• Published 27th Jun 2015
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A Lost Sunset - KingJoltik

Sunset Shimmer has betrayed Celestia and entered the mirror to another world. However, the first day in this new world would change everything when an accident causes Sunset Shimmer to lose her memories.

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Moving Time

Sunset stayed at the hospital for another two weeks after she accepted Celestia's offer. Nurse Redheart had noticed that Sunset had problems walking out of the bed and using anything with her hands. They thought it was part of the injury that she had sustained but after two weeks of physical therapy, they realized that Sunset had finally gotten the hang of using her hands and legs. She had a hard time signing the release papers and they still questioned when she said that for some reason every meal they brought to her, she said she wanted to just stuff her face into the food and it eat it that way. Thankfully, she picked up basic human eating manners very quickly, so the doctors decided that she was fine now. It had been one month now since she had left Equestria.

Two years and five months before the portal opens again...

Sunset entered Celestia's car and was immediately amazed at the vehicle. As Celestia started up the car, she quickly noticed Sunset's amazement. “Is something the matter, Sunset Shimmer?”

“Yeah...” Sunset slowly nodded. “What is this thing?”

“It's a car...” Celestia said in the most flat tone possible. “Don't you know what a car is?”

“Um...I'm not sure...” said Sunset as she kept looking at every corner of the car. “Something tells me I haven't been in one till now though...”

“Really?!” Celestia's jaw dropped. “Are you sure?!”

“Um...” Sunset looked at Celestia's expression. “I...don't know...”

“Okay...” Celestia turned her head and began to drive out of the hospital parkway and to her house. As the car went down road after road, Sunset continued to admire everything that was passing by her in the car. Celestia every now and then looked at Sunset and asked, “Um...could I ask you a few questions?”

Sunset turned to Celestia. “Sure.”

“First, may I call you Sunset? It'll make things easier than using your full name.”

Sunset nodded. “Yeah, that's fine.”

“Second, uh...are you sure you don't remember anything about your past?”

Sunset shook her head. “No.”

“Oh...well, it's just that...I'm surprised you don't know what a car is...yet you showed the hospital you can read so you aren't uneducated...” Celestia began scratching her head, trying to come up with the right words. Sunset began to frown, “Is that bad?”

“No! Not at all.” Celestia quickly shook her head. “It's just so...what's the word? Different! Yeah...that's the word.”

“Different, huh? Sorry...” Sunset slumped over in the car seat.

Celestia turned to Sunset with a warm smile. “Please don't be sad. Don't worry, I'll do everything I can to help you Sunset.”

Sunset gave a small smile. “Thank you...”

Soon the duo arrived at Celestia's house. The two soon entered the house and Celestia quickly showed her to Celestia's spare room. It was very basic looking with just a small desk, closet and a regular bed. “This will be your room Sunset. I asked the doctors what your sizes were and I bought you some basic clothes since you only had one change of clothes. That and the clothes you had had been stained with...um...blood.”

“I see...” Sunset said as she looked around the room. She turned to Celestia and lowered her head. “Thank you so much!”

Celestia gave a huge grin. “It's fine Sunset. After all, I promised I would take of you!”

“Still...” Sunset started to show tears. “Thank you...”

Celestia put her hand to Sunset's face. “Don't cry Sunset.” Celestia directed Sunset to sit down on the bed, where Celestia joined her. “Now Sunset, I have a proposition for you.”

“A proposition?”

“Yes.” Celestia nodded. “Now, a girl your age is usually right now in school. However, since you seem to be...um...slightly confused by certain things...I would like to give you a few tests.”

“A few tests?”

“Yes, while I was signing the papers to take care of you...I also was signing you up for my school, Canterlot High. Thankfully, tomorrow is the weekend, so I decided to get some basic tests over the past two weeks. If you don't mind, I would like to test where you are in terms of education right now. I researched some about amnesia over the past few days and it seems that people that have amnesia still remember basic knowledge.”

“And that includes education?”

Celestia nodded. “Yes. You catch on quickly Sunset. Now, if you don't mind, could you try these tests tomorrow?”

Sunset sat there, thinking for a little bit and said, “Um...sure. I mean, I don't think it will affect me in anyway.”

“Good! Don't worry Sunset, the tests won't do anything to you. It's just some written tests, that's all.”



The duo made a small hop on the bed when they heard the sudden slam. They then heard a very angry and tired voice. “ARGH! You have got to be kidding me...ugh...stupid Harshwhinny and...that little...why do I even bother...I'm gonna...”

Sunset looked at Celestia with a panicked look. “Uh...who is that?”

Celestia gave a combined look of anger and irritation. “My sister...Luna. She's currently staying here as well until she can find an apartment for herself...I love her but...her personality can be...challenging...”


Celestia gave a small look of shock. “Um...why don't I introduce you to her, Sunset...” Sunset wanted to hide under her new bed's covers. “Uh...I'm not sure I'm ready...”

“I understand.”

Turns out, Luna was just having another bad day. Apparently she had to attend a school meeting and got into a long argument with sports coach Iron Will and history teacher Miss Harshwhinny. Celestia secretly told Sunset that Luna and Harshwhinny never get along and have a fierce rivalry because of it. Sunset was surprised though that despite Luna's constant yelling, she seemed almost as nice as Celestia once she calmed down. After a few hours of talking, Luna decided to retire to her bed, leaving just Celestia and Sunset in the dinning room.

“And that's my sister Sunset...” Celestia said with some embarrassment in her face.

“I see...I think she's nice...” said Sunset as she poked at the sandwich Celestia had made her a little bit ago.

“Yeah...just don't get on her bad side...” Celestia observed Sunset as she just sat there with the sandwich. “You can just grab and eat it Sunset...It's not gonna attack you.”

“I know...its just...well...”

“Just what?”

“Um...it feels...kinda unnatural...”


“Yeah...ever since I woke up...its just...I don't know...it feels like I just got hands or something...”

“Huh...” Celestia gave the most confused look she could possibly give. “Well...maybe your amnesia is just messing with you Sunset. The doctors did say that you did suffer from a major injury...so...you can take it slow Sunset.”


After the meal, Celestia escorted Sunset to her room and showed Sunset her backpack that she had with her. “Oh yeah...” Sunset said as she began examining the bag. “The doctors said that this was the only thing I had with me...”

“Yeah, apparently all it had was these coins.” Celestia poured the coins on the small desk in the room. “And this journal...which by either irony or just bad luck...is blank.”

“Yeah...I wonder why its blank...”

Celestia put down the bag on the floor and gave the journal to her. “Well Sunset, maybe its a good thing that the journal is blank.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well...” Celestia gave a look of thoughtfulness. “Since its empty...why don't you start writing in it now?”

“Why? I mean, its blank...there's no clues of my past in it.”

“What I mean is that because its blank, you can record your story now. I know you don't have your memory but...that's why it might be a good idea to record what happens to you now.”

“Oh...I guess that's true...” Sunset looked at the blank journal and skimmed through the blank pages. Celestia gave her usual calm smile. “It's fine Sunset, you don't have to if you don't want to.”

“Okay.” Sunset nodded.

“Now scurry off to the bed. We have a big day tomorrow!”


“I also got you some toiletries as well before I picked you up. In the spare bathroom is a toothbrush, toothpaste and other things as well.”


A little while later, after Sunset found herself quite confused over the toiletries in the bathroom. She knew how to brush her teeth but it still felt strange using her hands to do so. Soon, she returned to her bedroom and changed clothes into what Celestia called, 'pajamas'. Sunset didn't understand the purpose of the clothes but she did enjoy how the clothes felt. Then, just before she was about to go to bed...

She sat at the desk in the room, where a pen and the blank journal sat. Sunset looked at the pen Celestia had put on the desk and looked at the blank journal. She stared long and hard at the journal, still not remembering why she had the journal or what it was capable of. Then she picked up the pen.

Author's Note:

I'm still questioning if I should use Luna a bunch in this story since I'm not sure if I can write her. However, I hope everypony likes this chapter because the next chapter will be the FIRST SCHOOL CHAPTER! HOORAY! :pinkiehappy:

Hope you enjoyed the chapter!

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