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Celestia was having a bad week. Discord had came back from his stone prison and now her student almost went crazy. All she wants is some peace. Too bad an interdimensional time magister decided to permanently visit as well.

Oh, and that magister? He's been turned into an alicorn. And there's also another interdemensional intruder that happens to be nearby and the two hate each other. There goes the neighborhood.

This is a collab story, with its partner story being written by the awesome Silvak

Silvak's partner story: Nocturnal Mayhem

Apparently this dumb story got featured on 5/4/2017 and 5/8/2017! I don't know why, but it did!

Chapters (17)

Celestia had been looking for the one who would wield 'The Key'. For years she had tried to find the one who would open the door to the light, the one that could save Equestria from darkness. What she found was Twilight Sparkle.

A mlpxKingdom Hearts crossover. This crossover is a mlp story that uses a lot of Kingdom Hearts elements.

Chapters (28)

Celestia had just declared that Sunset Shimmer is no longer her student. In retribution, Sunset tried to use the mirror to find a new destiny. Instead, she somehow ended up at the Crystal Empire a thousand years ago. Turns out, it just might be what she's really looking for.

Note: Characters shown in story are based on mlp comic fiendship is magic #1! Also, this is a crackship fic of SunsetXSombra.

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Apple Bloom was just helping her sister at a local farmer's market when she met the most unusual employee at a stand. What follows is a filly getting the most unusual and depressing advice she's ever received.

This is a MLPXUndertale crossover. May contain minor spoilers to Undertale.

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Trixie finds herself in a mysterious building where she can buy an argument. What follows is exactly what you expect.

An mlpxmonty python crossover. Mainly the 'Argument Clinic' skit.

Cover art by the amazing Snow Bullet!

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Derpy was on her regular mail route when a sudden crash caused her to meet the most peculiar creature. A little creature called Temmie. Now, she finds herself promising to help the little guy get home. Little does she know, the creature has a charm that will make anypony want to befriend the lovable little guy.

This is a MLPXUndertale crossover. May contain minor spoilers to Undertale.

I would like to thank Brony Dragon for the cover art!

Featured on Fimfiction's main page on 1/24/2016!

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Twilight is a genius that graduated college early. However, after a certain event involving Sirens and Rainbows at a school called Canterlot High, she begins investigating the school. When she believes she can't do it alone, she calls up her old friend Moondancer to help her. What follows is a series of investigations that will leave the two questioning reality itself.

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Sunset Shimmer was Celestia's top student until she betrayed her. Now she has escaped to the world through the mirror. However, instead of her becoming the tyrant queen of Canterlot High, an accident happens on the first day there, causing her to lose her memories. Now an amnesic Sunset Shimmer is alive in the human world, not knowing what her goal in life is or where's she from. The question is: Is this a good thing or will she still become a demon anyways?

First featured on Fimfiction's main page on 8/18/2015!

Cover image by the awesome: MixMassBasher

Note: There will be spoilers in the comments! You have been warned!!!

Also, this story is old. The early chapters are very low quality! You have been warned!!!

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In an alternate world, the Mane Six are master thieves known as the Rainbooms!


Twilight: The Brains and Leader. Specialty: Making plans and inventions.

Rainbow Dash: The Sneaky Thief. Specialty: High speed escapes and excellent stunt flyer.

Pinkie Pie: The Distraction Maker. Specialty: Making Distractions and Decoys.

Fluttershy: The Shy Doctor. Specialty: Healing ponies if they get hurt, and being shy.

Rarity: The Smooth Talker. Specialty: Making disguises and seducing stallions.

Applejack: The Muscle. Specialty: Heavy Lifting and driving carriages.

Together, they are the ultimate thieving team!

Cover art by the amazing Pumpkin Spice Unicorn!

There is also an audio drama of the first chapter by the wonderful CMC13: The audio drama is right here.

Featured on Fimfiction's main page on 6/13/2015 and 6/26/2015!

Also, this story is old. The early chapters are very low quality! You have been warned!!!

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Octavia returns home only to find a polite and kind Vinyl Scratch. She then knows something is wrong.

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