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This story is a sequel to Rival of the Musicians

Vinyl Scratch has a secret, one that she's kept hidden away from all the rest of the other ponies, it's one that she can't speak about or say, even if she wanted to. And that's because she is really mute.

So follow along in just another regular ordinary day for her.

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you gotta decide, its a she or a he ? I know she's a she, but you use both.

What are you talking about?

Also, hey, nice avatar.

7789767 Vinyl changes sex 10 times in the first 4 paragraphs alone. Perhaps you should keep it constant.

I really liked this story, the fact that Vinyl is mute, but has found a way to communicate to live a fun and a normal life is awesome. I don't mind shipping, but for me, there has to be some connection between the characters like a crush. Like you I also don't care for forced LGBT stories where they try to force two characters of the same sex together for no other reason than to put them together and call it shipping.

This isn't 2nd person, it's 3rd person. 2nd person are the stories that say you rather than he/she/it for the main character.

Maybe the author chose the tags because they matched Vinyl's mane?

She could not speak a single word, even if he wanted to, and he was that way from her very birth

um.. I think you got a couple pronouns wrong there:unsuresweetie:

7789767 ''Vinyl Scratch lived a simple life, she took music requests from her various pony clients at any time of the day or night, after all he did like to work as''

''But despite all her success, fame, wealth, fortune, or friends he had''
''She could not speak a single word, even if he wanted to, and he was that way from her very birth''

you use he and she in the same sentence for the same person.

7790134 Have I made a mistake?
Can fix.

My computer hates the letter 'S' as much as my kindle auto corrects it wrong.

Thank you.

That's my general rule too.

The only exception is for fandom canon. (Lyra and Bon Bon)

But even then I still have to ask, what makes this special and unique?

I don't mind shipping, so long as it is good (clarification).

And I don't think of this 'forced' shipping since there are so many pre and post/ after stories to be drawn/ written.

Good evening!

First of all, thank you for taking the time to read Tactics of Snowbound Unicorns. I'm glad you enjoyed the little tale, even if it was part of an ongoing storyline.

Instead of a return review, I'd like to offer something a little bit different. I can see your passion for your various topics in your writing, but the delivery as a whole, though the narrative, exposition and dialogue need quite a bit of fine-tuning. As such, I'd like to recommend several things that I found to be tremendously useful in my own growth as an author.

On Writing by Stephen King - This is actually the only King book I've read, since I'm not a fan of horror. But this is practically required reading for anyone hoping to be a writer. Even if you're not a fan of his, you can't deny that he's tremendously successful, so who better to learn from? There are things in this book that are simply magic and will revolutionize your writing. (Heck, I think I need to read it again. It's been a few years...)

Writing Excuses Podcast - "15 minutes long, because you're in a hurry, and we're not that smart." - The definitive writing podcast. I won a global writing contest thanks to this group.

Writing Excuses is a fast-paced, educational podcast for writers, by writers. It airs weekly, with new episodes appearing each Sunday evening at around 6pm Eastern Time. The show is hosted by Brandon Sanderson, Mary Robinette Kowal, Howard Tayler, and Dan Wells, with guests featured from time to time.

Our goal is to help our listeners become better writers. Whether they write for fun or for profit, whether they’re new to the domain or old hands, we have something to offer. We love to write, and our listeners do, too.

The Elements of Style, 4th Edition by William Strunk Jr. - Also one of the true classics of anyone wanting to do prose, this is required reading for some writing courses (as it should be). Frankly, I still struggle with some of this stuff (as my editors love to remind me), so it's something you'll want to reference again and again.

My last suggestion would be never stop reading.

“If you don't have time to read, you don't have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.” - Stephen King

Read the classical greats from TS Elliot to the modern greats such as Brandon Sanderson (I highly recommend Mistborn, for example). Read everything and anything. And then tear them apart. Find out why they work. Dissect the dialogue. The description. Everything. I've done it... and it was most beneficial.

I do hope that this does help you on your journey as an author. Never forget that it is a journey. Everyone's always learning and growing. Everyone needs an editor (ask mine. :twilightoops:). Everyone has a new trick to discover. The moment you stop learning, that's the moment you've lost the battle. So keep fighting, keep pushing and keep writing!

Okay, the fact that this is my most highly rated story is sad to me, but lets me know that my fans want shipping and romance.

And I don't really do either of them anymore.

Hiya! I'm goin to be brutally honest here and say this story wasn't all that great. [:(] it was good but incredibly redundant, you seem to just drag out everything with synonyms. I feel like a jerk and I'm sorry but I can't give this a like. ~:derpyderp2:

Sorry dood, but imma need to agree with Derpicus here. Not that great. It felt way to dragged out, and yet somehow rushed? like the places that it needed to be extended got a short take, and the places that needed to be shortened where overly extended. Oh and by the way. You didn't really need to put your own existential thoughts in the beginning of the chapter.

You say one thing in at least three ways in a row so many times, it can get tiring to read.

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