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Welcome Legends of Magic: Pillars Of Equestra! A group dedicated to the legendary ponies who have helped Equestria in various ways and inspired ponies with their tales, embodying the Virtues of Harmony:

Starswirl: Sorcery

Flash Magnus: Bravery

Rockhoof: Strength

Mistmane: Beauty

Meadowbrook: Healing

Somnambula: Hope

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Out of curiosity: which folder do we add to when it's a story involving all six Pillars and Stygian? Is that under 'Other'?

Comment posted by A Man Undercover deleted May 14th, 2019

While I do think that the Main Pillars of Equestria are really cool, I don't think I'll be able to include them in my serires, except for Stygian, even though he's not a pillar:ajsleepy:. I do like the pillars, believe me, and I think they're some pretty awesome ponies. I just have my own idea of Equestrian legends and/or pillars, that's all:twilightsmile:.

Love that picture

I am thinking of doing a story of how they found the crystal seed

Do the story have to feature one of the Pillars as a main character, a important character, a important character for one arc, a background character or have just a cameo to be placed in the group?

It is funny that I found out about this group's existence a complete month after it was created. Oh well, what I get for being so busy with my stories and college. Anyway, joined in for this the instant I finally saw it.

Done and done. Hopefully, more will follow with time.

This group accepts any story featuring the Legendary Six, yes? I've already got one featuring Star Swirl, and if it's okay to add it, then I'll happily do so.

Think this is the first group I've been invited to, had to check it out.

Thanks for the invite! Amusingly enough, I've already got plans to mention Mage Meadowbrook in my stuff!

Thanks for the invite, Alphamon!

I was surprised that "Campfire tales" had three of the legends of magic characters

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