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"I'm just curious to see how many people will click on and join this group. I wouldn't, but hey, that doesn't mean that others won't feel differently."

Special thanks to Bad Dragon for finding this gem of a video.

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Corner-Lurkers Do Not Bother Me. They Know Better.

Best Regards,

399259 Nobody ever comes here anymore.

They take one look at me lurking in the corner then just walk right back out the door...

I Was Taking A Stroll Through This Site And I Saw This And Here I Am. Yeah.

Best Regards,

Someone please follow me even though i have got no books i don't know how to :facehoof:

I want to have my story, The Adventures of Golden Hooves and High Flier, removed from this group immediately.

376739 I don't think it's supposed to be one, but that's what people are using it for.

Has this become the newest bad fic group? Because that's what all the stories in the folder look like.

How is this group trending?:rainbowhuh:


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