• Published 27th Jun 2015
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A Lost Sunset - KingJoltik

Sunset Shimmer has betrayed Celestia and entered the mirror to another world. However, the first day in this new world would change everything when an accident causes Sunset Shimmer to lose her memories.

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Day of Betrayal and Loss

“You're going to regret this Celestia.” Sunset Shimmer glared at Celestia. Celestia stared back, showing a hint of anger. “I am sorry Sunset Shimmer, but as long as you are unwilling to fix the greed in your heart, you will no longer be my student.”

Sunset Shimmer's gritted her teeth as her face filled itself with rage. “I deserve better Celestia! Make me a princess!”

“No. You must earn the right to become a princess and you are not ready. You ignore my teachings and disregard everpony around you. Either you begin to take my teachings over humility and kindness seriously or you will no longer be my student.”

“Shut up! I deserve to be a princess!” yelled Sunset Shimmer. “If you try to get rid of me, it will be the biggest mistake you will ever make!”

Celestia slammed her hooves to the ground, summoning two guards to the room. She directed them to escort Sunset Shimmer out of her castle. “Goodbye Sunset Shimmer. I am sorry but you aren't worthy of such a title.”

“You'll regret this.” Sunset said as she walked with the guards. As they went down one of the hallways, Sunset began to grin as her horn started shining.


Before the guards could react, Sunset shot a spell, knocking them both out. She quickly ran down the castle, making sure no other guards saw her. Then, she found the room with the mirror in it. As she slowly approached the mirror, she thought, 'At last...according to my calculations, the mirror should work right now.' Sunset looked at her saddlebags she had on. 'Hmm...I got some money and...the magic journal Celestia gave me?! When did I put that in there?! Well...whatever. It might be useful later...'

Sunset put her hoof up to the mirror and it went through. “Ah! It works!” exclaimed Sunset Shimmer. “Now let's see what's on the other side!”

Sunset Shimmer jumped into the mirror and her body felt as if it being torn apart and reassembled again, turning her into a human being. “AAAAAaaaahhhh!” Then the mirror spat her out in an entirely different world. Her body went flying out of the statue in front of Canterlot High.


“Ow...that was...unpleasant...” Sunset shook her head as she tried to get up. She noticed she no longer had hooves. “Whoa...what the...”

Sunset turned around and looked at the statue that had just spat her out. “Is that where I just came from?” Sunset looked down at herself. “And why do I look like this?”

Sunset walked up and tried to touch the statue, only for her hand to go through. “Huh...so this the way back to Equestria...okay...” Sunset patted her back and looked down again. “So...my saddlebag is still on my back...good...but did the portal change me into this? Why?”

Sunset patted her head and her face showed despair. 'My horn!' she thought. 'I don't have my horn!!! No...does that mean magic doesn't work here?!'

Sunset began looking around, looking at the world she had just arrived at. She shook her head back and forth, trying to find a mirror. “I need to find out what I look like...hmm...” She stared at the high school in front of her. “What is this building? It looks like a squashed castle...”

She looked back at her hands. 'Okay, this might take a while to get used to...' she thought. 'But that's fine. These things I have where my hooves used to be are a bit weird though...it's like having five hooves on one hoof! Not only that...' Sunset looked around and saw people walking on two legs. 'Everyone is walking around on two legs! Guess I better do that as well...'

Sunset slowly tried to walk to the high school. 'Okay, this might be a bit tougher than I thought...' she thought as she slowly began to lose her balance. 'Whoa...okay...I got this...I got this...I got-'



Sunset got up and shook her head. 'Okay...I don't got it...'

A few minutes later, Sunset had got the hang of walking and entered the school. Classes were currently happening so the hallways were empty. Sunset stared at the inside of the building, thinking, 'Hmm...is this a school like Celestia's? Interesting...I think I'll start my new life here by taking over this school...'

As Sunset began to wander down one of the hallways, she glanced at one of the classroom doors. There she saw student after student sitting in chairs, listening to a teacher lecture. 'Yeah...it's a school alright...'

“Hey!” yelled a voice. “Who are you?!”

Sunset turned around only to see a girl with white hair. She had a well built body with plenty of muscles. Sunset, however, saw this as an opportunity. “Who are you?!” Sunset said in a disgusted tone. “Some hag who works out to much?!”

“What did you just say?! Do you know who you're talking to?!” yelled the girl.

“No. Should I?!”

“I'm Gilda and I'm the top dog of this school!”

“Says who?” Sunset showed a huge confident grin. Sunset thought, 'Top dog, huh? So if I beat you...'

“Why you little-” Gilda clenched her fist and swung her fist at Sunset. Sunset quickly dodged to the side, but quickly stumbled, losing her balance. However, Sunset regained her balance quickly. 'Right...not used to this body yet...'

Gilda kept swinging her fists left and right. Sunset kept dodging, constantly stepping backwards repeatedly. Her eyes observed every punch and she quickly caught on how fighting worked in her new body. Then the back of Sunset's head collided with a locker. 'Shoot! I'm out of room!'

Gilda began to try a another punch. As her fist approached Sunset, she quickly reached out and stopped the fist with her hand. However, Gilda then rushed her body into Sunset, slamming into the locker behind her.


“Ugh!” Sunset slowly pushed Gilda back and punched her in the eye with her other hand.

“Augh!” yelled Gilda as she put her hand over her eye. Gilda stared daggers at Sunset and said, “You're going to pay for that!”

“Oh yeah?! Bring it!” Sunset gave a devilish grin. Gilda rushed Sunset, throwing punch after punch. Sunset did the same as the two kept exchanging blows. After a few minutes, the punches slowly came to a stop.

“*huff* *huff* You...*huff*...you're pretty good...” Gilda said with a small grin as blood fell from her nose.

“Heh...” Sunset chuckled. “*huff* I'm the best...*huff* Don't you forget it...”

“What's your name?”

“Sunset Shimmer.”

“Sunset Shimmer, huh? You new here?”

“You could say that.”


At that moment, the locker that Sunset had been slammed into at the start of the fight began to make small creaking noises. The two had fought in front of it for a few minutes where both had been slammed into it several times. The locker was now directly behind Sunset as she began to clinch her fists again.

“Okay Gilda, c'mon...don't tell me that's all you got? Or are you just for show, top dog?!”

Gilda cricked her neck back and forth. “Not even close. I'm going to enjoy this.”

Sunset braced herself for another round only to notice Gilda's face suddenly change expressions. It was no longer a face of cockiness or confidence, but fear. “What the...don't tell me you're chickening out Gilda?!”

Gilda then yelled. “Watch out!”


But it was too late. The locker they had fought into fell over on top of Sunset Shimmer. In an instant, Sunset Shimmer lost consciousness. Gilda gave a panicked expression, not sure what to do or say. She looked around, noticing the hallway was still empty. Gilda looked back at Sunset and saw blood begin to trickle down the back of Sunset's head. “Uh oh...I better get out of here...” she said as she slowly turned and began to sprint down the hallway.

Sunset laid there, unconscious. Soon the school bell rang and a flood of students came out of the classrooms. It wasn't long till the students noticed Sunset Shimmer laying there bleeding. Soon, one of the students went to get a teacher and they called an ambulance.

Two weeks later...

“Ohhhh....” groaned Sunset as she slowly tried to wake up in her hospital bed. Her eyes slowly opened as she began trying to push her hair away from her face. Her vision was still fuzzy as she noticed a nurse suddenly enter the room.

“Are you awake?” asked the nurse in a caring tone.


“Are you alright? Does it still hurt?”

Sunset tried to shake her head, only to feel a sharp pain in her forehead. Sunset began to slowly move the rest of her body only for the nurse to grab her. “No, you must rest. Don't try to move so much. Now, are you okay?”

“Ugh...” Sunset's vision fully returned and she slowly began to talk. “Ow...yeah...I kinda hurt but I'm okay...”

“Okay, that's good. My name is Nurse Redheart. You're in the hospital because you suffered from a severe blow to the head. Do you remember that?”

Sunset smacked her lips and stared at Redheart for a few seconds. Then Sunset's face turned from confusion to a face filled with despair. “No...I don't.”

“Oh...well, maybe the blow affected your short term memory. It'll be okay, it'll come back to you eventually.”

“No...that's not it nurse.”

Redheart gave a slightly puzzled look at Sunset. “What do you mean?”

“I...I can't...”

“Can't what?”

“Um...I can't remember...tell me, who am I?”

Author's Note:

I suddenly had this idea and before I knew it, I had written it out. Here's hoping I can continue the story!

Hope you enjoyed the chapter!

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