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"Take me away to a dream and I will live like it was real, wake me up to reality and I'll live it like it was a dream."


A dark secret from the past uncovered, lies and deceptions involving royalty and Princess Celestia and Luna, a secret so old and dark that there might not be any forgiveness to be had and friendships that might fall apart forever...


Chryalis, Nebula Eclipse,

The Heroes-

Main 6
Starlight Glimmer

Secondary Main Characters:
Shining Armor

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A story of love, a story of romance, a story of sadness and tragedy, this is the love story of Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash.

It starts in winter and blooms in the springtime, is realized in summertime, rises with the fall, and ends in winter yet again...

For the cold takes away all...

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This is my first story of 13 short stories in honor of Friday the 13th, October 2017.

The Scarecrow, an innocent symbol of farming, right? Well maybe not, well, at least not in this story, after all, when the moon is blood red and full, and the winds are cold and send a shiver down your back...

Then beware...

For Halloween approaches near...

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Flurry Heart's life has never been the same since her father passed away, she's been trapped by her own mother and kept away from other ponies and she has been isolated for years until she meets a very special pony that will change her life...

Come along a journey of magic and love as Flurry starts to discover what it means to truly be her as she not only finds a place in her own life, but also to heal her mother's heart.

But, will she be able to do so before the old villains and nightmares of the past return to take away their joy? Is her life doomed to misery, grief, pain, and strife?

Find out if you dare, but beware of the darkness and the eternal nightmare...

The Nightmare. There is no other proper name for it. It is old as time and darkness itself and it feeds on the fears of ponies and it will stop at nothing to take hold of the mind of its host and use the body for its own pleasure and control.

The Nightmare will slowly take hold of the mind of its host through any means possible and it will stop at nothing until it achieves its ultimate goal, complete and utter darkness and control over the entire land and maybe even the world too.

The Nightmare is unstoppable, immortal, and it also cannot be killed, ever.

The Nightmare plants its dark seeds in every single life form since the moment they are born until the moment they die and nopony knows how to stop it.

(from Chapter Nine)

NOTE: Contains scene of gore and mentions acts of sexual activity/ sexually suggestive.
These are minor and underplayed, the tags are a safety measure and nothing more.
This was inspired by the Rememberance series by Ashley H on YouTube, if you have not seen it yet please go check it out in the link below.
Rememberance Episodes

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When Cadence meets a small filly she changes her life for the better, but will the filly do the same with Cadence?

The filly, in question, is Chrysalis, who only wants to make a friend.

But journey with them as forces beyond their own realm of powers try to separate them apart, but through love and friendship, they remain strong despite the sea of insults and chaos.

Other tag includes:

Twilight Sparkle
Sunset Shimmer
Shining Armor?
Nightmare Moon?
Flash Sentry?

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This is about Romance between a land pony and a seapony. This is their story.

Note: This story was inspired by a song from Carbon Maestro and you really should go check it out.

The Siren and The Seamare


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Follow along with two stories, one in the past as a guard struggles to be accepted into society, and in the present where a mare still struggles to do the same.

The first story follows along a Royal Guard by the name of Ash Sparrow, a bat pony.

The second story is is in the present, 1000 years after his story. It follows along a mare by the name of Alice Sparrow.

Both have very similar stories, struggling to fit in a world that hates them.

Can they find peace and love, or will it end in misery, pain, and strife instead?

{And thank you For This Comment, and no thanks to This Other Comment for coming up with the character names (two of them at least)}

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Twilight and Starlight explore the library together and come across a very interesting spell...

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Thunderbolt was a normal pegasus, until he got his superpowers of course.

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