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I am 13. I love reading and writing. My favourite colour is fire red. I love my family.


What a relif! · 8:25am May 4th, 2015

Well, I just finished the first chapter of my new story, Ninjago Girls, and so far it's a big hit! And speaking of my stories, the only reason I hit cancelled on Equestria Ninjas is because the on hiatus button wouldn't work. So if you liked it , don't worry, it's not cancelled. And I'm so relived that my new story is more popular than my first one!

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I miss you :fluttercry: You were like a sister to me :fluttercry:

Thanks for adding Into The Storm to... Wait, wot. BEST OF THE BEST?!? Thanks a bunch!

Thank you for adding "Friendship Is Crafting" to best of the best.

Thank you for adding a common cold to the best of the best! :twilightsmile:

Thank you for adding my stories to your Best of the best :twilightsmile:

Thanks for adding my story to your Best of the best bookshelf! :pinkiehappy:

Thank you for adding my stories to your Best of the Best group!

Hai, this is Bubble Shine here!

Thanks for the multiple faves!

Oh boy, another fave! :rainbowkiss: Thanks so much for faving my stories, it really makes me happy when people like them!

Thanks for all the favorites and adding my fics into some of your folders :)
So... what do you like about them?

Thanks for the fave and adding it to your bookshelf!

Thanks for the faves on all my stories, and adding them to your bookshelves!

Thanks for the faves! Thank you so much!

I thank ya kindly for adding "Applejack Decides To Give a Try" to your favorites. :ajsmug: I'm glad that the result of my insomnia is still appreciated among some FIMfiction peeps. :twistnerd:

OH. :rainbowderp: And you added my Sonata Dusk story to your TOP FAVES? No way! :pinkiegasp: I'm honored!

Thank you for the fav:twilightsmile:

Thank you for being such a big fan of my story! Thank you!

Thanks for the follow!

Thanks for the fave!

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