amazing fan art.

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Hey, great job with the chapter, I'm really interested in seeing where this goes. Given that Flash basically does nothing in the movies, it is kind of cool that he has this entire situation going on in the background.

Rainbow Dash: We had to fight some hypnotizing sirens!

Flash Sentry: I was in a civil war... I fought a giant man and got curb stomped by Captain America. I think my day went much worse than yours...

Also, I do appreciate the removal of Venom and Carnage for now at least. Given how when they enter the scene, the body count JUMPS, I could see you trying to hold off on that for now. However I am wondering if you'll include the 'Spiderverse' stuff (Not just the upcoming movie, but the storyline which is rather cool)? Anyway great chapter, keep goin and stay golden^^

Thank you. And love that bit between Flash and Rainbow. That's comedy gold right there.

And yeah, considering the scope and impact both Venom (from Flash wearing the symbiote to him fighting Venom) and Carnage (having to not only track down and catch Cletus Kasady but also fighting him and the way I plan to do Maximum Carnage) it would make sense to hold them off until much later. At least until Flash reaches his sophomore year and has at least a year of being Spider-man under his belt.

As for the Spider-verse, honestly I don't really read the comics, frankly because of how often the writers like to make Peter's life a living hell. And especially because of One More Day, which has earned ALL of my hatred. Most of what I know is from the various movies, cartoons, and a few of the video games. So I don't really know how the Spider-Verse goes, outside of what they did with the Ultimate Spider-man cartoon (which in my honest opinion is NOT the worst Spider-man cartoon out there. It was better than Spider-man Unlimited.) But I do plan to have Flash Sentry meet other versions of Spider-man and some Spider-women, but that's probably not gonna be until Book 3, POSSIBLY Book 4. And yes, he will meet Peter Parker, the original Spider-man.

And trust me, I plan to keep going. Thanks.

Looks like a pretty good start so far. I'll be interested to see where this goes in the future.

Thank you.

Speaking of the future, maybe it might go to the year 2099? :raritywink:


Speaking of the future, maybe it might go to the year 2099?

Haha, nice one! XD Ooh boy, Flash Sentry and Miguel O'Hara... now those two meeting would be something.

Clicking the thumb up on the story's rating.

Oh. That makes sense now. Thank you for clearing that up.

A good first chapter will definitely track.

Shocker launched a powerful blast at Spider-man that he dodged, but he sadly wasn't able to dodge the follow-up blast from his other gauntlet. The wind was knocked out of him as he went flying through the air, smashing into and through the brick wall of the opposite building and kicked up a large cloud of dust. Shocker smirked behind his mask and said "That was almost too easy." He then looked at the cops and said "You don't wanna end up like that loser, stay the hell out of my way."

Bit of a mistake here, you're referring to him as Shocker before you've actually named him.

Great to hear! I can't wait to see where everything goes.

Prose is a bit choppy, but I’m a Spider man whore as well. If you need editing help or tips, you can drop me a pm. I’d be glad to help

My friend, you have earned my respect. As both a Spiderman fan and a Flash Sentry fan. I too think Flash's hate is undeserved, that's why all my stories have him as the hero. Check them out if you haven't. Shameless self promotion aside, I like where this is going and am definitely gonna track it.

Hi l really like it is awesome and amazing and great good job so am when is da next one

I’m a simple man. I see Spider-man, I click. Nice job!

I definitely like the idea of Flash Sentry as Spider Man and the fact that you made the cinematic universe and the Equestria Girls universe the same universe is awesome because it adds in a whole manner of scenarios.... but it also makes me wary because well we all know where this universe is going
And I'm not sure if I'm ready to go through that emotional pain again (nothing against you of course I'm just saying your story looks good but I'm scared to read it right now because of this)

Well dude, you are un with a giod start, kerp the word count like thi :D, thought you will need to address the fact that flash is actually a Prodigy, is not shown un the series, mostly because he is part of a band, he could have gained intelligence when he was beat by the spider, or he could have been always intelligent, in either case, you should do some flashbacks for that, anyway, good job with the fic, you have my attention :D.

I am so going to follow this story! You combined Flash Sentry, one of my favorite EG characters, with Spider-Man, my favorite comic book hero! I have imagined myself if Flash ever got magic himself he would want to help people with it, and take on a hero identity similar to Spider-Man, but I never imagined he would become Spider-Man!

Excellent job so far! Also, I am hoping for a Flashlight romance in this story, since that is my favorite ship. Good luck with the rest, and Flash Sentry is always a badass!

Whoops. I'm starting to notice there's always one slip-up in my first chapter of my new stories. Meh, it happens.

Besides, I'm pretty sure ANY Spider-man fan knows that was Shocker.

Still, it was a mess up on my part and thanks for pointing that out.

Appreciate the offer. I'll think about it for future chapters.

Thank you. Glad to have you onboard.
And amen to the undeserved Flash Sentry hate.

Ahh, the classic 90s Animated Series that defined most of my childhood. My 2nd favorite Spider-man cartoon that came with my favorite Spider-man theme song.

I plan to work on the next chapter just as soon as I'm done replying to these comments.


:pinkiehappy: I had to.

I actually don't plan on having a Gwen Stacy-style death scene, because I honestly can't understand why they did it. I mean, did Gwen Stacy really have to die?
As for Infinity War... Well, I'm going to hold off on that until we actually get the sequel that shows how the Avengers beat Thanos so I can work around that. Because spoilers, Spider-man in this fic isn't gonna fade to dust. So odds are this will probably be covered either at the end of Book 3 or after.
On the subject of the MCU, check out this fan edit from Spider-man Homecoming.

I honestly think this one would have been better than hearing Tony's voice. Anyone agree?

Already thought ahead. I plan to do flashback episodes that detail not only his origins, but what happened with his band and why he never showed he was a prodigy. Speaking of the origins, I already got the human counterpart for an MLP character lined up to portray this guy.

Stay tuned!

I kinda had the same thoughts as you, but then I saw this fan art.
The wheels started turning after that.
And yes, Flash Sentry and Sci-Twi will get together. And no, she's not going to die. I hated Gwen Stacy's death in the comics and The Amazing Spider-man 2, despite how well done the scenes were. I hate One More Day, much like most Spider-man fans do.
And I'm not going to put all that effort into getting them together, setting up the chemistry, and having them be romantic, just to kill one of them off. I'm not THAT kind of writer.

Really good so far.

Only one minor error so far. At one point you accidentally use Shockers name before Flash and Thorax have decided on calling him, Shocker.

Still really great though. Can't wait to see what's next. Make this story Spectacular!

PLEASE don't just dump Venom into pure villain territory. PLEASE don't do that. If you're gonna have Carnage please have Venom go through a redemption process please? PLEASE? Also some good news. Nick Spencer seems to be aiming to improve Pete's life a bit AND deal with One More Day in his current run of Spider-Man.

He's not going to be a pure villain, trust me.

And that's great, but I don't live near any comic book stores or places that sell comic books. Outside of Atop The Fourth Wall reviews on youtube, most of my knowledge of Marvel and DC superheroes comes from the various movies, cartoons, video games, and Wikipedia.

But I am glad to hear that they're realizing their mistake and doing their best to undo One More Day.

First off thank you and hopefully you don't make the same mistake others have made and have Venom and Carnage team up.

Also yep. There's a demon that seems to know Peter's identity and seems to be of the idea there's a 'game' going on.

I'd never team them up. Eddie Brock Venom is an anti-hero, Carnage is a villain. They're not the same thing.

And that's... interesting. Hopefully they don't stretch it out/screw it up like they did with the Clone Saga. I could write a better Clone Saga than Marvel did. :raritywink:

Hey, I think is showing on the featured page! At least on the regular one...

Hope you've seen the Venom movie recently.

Sadly, no. I don't get to go to the movies much. I usually have to wait until it's out on Blu-Ray. But from what I've seen from the trailers it looks like it's pretty good, and it manages to handle the absence of Spider-man pretty well.

I like the idea you have going here! I too dislike all the exaggerated hate thrown at Flash Sentry; he was so underutilized that how could anyone really say he was a bad character? Seemed like a good guy to me, and he had some cute moments in Everfree movie what with trying to sort out that no, THIS is NOT the Twilight he had a crush on. XD; Also heeee Thorax!

One thing is throwing me off, though: you seem to be literally blending the characters from Equestria Girls with the characters from Marvel, without taking into account the funny color schemes and names that are pretty universal in this, well, universe. Names like Herman (the African-American man - they don't really seem to have people of one skin color in Equestria Girls?), and Tony Stark threw me out of the story at little. It's not all throughout but it was early enough on that it kinda confused me. (Surely we can mess with this man's name somehow... Stark is already its own word so that could be used... Stark Reactor? Kinda rhymes with Arc Reactor? IDK I'm spitballing here XD) I'm also really hoping to see him interact with the bad guys from the pony universe, but that's not a critique, just a hope. ;) Anyhoo, good luck!

Yeah, it's for reasons like this that I haven't, and won't be, mentioning skin color in ANY of my fics that take place in Equestria Girls. Because having them all be the same pastel colors as their pony counterparts, with some exceptions, pretty much takes away any chance of them being a certain race or ethnicity. The only exception would be zebras, but we never see Zecora in anything related to Equestria girls so... Yeah.

And sorry but I don't plan to change the names of any of the characters from Marvel in this fic. Maybe in another fic, but not this one as it also takes place in the MCU.

Yes, sometime in the future the villains from MLP will be interacting with the Marvel characters. Just not in the way you think.

And as I always say, if you want to hate a character, have a good reason to. Flash Sentry does not have ANY reasons to be hated. Outside of the forced romance with Princess Twilight, but that goes nowhere and is completely pointless so I wouldn't count it as a GOOD reason.

And yeah, when are we gonna get Thorax in Equestria Girls?

I... honestly don't plan on bringing that stuff up or going into detail with it. Sorry to disappoint, but this is the Marvel Universe. A universe involving a kid who can stick to walls, a scientist who turns into a big rage monster when he's angry, a man with metal armor that can fly, and a guy with metal bonded to his bones and can heal from just about any injury. I don't think a bunch of pastel colored teenagers with weird names is going to be anything that shows up on their radar.

Plus, I never mention their skin colors or if anyone found their names weird because in my honest opinion, it doesn't matter.

Well done on this first chapter. While I do end up getting a lot of questions about the world (If this is the Avengers world then how does this match up with films and about Thorax over Chip) I am going to assume that a lot of these will be answered later on in the story. If I may offer advice about the scene chages, just stick with the horizontal lines, will help a little.

I see your reasoning. In that case maybe it would be helpful to provide some key to let readers know these characters arent looking the same as their equestria girls versions? Im still imagining rainbow dash as bright blue and I think that is part of the clash thats throwing me. Thanks for the reply!

Okay, this was damned good. Very nice action that I could follow. Great Spider-Man quippage, and yes on the guy in the Chair! :D This looks like mostly MCU Spider-Man with some sprinkling from some other sources, i gather. That's good, since I've only really experienced MCU-Spidey, the Raimi Trilogy, the 90's Spider-Man series and...

SPIDER-MAN! AND HIS AMAZING FRIENDS! ;) Or my first exposure to the franchise.

Anyway... as I said before, really liking this and looking forward to more.

It said in the description this takes place two weeks after Captain America: Civil War and before Friendship Games. And who's Chip?
Oh, and thanks for the advice. I'll be sure to do that.

That would probably help for some, but others might just still imagine them in their pastel colors. I'll leave it open for interpretation by the viewer.
But I'm not changing their hair colors. That's not happening.

Thank you. This story does borrow from MCU Spidey as the primary starting point, but I will be working in stuff from other Spider-man media.
Especially some of the stuff from these two.

Best Spider-man cartoon ever! Last only two seasons, but they were awesome seasons.

Best Spider-man video game ever and I cannot wait for the sequel.

Certainly, it's be hard to imagine them without the hair colors. Well it's up to you either way, only wanted to offer some con/crit because that part was messing with my ability to fully immerse in the story. Hopefully it won't be a problem overall. =)

Hey, that's actually the fan-art that got me to write this fic. Nice.

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