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"No matter how many friends you do lose...you can always make more." - Michael J. Caboose


Derpy was on her regular mail route when a sudden crash caused her to meet the most peculiar creature. A little creature called Temmie. Now, she finds herself promising to help the little guy get home. Little does she know, the creature has a charm that will make anypony want to befriend the lovable little guy.

This is a MLPXUndertale crossover. May contain minor spoilers to Undertale.

I would like to thank Brony Dragon for the cover art!

Featured on Fimfiction's main page on 1/24/2016!

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6689150 Don't worry, I plan to make more.

6689550 tem, also allergic to tem. (hives appear all over face)

6690694 It's fine, I've gotten a ton of work done today, a skele-ton


6693114 hOI! Merry Christmas to you too!

tem like... kibblz
tem like Tem Flakes moar!

also... am I the only one who read the temmie parts outloud? just curious

this will keep you determined.

i always listen to it whenever i read about temmie.

6718766 Heh heh...This story will get updated, I've just been sick and other life things.

Great story I wonder when temmie well meet Celestia and Luna.

6724137 I haven't got there yet. I'm trying to figure out all the characters that it would be fun for Temmie to meet.

Is it the temmie that is also allergic to temmie, one of the three other temmie's, the one who watches you in the wall, or is it the temmie from the tem shop.

6736931 One of the three other temmies.

Welp, time to have a nice lay on the ground and feel like garbage.

That was totally Undyne, am I riet?

6744016 I already know the answer due to what he said.

And you do realize that temmie loves temmie flakes right.

6744489 I know but it was never confirmed Temmie couldn't eat anything else.

6744487 Okay fine...its not Undyne.

6744670 the answer is Nabstablook. isn't it

I don't see who would dislike this story

they're probably faggots

6745405 This second chapter made the story get more dislikes. Well one...but still. (It did get one like as well but...)

6745418 apels...tem other friend!

*Reads chapter*
You have gained my attention to this story.

*Reads chapter*
You had gained my attention, but now you've gain my interest...
Okay I won't say anymore cryptic crap for you now.

Anyways good chapter!

6758093 I'm glad. I hope you continue to enjoy the story!

6771623 Could I use this?! I love it!!!

Ethor undyne or napstablook

Tem ned da temi flakz 2 survav!

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