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"The future is bulletproof! The aftermath is secondary!" ~My Chemical Romance; Na Na Na

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Discontinuing Profile (but not deleting!) · 6:38pm Jan 23rd, 2016

That's right.

I'm going to move all stories to my Wattpad.

Please follow.

Link on main page!

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[ ] Become so well known that anybody will be able to notice me at any time
[ ] Be the first to publish a My Little Pony fanfiction world wide

[x] Pensacon (two years back to back)
[ ] BronyCon
[ ] Meet John-man De Lancie
[ ] Meet IHeartKimPossibleALot
[ ] Meet TheLivingTombstone
[ ] BABScon
[ ] Everfree
[ ] GalaCon
[ ] PAX Prime/East
[ ] Meet Kuledud3
[x] Meet anyone from Rooster Teeth
[ ] ComicCon

[x] One
[x] Five
[x] Ten
[x] Twenty
[x] Twenty-Five
[x] Fifty
[ ] Seventy-Five
[ ] One Hundred

[x] Write one
[x] Write five
[x] Write ten
[ ] Write fifteen
[ ] Write twenty

[x] Story with one
[x] Story with five
[x] Story with ten
[x] Story with twenty-five
[x] Story with fifty
[ ] Story with a hundred

[x] Write one
[x] Write ten
[x] Write twenty
[x] Write twenty-five
[x] Write fifty
[x] Write a hundred
[ ] Write one hundred-fifty

[x] Get noticed by Kilala-senpai
[x] Get a story on the home page
[ ] Get a story featured
[ ] Have a story mentioned on EQD
[ ] Write a collab
[ ] Have a story read by another person and put onto YouTube

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1848792 I'm going to go with option two

1847956 you seem angry or I'm crazy. Jdujjsisodochhswuwuuwjeixicmncjf

1847932 Yeah. I'm bored. So what?

1810080 Are you depressed or bored

Lolface catface monkeyface dogface idk

1809699 Hmm? Oh. Nothing. I think I'm going through another "writer's block" phase.

What you doing

Thanks for the fave on Sixty-Eight Reasons to Switch Placebos This Summer.

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