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Claire Shimmer

If Someone Tell's Me It's Wrong To Hope,I'll Tell Them They're Wrong Every Time.

A Little More About This Plushie

I am a humble plushie that lives life the best I can...

I Dis-like all stories involing Twilight due to the fact she is beyond over-used....
I Hate Anything That's Grimmdark Or Scat... I Won't Judge The People Who Make These Types Of Stories... But In The Wise Words Of Sheldon Cooper... "I'll Maintain A Outward Appernce Of Acceptence While Scorning You On The Inside... Plus These Types Of Stories Tend To Reflect The Author's Mind..

If you have any questions for me... Feel Free To Ask..

Oh and Special thanks to Eris and The Descendent for Welcoming me to the site.. this Plushie is very happy..

Last But Not Lest.. My Fav Pone is SunSet Shimmer...

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I’ve spent the same amount of time on both console and pc, I was originally on Pc as a P3 Nurse but had to flip because pc was going down.

Loving everything about the fic, reading the chapter of a certain Lullaby humming killer.

I have several hundred hours in that game as well, hence the crossover fic, :twilightsheepish:

I’m loving the story! I’ve spent so much time on Dead by daylight these fic brings joy to my heart.

Lesbian Sunset story’s? I gotta check this out.

Thanks for the favorite on Dead by Sunset. Hope you enjoy my bevy of useless lesbian Sunset material.

Thank you for the fave on Equestria Girls: Left For Dead. :twilightsmile:

2207397 Meat Party involed Mad Mogeko's and a cage... the larva's were a different ending..

yeah the huffspary did hurt the normal ending but it still worked....

my loved endings Mogeko Castle are.. Toy,Elopement,Normal and Parasite.. because FluffYonaka is awesome... all the other ending are just wrong....

2207308 Huffspray. That made the showdown between Yonaka and Moge-ko so anticlimatic. No epic battle just Huffspray however, I can't deny how effective it was. Meat party, that's the one you get when you enter the room full of mogeko larvaes? The best ending in my opinions: Elopement, Parasite and Normal end Yonaka's castle.

2207238 that one eye thing creeped me first time... thankfully i never got the meat party ending... now thats beyond messed up... as for the eye thing i say Moge-ko should bring Yonaka and her almighty huffspray.. would make sure she won the fight.

2207231 The whole one eye on his face thing? no clue either.

2207170 mhm... that is very true... she could very kick his behind if he get her pissed.. but she would have too worry about that werid power he uses on defect mogeko... still unsure what it even does...

2207148 She is a mogeko so I didn't expect any less when she called Yonaka her Toy. As for what she could have done about King Mogeko, have you notice that he is rather careful about ordering her around? When he told Moge-ko to calm down he stuttered and when Yonaka arrived he thought: (Whew! I'm safe!) So she at least scare him somewhat.

2207078 yeah Moge-ko is best Mogeko.... and yeah Yonaka should have said something rather then nothing... well when it came to King mogeko i doubt Moge-ko could do anything... Remember what happened to poor Defect Mogeko when he fought King mogeko?...

Also it's always because plot.... Reminds me of plot armor...

Also here' a dirty secret no one has seemed to figure out i think because i see no videos reguarding it...

you know the "Toy" ending? take closer look at what is said during it.. well mainly when Moge-ko is speaking to the Mogeko's... Also take a closer look at Yonaka's legs... you'll see she is wearing nothing down there and i mean nothing at all but that shirt... Seems Moge-ko really likes Yonaka as her "Toy". her more then friends "Toy".

2207049 Can't wait to see it. Moge-ko is best mogeko. Yonaka just had to piss her off by not answering fast enough when Moge-ko asked if she liked her. Honestly when someone with sharp knifes(daggers? whatever that was) and a habit of crucifying others ask you if you like her you say yes. But no she just had to hesitate because of her brother. Maybe she could have turned her against King Mogeko, he seemed to a very little control over her so I doubt it would have taken much, but nooooo... Why do protagonist never think? Oh right, for the plot.


yes great game it is for moge-ko.... can't wait for the upcoming squell/pre-quell.

I love your profile pic. Mogegegege

That game was hilarious.


I love watching great writers and one who have heart behind the writing and you sir have it.. keep up the great work.. ^-^


your welcome i'll be keeping a eye on it.. keep up the good work.

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