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What will Scootaloo do when she learns that she can never fly? Will she be alone in the darkness with her pain, sorrow, and misery? Or will she accept her destiny and fate instead?

Will she let her doubt and fear destroy her or will she be brave instead?

Note: Inspired by the stories A Flight of Fantasy, Flight, Dream of the Sky, First Aid, First Flight, and finally (to a lesser extent),A Day With Dash

So (please) go check them out if you want to.

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wow, poor Scootaloo

*hugs Scootaloo*

Good fic

Comment posted by Nox the Eternal deleted Jan 26th, 2017

And yet her wings were powerful enough to fly on land. The fact that Scoots was able to propel a wagon with two fillies her own size has been a huge inspiration for her to push on.

You deleted my comment without actually answering
And now i have witnesses to my question. WHY DID YOU PUT THIS IN THE FOLLOWERS OF DISCORD GROUP?
An actual answer would be nice as opposed to just deleting my comment.

What story in what folder? :) ;) :derpytongue2:


And finally to quote Miss Mary Poppins, "I never explain anything."

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