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Welcome to the Comment Sancuary, Where writers who are desperate for intellegent, funny, or simply encouraging comments on their stories go for feedback

1. Rememer to Comment! this one is kinda a given but I think it does need to be adressed. So many times people join a group that preaches commenting on all it's stories but those same people never comment. The whole point of this group is to give writers a place where they can get comments that make them want to keep writing so by not commenting you kinda go against the entire point of joining in the first place

2.PLEASE mark put your story in the correct only makes things easier. Stories that are incorrectly submitted will be removed

3. No trolling or insults towards writers. Please guys I'm trying to make a safe haven for writers that are sick of people saying "You suck at this" or "Wow, this is such a bad OC fic!". If you truely have to be a troll and be a snarky bastard then at least make it positive and don't pester writers for their failures instead of helping them by showing them kindly what they did wrong and how they can fix it. Just because the fic in question is a HiE fic or an OC fic doesn't mean it is inherently bad because of it.

4. Judge by content not corrections. This ties in with number 2. If a story is truely bad then it has to be becasue the STORY is bad and not because it has bad grammer or something you don't like. If you don't like a story's premise then don't read it.

5. Think positive! I would really like this group to compliment writers for what they do right instead of what they did wrong. Now that doesn't mean you clever commenters can't be your sarcastic selves but it does mean that if you are going to make references and snarky comments in the comment section be positive about it. Don't be THAT GUY...THAT GUY is never cool.

6. PLEASE DON'T DELETE COMMENTS! I can't stress this enough. As a writer you should take anything you can get so when someone says something in the comments you should hold that as a sign of accomplishment that someone took the time to read your story and comment but by deleting a comment it breaks the trust between you and the reader. If you truely have to delete a comment make sure that you tell the commented why you had to take his or her comment down...unless it was your own comment then if so do as you please

Welcome and have a blast!


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Sweet Celestia! It's only the second day of this group's existence and I already have way too many fics to read! I mean I started this group out on a whim because I was sick of seeing comment sections being filled by trolls and haters but JEEZ! I guess this idea really caught on.....Keep it going guys!:pinkiehappy:

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