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This story is a sequel to Just a Clone

I'd spent most of my life as nothing more than a clone of somepony else. But thanks to that pony I was given a second chance. But while I've tried hard to leave that past behind me, it seems it's not quite ready to let go. I may have my own name, my own face, and my own body, but there's something I still lack. A Cutie Mark, the very thing that defines a pony still eludes me even after all these months.

But it's out there, somewhere. I don't know where or when, but I will find out what it is I'm destined to be.

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Comments ( 4 )

Just wanted to point out that this is not a "second person" story, so you should remove that tag.

First person = "I tossed the ball to Pinkie"
Second person = "You catch the ball and toss it to your clone"
Third person = "The pinkie clone caught the ball"

Think of it as "I am the first person, You are the second person, She is the third person."

Thanks for pointing that out.

nicely done; also:

“Listen, this doesn’t change who you are. You still have your own identity, your own life and name, nothing can take that from you.” I took a deep breath, she was right, and sulking definitely wasn’t something I should waste time with. Plus, I liked my name, it took a while to choose but I was fine with being called that for the rest of my life.

so, the Pinkie clone has a name: may I ask what it is?

“I think we should bring up the elephant in the room.” Pinkie, for some reason, spat out her milk and turned to Twilight.
“You found him?!” We both looked to Pinkie almost immediately, arched brows all around. When she saw this she quickly backtracked “Um, I mean, what elephant?” try as she might that was still the least convincing smile I’d seen.

okay, normally I'd ask how she managed to find an elephant and/or how she's been able to hide it for so long...but this is Pinkie Pie we're talking about: it's best not to question it...

Since the first story gave me chills even after re-reading it, I'm tracking this one :twilightsmile:

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