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Vinyl Scratch, having to DJ a Bat Mitzvah at the last minute, leaves Octavia home alone. Octavia decides to make the best of it. Octavia X Vinyl

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Who's the lucky jewish mare?

Yay more vinyl and Octavia

Really cute! I would totally read more of this! :rainbowkiss:

D'awwww.. poor Tavi :D

O.o but maybe its me but i expected Vinyl to start a i-knew-it moment xD that woukd have been nice xD

Hmm... I'm working on it. You'll see in a day. Two days tops.
But not tonight, I'm busy with academics.
But I will tell you this, it will have a much more satisfying ending.

After doing some research, the story I had planned has done down the toilet.
Mainly because I had acted too soon.

Long story short, next time, you will see a story about Lyra and Bon Bon.

Awesome I like it my dear:trollestia::rainbowkiss:

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