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She'd spend the day with them, shared stories, and shown a love she'd never experienced. And while she thought it was temporary, she didn't expect what would happen next.

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Comments ( 26 )

Yeah, this was inevitable.

I new a story like this was gonna happen :)

I think my heart just stopped from the cuteness of it all.

This was a nice story.


I was hoping someone would write something like this! It be create if it was a whole series but one heart warming chapter is great.

This really made me tear up. I love it (goes directly into library)

This episode was great. The endless past scootaorphan fanfics of Dash and Scootaloo are still perfectly valid, but now we have canon fuel for Dash's parents joining in on the cuteness too. :raritystarry: Very nicely done. I haven't loved an episode like this one in a while.

Well, i Support the idea that scootaloo has parents and is Not an Orphan, but given how Rainbow's parents reacted to scootaloo, that is a brilliant idea, they cared for her like a Daughter.

8150914 I dunno the idea she has parents who completely ignore her seems sadder somehow. Remember she said she hadn't ever got the kind of support Rainbow did, if she has parents they are neglectful

8152641 Yeah, but i Support any Story where she has caring parents.

8152770 Well she certainly ends up with them here, even if they aren't blood.

8152816 exactly my thought after the Episode. Your Story nailed it

8152819 You mean this story silly, I didn't write it :P

8152954 ah damn it. Sorry, happens sometimes to me

Is it wrong that I want this to actually happen in the show?

Wonderful. This is exactly the kind of fic I needed after this episode. Getting it thrown into your face that Scoots' parents are dead, this was a very hard moment.
I needed this fic after that. Thank you for writing it.

I wish there was more. I loved the interaction Scootaloo had with Ranbows parents and maybe something like a normal day in their lives.

Daawww! So cute! I wuved it!:rainbowkiss:

The day she slingshotted her way to there house was the the day she slingshot her way to into there hearts.

the feels man:fluttercry:😂

Why is all of the best stuff non-canon? This is beautiful!

This is so sweet, that I now have to go to the dentist to get a cavity filled.
But boy oh boy was it worth it.

Awwwww. Sweet ending.

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