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Wanna see more girls chilling on the beach like in the show? Then this is the place for you. This group is all involve with the greatest activities on the hottest place in the sunlight. Surfing, swimming, among others you do by the ocean. This group also includes NSFW stories (but no mature images at all) just to make the beach a great place but it doesn’t stop there. Pony fanfics are also aloud and don’t forget about the sea ponies in Seaquestria.

This group is all about making fanfics involving with the beach and sea ponies swimming in the water. Also in threads you can show off your ideas (you can promote your stories, I don’t care), images with swimsuits (just for the desperate boys who worship it), do some co op team work (I’ll make a thread about it later) and of course, be inspired.

1. Be respectful to everyone
2. No attacking people or you will be banned (maybe later you will be unbanned)
3. If you’re promoting you’re story, explain in detail and try your best to not spoiler it
4. E & T images are only allowed in threads
5. Sexual content is only used if they’re for teenagers in threads
6. Crossovers are allowed but they need to be in its folder and nothing else. This is all focus on the beach and Seaquestria in the MLP & EG world
7. Seaquestria needs to involve the underwater world

The ponyfics will have their separate folder while Equestria Girls get their own folder. There will be E, T and M story folders as well. Anyway, have fun and make the beach a great place.

Guarantee you were thinking about this image when you got here right? :ajsmug:

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I find an invite one day and I get this. I must've died and gone to heaven. :twilightblush:

Thanks for the invite.

Then get you're friends please.


Thanks for inviting me.

Thanks for the invite

A beach group huh? Alright, I'll take the plunge. :rainbowlaugh:

Thx for the invite Lonely Fanboy48 *hugs him*

Thanks for the invitation.

Thx for inviting me into this group.

I'm going to do that when I get to her Teen rated story, Dashing On The Waves.

I'd like stuff involving Rainbow Dash swimming at the beach because I like her swimsuit best and was really disappointed that she didn't go for a swim once.

awww yeah!!! best group!! XD

Thanks for making this group!

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