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What is life? Is it nothing more than the endless search for a cutiemark?


It's late, the fire is lit, you've a steaming hot mug of tea... what better time to have a chat and set the world to rights, and maybe get something else out of it too?

Rated 'T' due to moderate innuendo .


*EDIT* Hello, ponies! This was originally going to be a one-shot wonder, but I enjoyed writing it, so there you are. And although it says 'completed', that's only really because each chapter can be read alone. I'll probs always be adding more chapters! :yay:

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6859738 Thanks! I'm glad you both like it so much! :twilightsmile:

Vinyl is nothing more than a figment of Octavia's imagination, confirmed.

But yeah, this was a funny little story.

6860970 I suppose so... you could swap them with Pinkie and Pinkamena and it'd work almost as well! :pinkiegasp:

Wish you could like stories more than once in cases like this one :ajsmug:

6861497 Oh wow, high praise indeed, thank you! What was it that made you like it so much? :twilightsmile:

Besides being Octascratch, which is auto like, I just find this writing format really amusing for some reason :moustache:

6861683 I can tell from your profile picture that you like Octascratch! Or is it Vinylavia? Or... Melodyl? Anywho... glad you liked the writing style, it is fun to write. :trollestia:

.... . .... .... .. ..... .. .... . ....... .. ......... ........... .. .. .. .... ........ ... ..... ......

well i can't tell if vinyl is just a figment of octavia's imagination or if i'm just reading this wrong

-- edit
i just realised vinyl is mute ... so is she using esl (equestrian sign language)

6865701 Vinyl is indeed mute in this story; I think from the way she's portrayed in the series that that is canon. TBH I hadn't really thought about ESL; maybe she is? In Slice of Life Octavia seems to be able to understand her fine without audible or visible communication, and that was the idea I had been attempting to convey. Glad you enjoyed it! :raritywink:

Nah she isn't mute officially, they confirmed that last year in an interview, just doesn't like to talk (she talked in comics, has quotes in the cardgame and is seen talking in Equestria girls movies). Ponies in MLP aren't too difficult to understand if they don't speak anyway, they are very expressive with their faces afterall :derpytongue2:

6868568 Yeah, I know... but I still think she's comes across as mute, even if she isn't really. And the comics and suchlike are not always considered canon (I don't consider them to be). So I can live in hope! :scootangel:

6870844 D'awww, thank you! :raritywink: It was fun to write too! :scootangel:

This was friggin adorable. It proves a point... Sometimes you don't need words

I could sit and read this all day. Its sweet, adorable, and really well written. Imma add it to my tracking just in case you decide to add another chapter some day.

7031818 Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I do intend to write more, at some point, but I've marked it as 'complete' because the chapters are arguably self-contained. Thanks for the feedback! :scootangel:

7032053 That makes me Really happy to hear. ^_ 6 Stay awesome.

7032158 Why thank you! :twilightsmile: You'll be pleased to hear that I have just uploaded a new chapter, yay! :yay:

7033036 Very excited ^_^


Oh my goodness they are so friggin doorbell. ^_6
Seriously you make their relationship come off as so organic it's unreal.
With the 'mysteriouuus package' For a minute I thought the story was going somewhere different... That's how I proposed to my fiance after all, Got a box, Waited til he left the room and was ready for when he got back.

7038473 "Doorbell", ey? I don't suppose you'd mind illuminating me as to the meaning of that term? I assume it's ameliorative, from context, but I haven't come across it before! I'm glad you like how I'm portraying them; I wasn't sure at first how to do so but I think I've found a way that works.

Sorry if the whole 'what's in dat dere parcel?' thing took off in an unexpected direction, to be honest I wasn't too sure of how to take it myself! That's so cute, how you proposed; if you don't mind I may use that at some future chapter? It'd be ages away yet though... not that I'm giving away any of the storyline or owt! :twilightsheepish:

7039422 haha. I stole doorbell from my friend jay. You take adorable > dorable > dorble > doorbell. Its a thing amongst my circle of friends for adorable.

And nothing to apologize for, it was unexpected but good.
As for using that in a later chapter? Shoot go for it. That'd be pretty awesome tbh.

7039582 I like that! Doorbell... how terribly droll. If you don't mind, I think I may expropriate the aforementioned term for my own usage; I'm always fond of random connexions few other people will be able to fathom! :rainbowlaugh:

Why thank you, I may just do so. :scootangel:

7039902 definitely go for it. Half the reason I use the term is so I can explain it and get other people to do so. Lol.

7041445 Until, like Windows 10 or the Trump, nopony shall be immune! Mwahaha! Hm. :rainbowlaugh:

This is actually pretty genius. Then again, mute Vinyl is kinda canon, I think? Still, this is a great chapter. Shows how important dialogue is.

7041612 and yet how it also shows how much you can learn with no words at all.

Those are all very sweet! But, if my course in Constitutional Law of European Countries taught me anything, it's that the UK is a regionalist, but still Unitarian country. The laws for Northern Ireland, Scotland, and England&Wales (which form a single legislative family) are different, but it's no different from, say, a federation's distribution of authority? I think. :twilightsheepish:

7041612 Why thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it, and honoured that the writer of 'In a Cello Mood' - which is easily the best Octascratch fic I've read, and there have been many - would consider it worthy of favouriting! :twilightsmile:

7041680 For most international purposes outside of certain sports, yes, the UK is a homogeneous whole. It has a central unitary national authority but with certain governmental functions delegated to the constituent countries, and London, but which do not have formal legal or constitutional sovereignty as such, as their laws, and the very existent status of the devolved assemblies and parliaments, can be revoked at a stroke by the national government in Westminster - though to do so would go against the very idea of devolved democracy!

It is, admittedly, needlessly complicated, a complexity brought on by 1,500+ years of history and turmoil. Octavia was giving Vinyl the version presented to outsiders, for whom full and detailed knowledge would be far too overwhelming! For what it's worth, my opinion is that the UK should become a fully federal state, with power devolved to Scotland, Wales, NI, and the Regions of England, on a level similar to that of the German Länder.

I see. Thank you for clarifying that! :)

And I am honoured that you are enjoying In a Cello Mood - which is not the best OctaScratch I've written, but passable anyway ;)

7042166 Well, 'tis the best one I've read, so if you've written even better then I've a treat in store! But I'll finish 'In a Cello Mood' first. I'm only on chapter 6.

No, there was no saucepan. But there could have been, couldn't there?

God, I love this.

D'you think you'll dye yours, when you start greying?

I like how you're subtly inserting serious matter in an otherwise common small-talk. Keep it up!

7044847 She's right, y'know. There could be a saucepan one day. So don't take that chance. :twistnerd:

Well, Vinyl may not appreciate it now, but Octavia's leveller head will surely see them right in their old age, far away as that may seem! And 'twill come to us all, sooner or later. :eeyup:

Hehehe. The more I read this the more relatable the relationship becomes . I'm certainly dirty minded and it is ever so fun teasing my fiance with it. Especially when he's flustered over something else like tavi .

Its just extra amusing because in spite of her having no dialogue I can imagine almost every word vinyl says.

7045426 She does indeed have no dialogue... which begs the question, how does she actually communicate? Equestrian Sign Language? Possibly. But she seems able to continue the conversation whilst holding bags of shopping, so... not sure! Telepathy, maybe? Or maybe they just use the good old "I've known them so long we don't need words anymore." :applejackunsure:

7046985 I read a story recently where unicorns used a pair of... Well essentially specially made bendy straws to make sign language in the air. Its what I'm imagining.

7052943 Ooh, that sounds plausible. What was the name of the story, if you don't mind me asking?

7052953 things tavi says. I dont remember how early in the story it comes up but thats the one.

I'd get you a link but its hard to do on my phone.

7052969 Ah, I know the one! I've been reading it, actually. I'll look out for the straws in a later chapter. Thanks for letting me know! :twilightsmile:

vinyl is truly a gifted conversationist

7099072 Indeed. I'm thinking she should go into politics... dat debating skills doe..! :trollestia:

This is so fun to read. :rainbowlaugh:
It's also brilliantly written and unique. Telling a whole story with just the dialogue of one character and a few dots of silence is such a cool idea!

This is still one of my favorite shipping stories in the history of ever. I love every second of it and still find myself keepin an eye out for more.


Why thank you, both of you! I do intent to write more when I get the chance, probably over the summer. :twilightsmile:

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