• Published 27th Jun 2015
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A Lost Sunset - KingJoltik

Sunset Shimmer has betrayed Celestia and entered the mirror to another world. However, the first day in this new world would change everything when an accident causes Sunset Shimmer to lose her memories.

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Hospital Days

Author's Note:


I've seen in the comments that people think this is a Sunset Shimmer redemption story. It's NOT. Remember, Sunset hasn't been hit by Harmony/Rainbow Beams so she isn't some great, kind person now. This Sunset just doesn't remember being a pony, that's all. I plan to use both sides of her personality. Also, sorry about the two week delay, I was out of town for one week and unable to write and this chapter was really hard to write.

“Um...could you say that again?”

“Sure...Who am I?”

“Um....” Nurse Redheart put her hands over her mouth in shock. “I...um...you don't remember?”

Sunset Shimmer shook her head back and forth. “No.”

“Oh dear...” Redheart gave a slightly pained expression. “Well...tell you what, I need to check with the doctor, be right back!”

Sunset watched Redheart quickly leave the hospital room and laid back down on the hospital bed. She felt a slight itch on the top of her head and tried to scratch it only to feel the bandages covering her head. She thought, 'Ugh...what happened to me? Why am I in the hospital? Guess I should have asked that first...'

Outside of Sunset Shimmer's room...

“Doctor!” yelped Redheart as she rushed down the hallway. Doctor Stables turned around and refocused his glasses. “What is it Nurse Redheart?”

“Um...you know our patient that came here two weeks ago and we don't have a name or ID? In fact, I'm still surprised a teenager like her wouldn't have a purse or a phone on her...”

“Yes, I remember her.” Doctor Stables nodded. “Did she wake up?”

Redheart nodded. “She did. However, there's a slight problem.”

“Oh really? What's the problem?”

“She has amnesia.”

“Amnesia?!” exclaimed the doctor.

“Yes. The poor dear doesn't know who she is.”

“I see. We'll just have to keep searching till we find a record of the girl. In the meantime, I'll go pay the poor girl a visit.”

“Understood doctor.”

A few minutes later, Doctor Stables entered Sunset's room. There, he saw Sunset just laying in the hospital bed, completely absentminded. “Ahem, hello. I'm Doctor Stables.”

Sunset slowly turned her head and saw the doctor. “Oh hello...nice to meet you.”

“Yes...now, I'm the doctor currently over your stay here at the hospital. Nurse Redheart informed me that you had finally woke up.”

“Oh yeah...she seemed nice.” said Sunset in a slightly drowsy tone.

“Yes. Now, do you know why you're in the hospital?”

Sunset shook her head. “No...though I'm guessing its probably something about my head. For some reason I have bandages all over my head...though I can't remember why...”

“Indeed it does. You suffered from a major blow to the head and needed surgery. Thankfully the ambulance was able to get you here in time. Now, do you remember how you got that injury?”

Sunset shook again. “No...in fact, I can't remember anything.”

Doctor Stables sighed. “I was afraid of that...it seems that you are suffering from retrograde amnesia due to the blow to your head.”

“Oh...okay...is there anyway to get my memory back?”

“That depends...however, most cases usually just get their memories back eventually.”

“Oh...” Sunset sunk her body under the bed covers.

“Please don't be sad. We're currently trying to look up your name and seeing if you have any relatives nearby. Unfortunately, you didn't have any ID on you so we're having to look you up the hard way.”

“I didn't?” asked Sunset in surprise. “You mean you don't know anything about me?”

“I'm afraid we don't. All we have is the bag and the clothes you were wearing.” The doctor pointed to a small chair. “They're over there. I hope you didn't mind but we went ahead and looked in your bag for anything that could ID you. However, all that was inside was a bunch of strange coins and a blank journal.”

“Coins and a journal?” asked Sunset as she looked at herself, just now realizing she was in hospital garb. She looked back at the doctor. “Nothing else?”

“I'm sorry but no.” said the doctor with a slight sigh.


The doctor perked up a little. “Tell you what, how about I ask the nurse to get you some food? Are you hungry?”

Sunset sat there for a few moments, trying to wrap her head around the situation she was in and replied. “Yeah, okay. I can eat.”

“Alright, um, would you like meat or vegetables?”

Sunset tried to remember which one she liked. “Um...for some reason...I feel like I don't eat meat...”

“Okay, I'll get you some vegetables then. That's good, those are better for you anyways...” said the doctor as he got up and left. Sunset sunk back down in the bed and covered herself with the sheets. She wore a huge frown as she thought, 'They don't who I am...I don't know who I am...what do I do?'

Soon the nurse brought in some food and Sunset slowly ate it. Redheart just stood there and observed Sunset as she tried to eat the food, noticing she was having a hard time using a fork. 'Poor girl...' she thought, 'That blow to her head must have messed her up more than we thought...' Redheart saw a huge frown on Sunset's face. “Um...” Redheart said slowly. “Please don't be sad...”

“Huh?” Sunset gave a confused look as she glanced at the nurse. “Oh...sorry...”

“Don't say you're sorry...I know that you just woke up but...I want you to know we will try everything we can to help you.”

“Thanks...say, can I ask you something?”

“Sure.” Redheart nodded.

“Would the...um...injury to my head make me...well...”

Redheart gave a slight puzzled look. “I don't understand.”

“Could the injury make me feel...off?”

“What do you mean?”

“I don't know...it just...my body feels...well...unnatural. It's like I'm not used to it or something.”

“Oh...the blow to your head may have hurt the motor functions of your brain. Don't worry, all you probably need is some rest and you'll feel a bit better. However, if you want, I can the ask the doctor to scan your head later, would you like that?”

“No...” said Sunset as she shook her head back and forth. “I probably just need some rest...”

“Alright. Go ahead and eat as well. Don't worry dear, everything will work out, you'll see.”

“Thanks...” said Sunset as she began to eat the small meal. “It's just...I don't remember anything...”

“I know...” Redheart waited till Sunset was finished and grabbed the empty plate. She slowly left the room as she saw Sunset sit there as tears began to run down her eyes. Redheart gave a slight frown as she left the room, thinking, 'The poor girl...I wish I could help her more but...I don't know what to do...'

Sunset just sat there, thinking. 'I can't remember...why can't I remember...why?!' Sunset continued to cry until she fell asleep.

The next day...

Sunset Shimmer woke up and gradually opened her eyes. Her eyes scanned the room as she remembered where she was. 'Oh yeah...I'm in the hospital...right...I wonder why I still feel out of place...it's like I wasn't made for my own body...maybe it's just the amnesia...'

Soon, Doctor Stables entered the room with a small smile. “Good morning!”

“Morning...” Sunset said in the quietest tone possible.

“I have a guest for you, my dear.”

“A guest?”

“Yes.” Doctor Stables opened the door and a rainbow colored hair woman entered the room. As soon as Sunset saw the woman, she didn't know why but she tried to hide herself in the bed covers in fear. Stables and the woman looked at each other in confusion as they watched Sunset hide. “Um...are you okay?”

“I...I...I don't know...” Sunset said, her voice trembling. “I just felt...I...”

The rainbow-haired woman sat down in a chair near the bed. She gave a small, calm smile and said, “Please stop hiding Sunset Shimmer.”

Sunset froze. As soon as she heard that name, she didn't know what to say or think. Her mouth slowly opened. “Um...what did you call me?”

“Sunset Shimmer. That is your name, isn't it?” asked the woman in a kind tone.

“I...I...I don't know...” said Sunset as she continued to get quieter. “I don't know who I am...are you saying I'm Sunset Shimmer?”

The woman nodded. “Yes. My name is Celestia. I am the principal at the school you were found at before being transported to the hospital here.”

“School? Principal? You mean I was going to your school when this happened to me?!”

Celestia shook her head. “Not exactly. You...you aren't a student at my school...in fact, we were hoping you could tell us why you were there.”

“Oh...great...just my luck.” Sunset gave a disgruntled look as she slammed her hands down on the hospital bed. “Of course I'm found at a school I don't go to...”

“Please don't be angry.”

Sunset glared at Celestia. “Why can't I be angry?! I can't remember anything and you just told me I was found in a place where no one knows who I am!”

“Please calm down Sunset Shimmer.” Celestia glared back at Sunset. “Not everything is against you right now.”

Sunset just stared at Celestia with a slight scowl. “Oh really?! How so?!”

“Listen...” Celestia's face changed back to a calm, kind smile. “I have talked to the doctors here and told them everything that happened to you. Yesterday, a certain...delinquent at my school was sent to my office. Her name is Gilda and she confessed that she had got into a fight with you on the day of your accident, do you remember this?”

Sunset gave the most confused look she could possibly give. “A fight? Me?”

“So you don't remember? Gilda told me that you provoked her into a fight, like you wanted to beat her. However, we were surprised Gilda had kept this from everyone for so long...then again, the girl doesn't always come to school...”

Sunset shook her head. “No...I don't remember a fight or meeting this Gilda person.”

Celestia showed a slight frown. “I see...well, I was talking to the doctors here and...they can't find any record of your name.”

Sunset's face transformed into a look of anger and disgust. After hearing the news about her wanting to fight this Gilda girl and then the news of no record of her, she started to angry. “Great...just what I wanted to hear...”

Celestia gave a slight sigh. “However, that doesn't mean there is no one here willing to help you.”

“What do you mean?”

“Sunset Shimmer...because you were found at my school and...”

Sunset gave a slight sarcastic look. “Uh...where are you going with this?”

“Well...” Celestia gave a look of despair. “Let's just say the media caught wind of what happened to you Sunset Shimmer. The news tried to make a huge deal that some unknown girl was found at my school with a deadly injury and...”

“Deadly injury?! Wait a minute...”

Celestia nodded. “Yes. Thankfully we were able to get you here before things got ugly with the news.”

Sunset slumped down in her bed. The news she had just heard made her stomach feel like it was in a thousand knots. It felt as if the world was against her at every turn. “I see...so I caused you a bunch of trouble...and I can't even remember how I got there...I mean...I can't remember anything and...according to the doctor here, I don't have anything or anyone...”

Celestia put her hand on Sunset and said, “Sunset Shimmer, please don't-”

Sunset swatted Celestia's hand away as tears began to run down her face. “Don't touch me! You just told me that I'm some troublemaker as well! For all I know, I'm some horrible delinquent that no one should care about!”


“SHUT UP!” she yelled as her eyes turned into waterfalls. “Leave me alone! Don't you get it?! I don't know who I am and you just told me that I'm some unknown girl who picked a fight with a delinquent!” Sunset dove her body under the covers of the hospital bed, tears still falling from her face. “Just leave me alone!”

Celestia wanted to say something but her mouth wouldn't open. She just sat there for a second, staring at Sunset as she cried under the bed sheets. She glanced at the doctor but the doctor could only give a depressed look at Celestia, showing he didn't know what to do either. After taking a deep breath, Celestia slowly turned to the doctor and said, “Excuse me for a moment doctor, I...I need to make a phone call.”

Doctor Stables nodded. “Very well.”

Celestia slowly exited the room and walked down the hallway until she hit the end. She looked out the large window that was there at the end of the hall and pulled out her phone. A few button clicks later, a call was made. “Hello Luna...I...I need to ask you something...”

Sunset continued to cry as she tried to hide herself under the bed sheets. As she sat there, she thought, 'I'm alone...I can't remember anything and...and...and this lady came in and told me I'm some fight loving freak! Why? Why is this happening to me?! Why?! Why can't I remember...I'm alone...all alone...'

A few minutes later, Celestia opened the door to the room and slowly walked in. She gave a comforting smile and tapped the covers that Sunset was hiding under. Feeling the taps, she slowly uncovered her head and saw Celestia's calm smile. “Sunset Shimmer...I'm sorry I said that to you.”


“Listen...I've thought about your predicament and...I would like to ask you what you want to do after you get better?”

“...” Sunset didn't want to respond but as she looked at Celestia's calm smile, she knew she had too. “Um...I don't know...I mean, I don't know who I am and...well...”

“No one knows who you are, right?”

“Yeah.” Sunset nodded slowly. “I mean...what would you do?”

Celestia gave a slight pause. “Well...I'm honestly not sure. I've never been in your situation before, but...I want to help you Sunset Shimmer.”

“You want to help me?! Why? Didn't you tell me that I caused a bunch of trouble at your school?!”

“Sunset...” Celestia gave a slight huff. “Look, I'm sorry about what I said earlier with the delinquent and the news thing...right now, I see a lost girl that needs help and I want to help you.”

Sunset just sat there in confusion. 'Does she want to help me out of pity? Or is it guilt?'

“Sunset Shimmer...will you listen to my offer?”

“Your offer?”

“Yes.” Celestia nodded again with a huge smile. “I would like to ask if you would let me take care of you until we either find any relatives of yours or some other situation where you can support yourself.”

“You? Take care of me? Why?”

“You need help Sunset Shimmer.” Celestia showed a truly radiant smile. “I want to help you, that's all.”

Sunset sat there, unable to respond. She just sat on that hospital bed, thinking, 'She wants to help me?! After what I said to her?! Why?!' Sunset slowly nodded. “Okay...Thank you Miss Celestia...”

Celestia smile kept getting bigger. “That's great Sunset Shimmer! Thank you for letting me do this!”

“Yeah...thank you...” Sunset showed a small smile as Celestia went up and hugged her. Then the tears finally stopped.

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