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Ave Celestia

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A madcap Octascratch comedy wherein Octavia is having a quiet afternoon alone in the house and decides to eat the last of Vinyl's vanilla pudding cups from the fridge. Doing so is more difficult than she expects, especially when a time-traveling Vinyl appears with super-big news from a dark, apocalyptic future. Things quickly get out of hoof.

Teen and Sex tags for bow chicka wow wow innuendo of the Octascratch kind.

Cover from images by jaybugjimmies and an untagged artist on Derpibooru.

Rated P for Pudding

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Vinyl Scratch Prime - She's more than meets the eye...

This messed with my head in... More than two dozen ways :rainbowlaugh:


I'm a bit surprised the time travelers went sent back to their own times. What happened to their Octavias?

Also, I love the tower.

Also also, SEQUEL.

I have no clue what to expect from this...

I loved it, great job. SEQUEL!

You made my avatars' face like this. **It's laughing btw

was pudding "really" serious business? :rainbowhuh:


Thank you all for your comments! I never realized how much I would enjoy hearing from readers. Anyway, I'm super-glad you were confused and/or entertained by the story! It means I did my job!

The Vinyls seem to consider it the essential hallmark of civilization: four timelines, three of them ruined, three without pudding. Coincidence? Or something more? You decide!

I think the Vinyls' time-traveling abilities may have "failed," forcing them all to stay in the Prime timeline where they simply had no alternative but to sit in the living room all day eating potato chips. A hard sacrifice to make, eating snacks all day and making snuggle-bunnies all night instead of fighting in the trenches to topple various power-mad tyrant queens, but, by Celestia, the Vinyls are willing to make that sacrifice!


6890312 Octavia is one lucky mare. Or unlucky, depending on your interpretation.

I swear to Celestia I saw this on the main page when FiMfiction was being all glitchy earlier today and I knew I had to keep reloading until I could read it.

That was bucking great LOL!!!!

I have no idea what I just read but it was beautiful

... I am speechless.
*chucks you a Bro Muffin* Dang... two in a row. *shakes head in wonder* You need to keep writing. Like, serious.


I am pleased that you are pleased and I thank you for your comments. And also the Bro Muffins. With gratitude I shall accept them and treasure them always.



I really... REALLY want a series of stories with Octavia trying to cope living with four Vinyls. Or come to think of it, how the rest of the universe will cope. Sequel, pleeeeeease....? XD


Perhaps. There seems to be a demand for it. I've never written a sequel before!

“I never thought my life would end up this way, said Octavia with a fond smile. Living with Vinyl, well, it's like a dream come true. Really, every day is better than the last! I'd have to say that, with Vinyl Scratch, my life truly is complete. Freeze frame on Octavia's smiling face and fade to black and white.

Octavia's voice returns in a harsh voice-over. Me. That was me six months ago. Before. Before it happened. Before realities collided.

Fade to black and DUUM DUUM DUUUMMM drum hits!

The gravely voice comes in: IN A WORLD... of magical talking ponies-”

“Vinyl! What on Mundus are you up to now?”

“Practicing my VOICE. IN A WORLD! of magical talking ponies-”

“That's not a world, that the world.”

“Shut up, Octy, I'm trying to do the trailer. IN A WORLD of magical talking ponies, one mare-”

“One mare?”

“Yeah, one mare! ONE MARE has to deal with her annoying roommate- wait, no, survive her annoying roommate-”


“-follow her dreams to music super-stardom-”


“And finally get a lock for the crisper drawer so aforementioned roommate can't steal any more pudding.”

“Yes, I- wait, what? Have you been talking about yourself?”

*record scratch sound effect* “Bwaaah?! That's the face you just made. Bwaaaaah!”

“Put that away, Vinyl!”


“Give it here!”

“Get offa me!”

“You're so annoying!”

“No, you are!”





“...Wait, where's that saxophone music coming from?”

“Now... kiss!”
“Hey, dudes! What's going on in here?”
"Greetings, my fellow biological ponies!"

“Oh my sweet Celestia! More Vinyls!”



IN A WORLD! Where time-streams collide!

This summer! (slow motion shot of Vinyl flying through the air, laser blasts flying from her horn.)

From celebrated five thousand-time FIMFic Featured Box author Ave Celestia... (Octavia, dodging bright green magic blasts, dives behind a rotten log to land next to Vinyl. Vinyl grins at her and then turns into a changeling.)

...comes a story of five mares, four realities, but only ONE destiny! (A dirt-smeared Octavia runs across a ruined battlefield to embrace a limping, bruised Vinyl Scratch.)

Octavia Tries to Eat a Vanilla Pudding Cup 2: Octavia Tries to Eat a Vanilla Pudding Cup Harder!

(Screen dissolves into static. A shadowy figure stands in misty darkness. “We have unfinished business, you and I...” Screen flickers)

Coming soon to browsers everywhere! (Fade to black.)

(Vinyl slowly rises from below the black and hooks her foreleg over the bottom of the screen, looking right at you.) "You know the thing is never as good as its trailer, right?" (A vanilla pudding cup floats up. Vinyls eats a spoonful thoughtfully. A grey hoof darts up to grab the pudding cup. Vinyl gasps and then dives down after it, disappearing from sight.)



...I demand this be added as a bonus chapter immediately at the very least. :derpyderp1:


Indeed. I dislike it when authors release only partial stories because I hate waiting. So I don't do that with things I write. And right now the sequel isn't more than an outline and a few scenes and so is not yet near completion. When it's more substantial I'll add the "trailer."

I guess I'm just saying I wouldn't want to officially tease something that wasn't prepared for inamint release.



7127274 I can completely respect that - more power wubs yoghurt power to you! :pinkiecrazy:

How the blinking hell does this story only have 59 upvotes?



That's a very good question and I'm glad you asked it! I'll be happy to address it and provide a thorough explanation it because I believe it's an important point. Now, the answer may surprise some people, though it may be quite obvious to others. In fact, there's some minor debate on the issue with people drawing lines of opposition against one another, comparing and contrasting it with other issues both large and small or arguing it is just representative or symptomatic of other matters vis-a-vis both certain current and historical events but once you know the true facts of the matter, it all becomes abundantly clear in retrospect and I don't mind letting you in on the “secret,” such as it is, though it's really quite a simple matter at its heart, I assure you. And there's no better place to get those impartial facts than right here, free of bias, as I am something of an authority on the issue, well-respected in the involved fields of inquiry, and is a matter which is close to my heart in any case so I am glad to speak of it at whatever length you require. And so with no further ado, flourish, embellishment, exposition, or over-aggrandized introduction of any kind or sort, I shall tell you exactly what you want to know, the answer to the question which you've asked and the response for which you've awaited so very patiently, a patience for which I have the utmost respect and even admiration. You see, the answer is

7188770 I knew it was a troll reply within the first three or four lines and yet I still read it to fruition. :fluttershbad:

What the hell juat happened?:rainbowhuh:


This was dumb. 5,440 words of glorious, beautiful, Vinyl filled dumb.

Instant fav:rainbowkiss:

Although the ending spiraled a bit into what I like to call the pinned tale (extra unneeded unnecessary jokes, closers, one liners, events that outsay their welcome when a clean cut was there at least once) I can't help but feel very pleased with this! Very cute, and the way you depict Vinyl is one of my favorites! She's goofy, and says the wrong things sometimes, but she's good at heart, she loves Tavi and forgives her, cuz Vinyl is a big softie :yay:

Now about the ending, I feel it would have ended on an interesting bootstrap paradox if Vinyl Prime forgave Tavi, and cyborg Vinyl gave them a time traveling spell so she could go back in time and not go for the pudding cup, and have Vinyl return just to let her have the last cup. But again, I still adore the story, that's just what I was expecting :3

I do hope to see the sequel! I'd love to see more of these three Vinyl's being more fleshed out and presented in a kick ass mock adventure!

Pfffff hahaha oml dude we need a sequel to this more time travel shinanigans a epic story for each of them and a annoyed twilight going on about zoning permits and all that

This is entertainment of the highest caliber.

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