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The Derp Group, for all of your Derpy, derps, or other derp related needs such as,

Derp Battles: A thread where users can post a crapload of pictures/memes/gifs related to Derpy and/or derpy activities (Remember, no directly attacking other users with picture/memes/gifs or words. Derp Battles are strictly only for having fun posting and, well pretty much spamming a thread with pics)

The Derpipedia: Our collection of fics! This includes topics that are all about, you guessed it, Derpy! What you may not know is that this also includes ponies doing derpy things. So in a nutshell a The Derpipedia is just fics about Derpy or characters being complete nincompoops.

The Derp-ussions? Is that a good name?: Our final thing to do here is that you can freely discuss anything that has to do with ponies in general without being criticized (Unless you are being a complete derp, in which you just shouldn't join these discussions)

Hope you enjoy your time here in...

The Derp Group

Oh, and here's a bunch of Derpy pictures!

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Congratulations! This group is fresh. As such, it got listed in New Groups.

I have started my Derptribution. I hope I have done good.

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