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"No matter how many friends you do lose...you can always make more." - Michael J. Caboose

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Why I haven't done anything in forever... · 2:16am March 3rd

Hello everypony,

I'm here to explain the blog post title. I uh...I just haven't had any motivation for writing. Heck, when I look at my old stuff....I just want to delete them...but I also want to continue them...but I can't. I have no motivation, no nothing. I look back and my writing technique is...pathetic. As in, no technique or style. I don't even know if I really know how to write.

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Thanks for the follow

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google. Just type 'Blaziken human' in the image search.

Where'd you get your avatar?

Yes. Still doesn't work. I just don't have any ideas.

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