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Swift Swap

Hy, I am an Italian brony since an year, and I have imagined lot's of fun or even touching stories about our pony friends. I hope you all will like them, even if my english is pretty bad!


Fluttershy's adopted daughter, Anthea, meet after a year of absence Fluttershy's true daughter, Butter Belting. Their relationship has always been a bit complicated because of the rebellious nature of Butter Belting and Anthea partial blindness. Will the two stepsisters succeed into make peace this time?

Except Butter Belting, the members of the Rampant Rhythm, and the canonized characters from FiM, all the characters used in this story were created by the wonderful kilala97, or just kilala, just as she's known here on Fimfiction. Go check her gallery, because it's awesome!

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Comments ( 8 )

That was a great story. I enjoyed every moment of it. I liked how Fluttershy and Bulk got together. I hope you create another story soon.

Nitpicks: 1. Repetition. You use some words over and over again, and it gets a bit trite. 2.Speech. I got kinda disconnected when everyone, even a three year old, talked like they were wearing a monocle and swishing brandy. Good story as a whole, just nail down your character mannerisms and broaden your vocabulary.

Yes i made it throurgh without crying! but i was very close several times! uhhh clears throat :moustache: i was never here.

Well, I'm glad you liked it. I tried to do my best here. Also, cute avatar
And I'm glad you liked it as well, sorry for the sooooooo late reply. Lately I don't check FimFiction too often.



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