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When Cadence meets a small filly she changes her life for the better, but will the filly do the same with Cadence?

The filly, in question, is Chrysalis, who only wants to make a friend.

But journey with them as forces beyond their own realm of powers try to separate them apart, but through love and friendship, they remain strong despite the sea of insults and chaos.

Other tag includes:

Twilight Sparkle
Sunset Shimmer
Shining Armor?
Nightmare Moon?
Flash Sentry?

Chapters (4)
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I could go through it for you.
My schedule is pretty clear for today, so I've got time.

yeah shipping and beer

I have to ask what Flash is doing there, even when this isn'T "movie flash", I'm not the biggest fan of him, so I want to ask if this is a romance between him and Twilight or if he is just there.

Uh, IDK where Flash is, but he's just there I suppose.

Have I udnerstood it right that you don't know who flash is?, I meant your Flash sentry there. It is no reason for me not to read it, but I want to avoid a sudden romance between him and Twilight.

Maybe if you would actually let them getting to know each other first it would be nice, I don'T want to feel like it is because of the movie where I didn't liked him.

No, I know who Flash is, I just don't know where I put him since I am currently NOT working on this story.

Where do you see ANY mention of Flash Sentry in here? Because I did Control F and I can't find him ANYWHERE

only in the description, but I haven't seen the "?" behind it.
I haven't started it yet.

Oh! I see what you mean, well ? is basically I don't know if I am going to use the character or not, and with how old this story is it's safe bet to assume that Flash isn't going to be in this story!

hhhmmm other stuff is far older I suppose.

Well....not sure what your writing style is, but I prefer meaningfull romance and all that stuff, but since this is E rated I probably don't have to worry about it.

With meaningfull romance I mean well a not rushed romance and the other stuff when this would be not E rated. (can I even mention it in a E rated story or how do the admins react?)

Well not sure if Chrysalis is the one getting a romance in this story (and I hope you write it as soon as you get interessted again), I would like her to get an untypical unsecure, clumsy or whatever partner.
You know how it is often the main char acting like Fluttershy or being embrassed about everything? While I don't want Chrysalis to show her worst flirty behavior (still not sure if I can mention anything like that in this story), but if she is the main char later, then I want her to be the strong one in the relationship, the one that isn't blushing for everything. (sometimes I feel that kid of main char doesn'T exist here.)

I don't need another partner that is acting like an expert or how a Soarin that would show Rainbow the world of the grown ups if you know what I mean. (I'm not exactly only speaking about the "doing the deed" here this time). I would like to see someone not so brave that is still trying to work up his or her nerves to impress Chrissy.

I have only taken a quick look at the last chapter so far, who is notch? and is Chrysalis dating Cadance here?
Well that would be alright too, but if not then I would still like the chance to see a romance with my described kind of partner for once, that would be a nice change from what I usually see. Like a Marble Pie or Fluttershy for the main char that isn'T suddenly turning into a secret "expert on certain things.

I'm not exactly like that about stuff in reallife, but I know what i prefer in stories and there I take it actually a bit more seriously, probably because there it was a waste of time if I suddenly encounter something that destorys the whole story for me even if it is just a minor anoyance.

I think I said everything, I just like to take my chance to get what I prefer even if you should not do anything like that, it is better than to keep quiet and well you know the rest. I had a few chases in which they actually liked some ideas of even inculed them.

I have no idea if this will stay E or not or what I actually had planned for this as I have other stuff to worry about right now, sorry.

“I can read emotions from other ponies, even see them in colors too, it’s very useful for feeding and smelling, or rather detecting large quantities of love. But then I saw you crying and I was curious and I thought I almost felt bad for you.”

Not sure what canon is, but did you made her an emotion overlord`?, sometimes I think it can be bad enough that she has an unfailed love detector.

I say bad, because I liked the version more where she could notice them being friends/soulmates and a potential for love maybe, but not just like "you marry him" or "I sense you love him and he loves you, so skip every part and just marry.

In a way I can't help but see a few reasons of why it could be bad too if Cadance should intervene to much in others love lives not matter how much she may be the princess of love. I always image that I probably would not like it if she would make me skip everything that comes with love because she already knows it but I probably just dislike it in stories a bit because it takes the fun out of those meetings that I like so much in stories.
Sometimes such instant problem solvers take the fun out of it.

What I actually wanted to say is, why does she work like a changeling right now?

“I can read emotions from other ponies, even see them in colors too, it’s very useful for feeding and smelling, or rather detecting large quantities of love. But then I saw you crying and I was curious and I thought I almost felt bad for you.”

ahhh okay sorry, not sure if I'm right but for a moment I thought that you had written it like Cadance would read Chrysalis emotions.

“Yes, and I thank you for keeping watch and doing your job, duty, and responsibility, but I am a big girl now, I can take care of myself, and I am an alicorn, I have more advanced magic and strength than any other pony even if I don't know how to quite use all of it. But you also need to relax just a bit, please.”

For some reason this time I could only think about "go away" when I was reading about the guard.

“It is okay, I am glad that you are safe at any rate, now then, will you please tell me if anything strange or unusual happened while you were lost?”

as if she knew what happened.

“Tell every guard to search for a small black filly child, but to also double check every single pony that enters these grounds and gardens, she could be anything or anyone, we have no idea what she could be or what she might not be, we have no idea where she is, but if you do find her tell the guards also this one very important thing above all else, you are not to harm or kill her, capture her alive, but do not harm her and do not try to force her to come against her will, make her feel welcome and invited, I want to see for myself if this child will pose the threat and danger that I think that she might.”

at first I wanted to argue, but then I noticed she wasn't "really" mean or tricky about it. I mean like going behind Cadance back or something, I thought that was going to happen.

“Oh, the queen will either usually kill them after mating or keep them alive to well, let’s put it this way, buck with,” Chrysalis said with a slight smile.

Celestia raised an eyebrow at the child using such a word but quickly put this concern aside for far more pressing and important matters instead. “Very well then, next question, why are you so far away from your own home, little one?”

I guess they don't care for what Chrysalis got to hear there I guess, well at least the changeling queens doesn't seems to be sluts or something similar here.

“Not in the way that Cadence or a friend ever could even if they did change to what I wanted them to be because once I am Queen I will have to look out and keep the whole entire hive safe and do everything in their interest with little regard to my own, which is why I think there is some pressure on me to mate or at least have a friend so I can deal with the stress and just talk and ramble on and also vent too, I also want more than one just in case anything ever happens, you know.”

Not sure what that was supposed to mean, but I prefer it if the changeling can lay normal eggs with love or energy and without needing to buck around the whole hive, only for queens I like to think they need a partner.

Well nice story, I just like to tell stuff like that so I get the information I maybe need right away.

Not sure how to say this, but I think the story feels a bit different from what I'm used to, maybe it is your writing style?

I'm not really sure tonight.
edit: it is a bad time for me to make comments sometimes.

“Hey! That’s not a very nice thing to say! Besides, it’s not nice to crush her dreams and hopes and you don't know what she could be either!”

“Oh yeah, well name one thing she could be the princess of.”

“Friendship,” Cadence said.

I liked it that she wished for it herself for once, but I disliked it that Cadance was so spot on with her "princess of friendship opinion". I just don'T like it that they actually think that it is possible or makes the most sense. I mean I like the image of them being totally suprised that this is possible or whatever, I believe Twilight was the first one to actually prove it?

I tried to explain it or think of a reason, but I just don't like it that Cadance may know or don't know it, but is already saying it.

Sunset snorted, “Yeah right, the day she’s Princess of Friendship is the day that I turn human. But come on, let’s go back.”

how does she know that humans exist?

I read the rest later

The way Sunset talked was pretty unusually, but in an interessting way, still weird like I mentioned it before, but in the end I decited it could be pretty interessting. I think since I rarely see it like this was the only reason why I didn't knew what to think about it.

Will this get continued?

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