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In an alternate world, the Mane Six are master thieves known as the Rainbooms!


Twilight: The Brains and Leader. Specialty: Making plans and inventions.

Rainbow Dash: The Sneaky Thief. Specialty: High speed escapes and excellent stunt flyer.

Pinkie Pie: The Distraction Maker. Specialty: Making Distractions and Decoys.

Fluttershy: The Shy Doctor. Specialty: Healing ponies if they get hurt, and being shy.

Rarity: The Smooth Talker. Specialty: Making disguises and seducing stallions.

Applejack: The Muscle. Specialty: Heavy Lifting and driving carriages.

Together, they are the ultimate thieving team!

Cover art by the amazing Pumpkin Spice Unicorn!

There is also an audio drama of the first chapter by the wonderful CMC13: The audio drama is right here.

Featured on Fimfiction's main page on 6/13/2015 and 6/26/2015!

Also, this story is old. The early chapters are very low quality! You have been warned!!!

Chapters (94)
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Comments ( 778 )

This looks so much like a Sly Raccoon Parody. :trixieshiftright:

5598409 I've never played a Sly Racoon game, I know about them but have never played one.

I'm trying to remember the terms used for each job. I know Rarity would be called "The Face".

I just started to read this and damn, Trixie a detective or law enforcement? I love that idea! So you kind of go ta forty thieves vs Commissioner Gordon thing going here? I like it. I must know, is Trixie a good or crooked cop? If she's a cop at all.

This is going to go horribly wrong. I can feel it.

Oh shit rival thieves! I like your teams for the groups. I think Trixie needs more time in screen so to speak.

5607356 I agree. Trixie has been hard to write because I don't want to write her too much in because if I write her in too much, she'll catch the Rainbooms too quickly. I plan to have Trixie eventually get to them at some point but not yet.

I wonder if trixie hunts each one of them down like in oceans 12 could be in one of the next chapters :trixieshiftright::twilightblush:

5611158 I've never watched oceans 12, sorry.

Eh it happens:pinkiesad2:
Though I would recommend it for a good heist movie along with the rest of the Johnny Ocean trilogy :moustache:

:pinkiegasp: *dramatic Pinkie gasp*
You NEED to play the Sly Cooper games, or at the very least watch playthroughs on YouTube. IMHO it's one of the best video game series out there. I originally bought my PS2 just to play those games.

Actually, I'm surprised you haven't played any of them, considering how many similarities there are in this story:
Throughout their VERY long history, the Cooper Clan only steals from other criminals. (Well, almost only. At the beginning of the first game, you break into Police HQ to steal Sly Cooper's police file, which contains information on the Fiendish Five, the criminal group who killed Sly's parents and are the antagonists throughout the first game.)
The majority of the heists result in the criminal they steal from getting arrested.
Sly's arch-nemesis (as well as love interest) is Interpol's Inspector Carmelita Fox.

Hold on.

*Drinks water then spits it out*


5614348 I've watched some of the Cooper games. This idea for the story actually came from the very recent Persona 5 gameplay trailer where the main characters play as Phantom Thieves. Phantom Thieves are a very old style of thief/heist writing. That and when I watched the trailer this story just popped in my head.

5614348 i agree with you and i must say that sly 1, 2, 3 and thieves in time are one of the best games i have ever played:pinkiehappy:

This story definitely needs some cover art.

5642564 I wish but I'm no artist. If someone could get me something I would gladly accept it.

5643093 Well, I didn't find anything I believe fits the story. It's fine.

Well it looks like have great master of cliffhangers in our midts...

You got a follower!:pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:

Celestia dang it, why do you make me love:heart:something i want do hate :facehoof:

5647102:twilightsheepish:I have bad experience with alternate world stories ,but my friend said this one was good and to read it.


5651727 Ya know, witches weren't usually burned at the stake...

But we'll make an exception!:pinkiecrazy:

“Yes. I know yer a good pony Scootaloo, you saved me.”

Rainbow Dash the pirate.

Man, I love this story! Keep them chapters comin'!:pinkiehappy:

On your story, you used 9 'Trixie's. 10 With the author's note.:pinkiehappy:

5654865 I don't understand the comment. Is that bad I used Trixie?

5655948 If I get an idea I try to write it out as fast as I can. I don't want to lose the idea.

Re: Diamond Tiara

Like father like daughter.


Re: the trixie 3rd person thing
This may be a little much but shouldn't trixie's strangeness be linked to a strength and not her being strange.
Just a thought :twilightsmile:

5657683 I just write her that way, that's all.

“It's digital Twilight. I'm putting yer hacking device on the safe now.”

Again, not a pirate.

I absolutely love this story!:pinkiehappy:

is it just me or is Rumble the little brother of Thunderlane, as in a colt not a filly :rainbowderp:

5680039 Yeah, sorry. I changed it. Thank you for telling me.

Come on, come on! This is so good, not to mention it gets updated lightning fast!

Impressive work!

But look this:

Scootaloo loved being with the Rianbooms.

You see the issue here?
And i am glad to help:twilightsmile:

Awwwwwww yeah! Train heist! Seriously, with an editor and cover art, this could get featured.

I like this story too much:pinkiehappy:

you know i have this straingest feeling that this one is not going trun out the same as the rest.:trixieshiftright:

5689633 I fixed it, you also have a grammar problem: 'But Look this:' part


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