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Greetings to all Never2muchpinkie Fans or other fimfictioners!

I am the creator of this group, Crimson Ink, and am a good friend of his. But I'm not the only one, there are many people who know him and his work. But if YOU don't here are some facts about this great guy:

-His has total of 17 stories, plenty for you to read and enjoy if you already haven't already:twilightsmile:

-He usually posts a blog post everyday. The vary, but most are very VERY cute and sweet pictures of the ponies we have come to love! He spends a lot of time on them, so if you happen to see one, please be sure to comment!

- He may be busy with writing inspriation, but if he's got a minute, he may help give you an opinion or advice on your story. ( maybe, I'm not saying for sure. But he's generally one to help others:pinkiesmile:)

-His writing strength is in characterization.

-All of his stories are jam packed with emotion, good or bad.

- His usual genre is slice of life and sometimes sad. But never to sad. They are all bitter sweet. He also has a few really cute stories!:rainbowkiss:

- He enjoys Feedback. It helps with inspiration and is a great motivator for him!

- He can be a troll, so don't be taken back. He only means it in good fun:twilightsmile:

There could be a lot more said for this great guy, but that would take to long! if you want to get to know him, just drop by and say hey! He'll usually respond:ajsmug: And while you're at it, if you aren't already, could you follow him? He'd appreciate it I'm sure.:twilightsmile:

Besides talking and appreciating him is good, this group has other purposes as well. Not only do I intend to place all of his work here, but there should be two main purposes for any thread you wish to make. Of course, you can make what you wish, but it is perfered you make something along the lines of:

-Threads about his work. Whether its thoughts, disscusion, reviews, or a good word on it

- Threads about a story he is working on, if you have any thoughts on it

-Threads for and/or about him specifcally (but be kind when making one)

-Threads of fan art for his story and/or other

Now, for the rules:

-Please remeber to be kind and respectful when talking about him or his work.

-If you have a disagreement, please work it out in private or just be kind and polite when making the thread or comment.

-Please no swearing, cursing, or suggestive language.

-Be respectful, Fluttershy is watching you.

Thanks you for reading and I hope you'll join this awesome blog for an awesome guy!:yay:

Pony up!


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401946 YAY! :yay: Was that the Scootaloo one?:unsuresweetie: Given it's in your name I guess I don't have to ask. :rainbowwild:

He wrote my favourite fic of all time

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