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Discord hosts a contest to see who has the cutest butt in Equestria.

WARNING: Contains the word 'butt' like a whole lot actually/really.

(Rated Teen for Many Safety Reasons)

(No Image provided for very obvious clear reasons)

Edit: I changed my mind (3/1/2017)

(I find it to be very funny since I find it very extremely stupid that butts can be 'cute' and therefore that idea is funny to me which is why this has been labeled a Comedy)

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Comments ( 44 )

I have no idea how to comment on this. I am befuddled. I am unable to commence in describing my confusion.


So, that's what you did with the poll... I have got to learn Google Forms.

Yes, indeed.

Poor Luna , you would think having a moon on the side of your butt would give you more votes than that... Oh well!!
\ • /
/ \

Hmmm, I wonder what Rarity wished for.

I was smiling the whole time bud, well done.:twilightsmile:

Maybe there'll be a sequel...

(by popular demand of course)

(Not making any promises though)


Yeah, that was my intention, I mean if one has my mindset on butts then they'll laugh and smile the whole time too.

(Which I did even when I though of the idea and actually wrote it down)


Not according to the fans.

7967776 Stupid Rarity:trixieshiftleft: but it was still funny story XD:rainbowlaugh:

You said the word butt 17 (seventeen) times in this story, not counting the title.


I voted Rarity 19 times.

But... Discord doesn't even have a butt. His legs don't attach to a terminus point on his body with a tail sticking out; his body extends downward as his tail, and his legs are attached to the sides of it. Which means that unless his tail is curled upward behind him, his anus is on his front.

Spike always has a tail curled behind him, so arguably Spike has a butt, but Discord's tail is longer and does a wider variety of positions. So Discord doesn't have a butt.

Wh-what? :rainbowderp: How? How could Luna get five measly votes? Five! What's with you people? :pinkiegasp: Plus, the cutie marks meet in the middle! How could anyone not like that? I'll never understand people at this rate. :facehoof:

Can you prove that he DOES NOT have a butt, or that he can't summon ONE at the very least?

I'm not surprised that Rarity won. I would've voted for her, Celestia, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Twilight, or Luna.

Post butts...
(If you want to that is, but make it SFW please)

The YouTube Video was just fine... just try to put a warning first if it is 18+ first, okay?
(Not that IT WAS, but still...)

(I find it to be very funny since I find it very extremely stupid that butts can be 'cute' and therefore that idea is funny to me which is why this has been labeled a Comedy)

Yeah, I've never understood that either.

Someone that relates!!!

I mean how can a butt, something that excretes waste, (poop, s***, crap, etc.) be cute?

It just don't make sense, I mean I'm a socially isolated person, and some stuff won't make sense until later...

But this, just how, why?

7975325 Wait, you too? I'm social isolated as well! And exactly! How can something that does all of that, be cute?

Yep, looks like we get along JUST fine...
Now then maybe it could be due to the fact that hearts were inspired by the shape of a butt...
But it's just not the same thing...
(Besides, hearts are just big huge muscles of very soft yet somehow hard icky meshy gooey stuff...
Look I don't know the Medical Terms, okay?!!! I'm not a Doctor, okay?!!!)

So now my Cutest Butt Contest is my Number Two story, yet somehow it's more hated than my Vinyl Scratch story.
But why, is it because of the butts?

I ALMOST missed my own unintentional joke!!!
Get it, My Number Two story?

7975434 I know, right? People have wondered why I know that, because I don't watch porn and am scared of girls, but it's because of a lack of friends!

No friends, Only Netflix, Popcorn, the Big Bang Theory, Hulu, Reading a whole lot of stories by random various authors, and writing of course.

Contest over. My butt is cutest. I am Butt Princess.

7975467 Ah, Netflix. I enjoy that and reading as well. And, of course, going to GameStop.

Still number two with all the hate.

(What's wit that anyways, is it because of the butts?)

I demand a recount, no way Fluttershy doesn't have the cutest butt. :twilightangry2:

I FINALLY get the Full Moon joke...
But I won't ruin it for anyone else EVEN more oblivious at jokes than I am/me.

Oh? A story about rating butts? That's certainly an interesting idea that hasn't been done before...

Nice work!

Is that sarcasm?
I really can't tell.



I had kinda wrote on the same idea before... not that I claim ownership on the idea though! I still liked your story.

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