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Claire and Illusion have a bond that cannot be shaken, they have shared in each others happiness and shouldered one another during times of great grief. They have encountered many challenges during their time together, and together they faced them head on. And now life has chosen to throw them their greatest challenge yet, but are they truly prepared for the trials they will face?

They don't know, but they will brave the challenge, together.

Cover art belongs to Kilala97

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Then, Illusion faints, Luna informs Nidra, who tells the whole Castle of the news, Celestia is ecstatic to be a grandmother and Discord is too busy laughing at his son's misery. :rainbowlaugh:

All in all, I'm looking forward to more of this. :ajsmug:

"Well, my friend Illusion, you are f-"
*Sound of flugelehorn*

This is nice. I wish it were true.

4217345 man i can't even imagine how Rarity and Spike are gonna react


Well, if it's really based on Kilala's stuff, this should be after Rarity and even Claire's little sister-in-law, Annie are dead. Having your first kid around a hundred... at least they didn't wait as long as Celestia and Luna.

4217636 ...... Well that just bummed me out a lot.

I am quite excited to see how this turns out.

Nice story. I like it. I can't wait for the comedy that will follow. Best of luck.

Also congrats on this story getting Featured.

A Fic of a Fic...


This is AWESOME!!!!:pinkiehappy:

4219291 No one made you click this and no one made you read it. Don't like it? Then don't do either of those two things.

4221851 Well it's no wonder that we think you are a prick.

4221865 I didn't hate on the story and I didn't think I was talking to you so stay out of the conversation

4217645 yeah, sorry, they're dead Jim.

And cue fainting Illusion.

4222152 :derpyderp2: my name's not jim... It's Brian.

4221901 Sorry bro, but you should know the first think people learn on the internet...
'haters gonna hate, trolls gonna troll, newfags gonna new and fag, predators gonna predate, and lonely men are going to beat off'

“I’m pregnant.”

...*falls over passed out*

I'm so lost
I feel like I'm missing a ton of context

4224201 :trixieshiftright: ooooooooooooooooookkkkkkkaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy.......

4223720 and you may say that bitches gonna bitch

And so I am.

4224490 'Bitches gonna bitch' is essentially the same thing as 'haters gonna hate', and redundancy wasn't necessary.

4224496 I still say I'ma gonna Bitch

But anyways good luck with the story I just hardly see a fic about other fics

I like spin offs

Are the half draconaques? Just wondering. They look like it. Or are they something I just don't know, or did you come up with them? I really really want to know!:twilightsmile:

Claire is half pony half dragon. She and Illusion belong to Kilala97 on DeviantArt

Lol at first I thought she pooping cuz you said solids xD I was like Lulu let the woman do her business in peace o-o

Excited for more :D



Excellent chapter! Loved that "I'll never eat here again" line.

Spike's the scientist of the family. How long till he asks about the dangers of the unique mix of magic in the new foal? One parent is half Dragonequess, half alicorn. The other is a magic using dracony. Three of the four parts of that genetic makeup are incredibly potent, and the fourth is derived from an Element Bearer. That sounds like a real volatile mixture.

Hah! Loved when they were comparing times.

I like this chapter. Illusion fainting is just great, then the whole 'time of fainting' contest, that was a nice touch. :rainbowlaugh:

“Discord did it!” Luna shouted with a snort as she sat up from her leaned over position.

This right here made the fic, IMHO. Also, I take it that this is years and years down the road? It seems only the immortal/long-lived characters are present. Does this mean that all the others are gone? :applecry:

Sadly yes, their friends have long since passed at this point.

That was sweet. Best of luck with the next chapter. Great humor in this story though.

4239817 Thats what I was wondering.


Hmm, seems an interesting choice. If I understand it right, all these characters are immortal/long-lived, so may I ask why you chose to have it so late in the timeline? Not criticizing, merely curious. :ajsmug:

To tie in with the timeline set by some of the other fanfiction's written for Kilala's works.

4239817 probly everyone but Granny bloom if Granny smith is anything to go by

4240341 In kilala's own work, it is established that Claire gets pregnant quite a while after Rarity has died, as with most of the pony cast members such as Annie.

Link: http://kilala97.deviantart.com/art/Consolation-428401840

Gotta love the kilalaverse.

I am loving this so far. I am so glad to see all the wonderful work that has come from this universe, and so proud to contribute to it.

“And what better way to find out I’m going to be a grandfather than in the very place my own son was conceived.”


4240131 yup, they're all dead Jim, sadly in cannon illusion and clarie have their goal well past most of the other characters lifespan.

4242043 He was going to draw on her face, but didn't get the chance.

oh I thought you meant the *other* type of marker

Illusion needs to use more chaos magic like his dad. :coolphoto:

4239730 I'm imagining something like Son of the Mask will happen

Except fun, cuter, and less creepy.

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