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For two years I've been hiding, for two years I've tried to just live my life. But it all came crashing down the day I chose to have lunch at a Diner. Now I'm forced to run again, forced to leave the life I tried to build. But what choice do I have, what choice does a mere clone have when she shouldn't exist?

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cute, however the fact that Twilight had a ready spell that actually changed her tribe hurts this. I could see a coat color change but a tribe one?

7237557 In season 4 she had a spell that could change someone's species, she used it to change herself and the others into Breezes, is it really that much of a stretch?

We are getting a lot of those Pinkie clone stories as of late. Yours the fourth or fifth I have read.

Very nice ending by the way, most of the others were pretty dark.

Ah also you mention Twilight as a unicorn rather than an alicorn.

7237560 not saying she couldn't do it but on the fly? And where the breezee tranformations permant unless counterspelled?

7237634 Never specified actually, I just assumed it was.

Well this ended far better then I expected it to.

Thumbs up and faved bro

great story, please make a sequel to this:pinkiehappy: cause I would like to know her name and colorings.

7237922 Always a pleasure when someone way above me comments on something I made. Really brightens my day.

Nice twist! Finally a Pinkie clone story with a happy ending!:pinkiehappy:

I know the Pinkie clone was just a brief joke seized upon by authors, but too many of those stories have been sad.

It's nice to see something like this for a change. I believe that's how Pinkie and Twilight really would react to the situation.

7238356 Guess that makes me the odd one out, so proud. :pinkiehappy:

Great oneshot I would love see more of this if you feel you can do it justice, I just have one question. What exactly did twilights spell do? I mean she has a horn now does it actually work or is it just there? And what about the cutie mark did that change too? Okay thats three questions technically but I can't help being curious:twilightsheepish:

7238724 I can say that her horn would work like a normal unicorns, and while I had several ideas for the cutie mark I felt that justifying it would take much more than a one shot to do it. Though looking at the outlook of the story I might consider writing a sequel, but time will tell.

I'm legitimately surprised she didn't immediately throw them out of her place, let alone if she ever spoke to either of them again.

"Hooray, our murder-spell didn't work, that means our magical God has decreed you don't need to die! We can be best friends now!" isn't most people's idea of a relationship building experience

My god this is deep.

She didn't use that spell though.

7238812 Well, with her experience and tendencies, I would suspect it has something to do with fading into the background, or illusions. ... Does anyone have any ideas how to symbolize that, because currently all I have is something akin to a silhouette?

7237634 maybe it has more to do with her having a soul that's now different than her body, idk

I was thinking her cutie mark would disappear or something as well, like a variant on Starlights spell signifying she's no longer a clone

On the one hoof I really want to see more pinky clones pop up, on the other, the joke was made so that's it then

7238986 Silhouettes are a common symbolization for invisibility type magics in fiction, so something along that line could work, but as far as illusions as a general concept could go, they could in theory be just about anything, doubly so if they're particularly potent.

A true Master of illusions doesn't stop at the visual level, but goes even deeper to ensnare not only the target's physical senses (sight, taste, touch,smell, auditory), but also guiding how they perceive the illusion itself on a subconscious level (Such as dictating For them something as simple as if they feel like they're being watched, to something as complex as weather or not they should even consider the possibility that what they perceive around them is an illusion in the first place).

Best pinke clone story I have read.:pinkiehappy::heart:

BenRG #25 · May 23rd, 2016 · · 2 ·

I've always considered the Pinkie Clones to be little more than biological robots, mindlessly playing out the same behaviours in response to every possible stimuli but this pony isn't like that, is she? Maybe she was one of the first or maybe simply by the fact that she was a witness and not a participant in the Purge changed her mind forever.

The thing is that Pink Mina isn't Pinkie Pie or a clone of her. She has her own life and, as a Princess (and thus a guardian of justice and morality in Equestria) it is Twilight's responsibility to see that it continues.

I should also add that this is a nice reply to all of those who said that Twilight basically committed mass-murder at the climax of Too Many Pinkie Pies. I think it is entirely in-character that Twilight would not destroy a clone if it was clearly proven to her that it wasn't just a mindless echo of Pinkie's most overt and chaotic characteristics.

Fix this line

You’re became somepony else, somepony with her own thoughts, her own feelings, and her own life, does that sound like a clone to you

You've become

Truly well done!! Amazing!! Bravo darling!!

Enjoyed it thoroughly. Hope there's some kind of sequel to this.

Also I'd like to see Twilight and Pinkie find that dancer clone as well and help her along too.

this story was adorable x3
you should totally expand on it, would love to know where this goes :twilightsmile:


Like this story, although I would, like others commenting, be interested in seeing this expanded, like seeing how the former clone must start her new life, learn magic, and make friends.

Yep! Pretty much what I was expecting this week from the fandom. It's good to see a lighter take on it, though.

Good job, there! :raritywink:


I am not sure if she will be able to do the girl night out, her friend may not recognize her.

Oh! And a litle mistake here:

No one bothers you when you’re just another pony in the crowed.

PLEASE tell me there's a sequel coming.

7240996 I really hope so as well. This is begging to be continued. :fluttershysad:

I hadn't seen that one yet, did one of the clones actually escape?

7241129 It was never confirmed, but it was always a possibility. Or rather... it was never confirmed until very recently.

7240958 Her friend is apparently nearly blind, so she should pass it off as a makeover or something, I guess.

(a makeover as in, coat and mane dye, and some other stuff)

7241541 Her voice changed? Didn't catch that part.

I stop and place a hoof to my throat. Something was off, “M-my voice.” It was different than before, sweeter but also slightly lower in pitch.

The best take I've heard of this scene is that the clone is Pinkie Keen, a reporter in Manehatten who has a bad habit of plagiarism.

When I saw that scene in the episode I immediately knew that awesome fanfics were about to be written. Just like this one! :pinkiehappy: :pinkiesad2:

Honestly, she had different thoughts and experiences from creation really that technically made most of them different from Pinkie. Though this one is the only one that actually became sapient so no one cares about the rest. Now the first thing I said clinches an argument toward the false that is much too inappropriate for this story's rating.

7241208 Wait, did the writers actually comes out and COMFIM that this is really what happened, that this really WAS a Pinkie clone that got away?

7241947 Either that, or a changeling. But a changeling would just just be WAY to convenient.

I just knew someone would write a fic after seeing that scene! :rainbowlaugh:

So... Basically, even though Twilight knew she had become her own pony she was willing to risk killing the clone and erasing her from existence based solely off a hunch?

She says it's the exact spell, and I doubt she knew the effect of the spell. She'd have no way of knowing that the spell would make her become her own person. Therefore, Twilight was willing to murder someone and erase their soul just because she didn't feel like having another Pinkie look-alike around.

Twilight is worst pony in this story.

7242759 The purpose of the build up to the spell was to make you think she intended to send the clone back to the Mirror Pool. But in reality she never had any intent and the spell she was casting was to change the clones appearance.

“Does…does it hurt?”

"Oh AGONIZINGLY so!" Twilight chirped cheerfully. "But since you're just a clone, who the buck cares?" She blasted the clone who screamed bloody murder for 10 straight minutes (like, if Pony Voldemort were using the Cruciatus Curse on it) then exploded violently, taking out half the block.

"Wowzers, Twilight!" Pinkie exclaimed as the shield around the two ponies dropped and gave them an unfettered view of the devastation. "The clones really do become more unstable the longer they exist!"

"Yes Pinkie. Which is why we must... kill them all..." :pinkiecrazy:

(And Equestria became super grimdark miserably ever after! The End!)


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