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Before you join this group, become a citizen of Night Fall Kingdom.

The Royal Guard of Night Fall was founded by Prince Jirard of Darkness, the Lord of Night Fall. If you are a soldier, esquire, or knight and would like to join this group feel free to. We would be glad to have you here backing up the Kingdom of Night Fall in case of invaders or rebels.


Captain: Manages all of the Royal Guard members, and leads the Royal Guard into battle. Is a personal Body Guard for the royal family. The captain wears whatever he pleases, and carries whatever he pleases. Because of how skilled a Captain is.

Sergeant: Leader of five troops, who work together as an army. Uniforms consist of charcoal armor, a black tunic, and a dark blue gemstone on their helmets. They carry whatever they please, but they are prepared to use their weapon to vanquish any being; From a mouse to a giant dragon.

Troop Leader: Leader of a troop, which contains three hundred soldiers. Uniforms consist of silver and black armor, a dark grey tunic, as well as blue green gems on their helmets. Troop Leaders carry rifles, as well as swords they were taught to use.
-Dark Knight Troop: The Troop of Sergeants who command the Troop Leaders.

Knight: A higher ranking soldier who presides over Esquires and Men. Uniform consists of silver chain mail armor, and a golden tunic. Knights carry only the sword they were taught to use.

Esquire: A soldier who goes to a sword school or has gone to one, he is the same rank and uniform as a Man but he is more skilled with his sword than men. Esquires can carry the sword they are learning to use.

Man: An enlisted Soldier (stallion or mare). Uniform consists of a thick leather shirt and pants, as well as a white tunic. Men carry rapiers and muskets.

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405192 I'm glad to hear it Knight Eclipse.

405193 Yes, to rise through the ranks you simply win a battle (PM me for details) and wait until there is an open space for the rank you're applying for.

405193 well the leader said this. The way to ascend your rank, is to win a battle. Either that, or wait until there is room for a higher ranked position to be filled.

Hi your leader let me join My oc looks like this
Name: lanceblazer
Race: unicorn
Age: 19
Gender: stallion
Cute mark: golden lance
Mane/tale color: chocolate brown
Mane style: short spiky
Cout color: light golden
Good at: sword magic, drawing , making people laugh, and cooking
Bad at: big task, unsave heights, a little under pressure and upsetting friends
Personality: funny, nice, good friend, caring, a little bit of a smart ass and loyal
Bio: born in Camelot but moved to trotingham lance always wanted to be a hero but never know what to do but when he was 10 some royal guard came to his home town for a parade and one of them told him if he worked hard he could become a legend so he started to train to be a guard when he was 17 he went to Camelot to enroll but the guard said he couldn't join because only royal members can join and he didn't have enough money to get in so he moved into Ponyville since it was the closest town and lived their a while a little upset that he couldn't join the Royal guard but then he made friends with the main six and the residence of the town he was really good friends with spike then the program went up again and twilight offered to help him get in but lance changed his mind if he joined the Royal guard he couldn't hang out with his two friends so he stayed in ponyville ever since.

How do you rise through the ranks?

I am eager to serve.

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