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Fluttershy had never realized how much she loved her daughter until she let her go. Her own daughter doesn't even know that she was her mother, that she is her mother....That she always will be....Her mother.

This was inspired by the comic by Matty4z

(I do not own the cover art)

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I won't downvote it, but
the end == meh

4188759 Well...that's how the comic ends...^^' I also had no idea how to make the ending more....well, poetic. I really do like this story though. :pinkiesad2:

4188781 The problem is, this fanfic is like a snake without a head, but with a tail,
you don't know much about it and it ends without more, this story could be better if
explained or if it was more detailed.

You have written a text with a lot of information holes inside it

More pleas :fluttercry:

:scootangel:Will there be more chapters for this story? :fluttercry:Pweas...

4188797 Hm...if people want more of it, then I might write another chapter! ^^

4188946 oh oh oh! I hope so!

4190821 This story is complete now, just for all you lovely people who enjoy it so much!! :heart::yay::heart::scootangel:

:fluttercry::pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy: this was good

:flutterrage:Is that it!? :facehoof:We were expecting more chapters! :flutterrage:But only TWO!? :fluttercry:I thought this would be the greatest story I ever read. :raritycry:But its over-er-er!

4192150 Well, at least you know you enjoyed the story...I'm about to read it now...

4192793 :moustache:Yeah, i'm still a bit pissed that the story end real quick.

4192816 I read the story...:fluttercry:...:flutterrage: I DEMAND A SEQUEL!!!

really only two chapters. I want to know how things turned out for for them both. If Fluttershy took scootaloo in or if she had to stay at the orphanage still.

:flutterrage:We demand more! Midnight Rose!

I have to say its nice to see something out of the usual "Orphan" Scootaloo Stories. This is a not bad story however I feel that either this was rushed or just not enough detail. That's just my opinion but let it not be that I say, Nice Story!


WHY DASH WHY U DO THAT leave fluttershy with scoot on her own :fluttercry::heart:

4193249 Well, if I got an editor who was willing to do a sequel with me, I could give it a try ;)
4192150 Ok, this comment made my day!! (even though my day was pretty awesome) I'm probably gonna have to do a sequel now, huh? :scootangel:

4193280 Eyup hope your up with the challenge :3

4193182 Yeah....I really need to work on my endings. :facehoof: My beginnings aren't bad....but my endings could definitely use a whole lot of work.

This story also didn't have an editor either, so that probably didn't help. I'm trying to practice my skills on my own......(I know this is probably a stupid idea, but meh.) :scootangel:

4193249 Cause old school Dash was a jerk.....(remember this is BEFORE all the Elements and stuff.) Now she helps her out, kinda, I'm gonna have to put that in the sequel aren't I? :twilightsmile:

4193280 Yes and thank you for likeing my comment.:scootangel:

Yup or we can just take her as a bad guy your choice :3 :fluttercry::heart::scootangel:

4193291 Well, I have someone who's up for editing!! :yay: Hopefully I can get the sequel done.
Might make a blog post about it. Who knows, maybe I could make a 'verse' type story just from this one. But, that's kinda hard to do....meh. Just an idea. Don't mind me, high from Marble Slab. :pinkiecrazy:


just jumping to fics and fics don't mind me :3 :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

4193319 Hm....I don't think Dash would be 'the bad guy'. I think she'd help Scoots deal with the fact that Fluttershy is her mother. Perhaps they'll find out who her father is together?

(I'm thinking maybe Big Mac) :twilightsmile:

And you sir/muzzy has gotan a follower and likez!



4193346 lol thanks! I'm a miss! :twilightsmile:

4193353 They are like my FAVE ship!! ;) That and Sparity, CheesePie, and TwiDash.:heart:

But how?
*Has sick mind*

Wow I expect twiflash X3
Sad that flash not in s4 :fluttercry:

NERVER MIND DONT MIND ME :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Was kinda planning on using that comic too, but expended.

4193484 I'm gonna get my editor to go through it, and when that's done, I will do a sequel! :pinkiesmile:

4193509 Ha! I win!! lol, jk. :yay::trollestia:

Scootaloo was actually born a stallion.

4194644 no actually Scootaloo was born a female and if you don't believe me then copy and paste this http://mlp.wikia.com/wiki/Scootaloo link then you will see that Scootaloo was born a female

4194644 what world do u live in?
Just because she acts like a stallion doesn't mean she is one .-.

Nice story, but I found it a bit to quick.
You get a thumbs up but not a fav.

Comment posted by UfUnNyF1r3nd deleted Apr 7th, 2014
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