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This is to my BFF and fellow pegasister. She is such a special and dear friend to me, I think we should have a group just for her where we can bask in love and kindness:scootangel:. Along with a little bit of insanity.:pinkiecrazy:

If you don't know this special girl, let me enlighten you:

-she is an awesome anima and pony aritist.
- she always has an encouraging word for you.
-she is caring
-and lets you get away with somethings you shouldn't:rainbowlaugh:
-she tries to do the right thing.
-loves cats and anything cute
-she is cute
-her nickname is panda
-and she is a mix of fluttershy and Discord.:eeyup:

Please enjoy her art, give her a follow, and enjoy hanging out her.

There are no rules other than be nice and tolerate please!:scootangel:

Stories are accepted.

Thank you for checking this put!

Pony up!


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