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This story is a sequel to I'm So Sorry

When Fluttershy let Scootaloo back into her life, she knew how many questions she'd have for her, and now, after all this time she's ready to answer them.

Thanks to Sagittare for the editing. ^^

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yay the sequel is out :pinkiehappy:

I want more scoots and fluttershy storues please continue to write them

Cute :scootangel:
Curious though... who is the father?

4239728 Hm....perhaps another story is required? Jeez...this thing is huge now!! :pinkiehappy:

4239657 Heh, I might make some more...yeah. ^^ idk what else to do though...maybe find Scoots's father? Hm...

4239652 Eeyup! :pinkiesmile:
4239582 ^^ I'm glad you guys like these stories so much. :scootangel:

4239942 coild u ake my oc scoots father

4239953 Um.....no, sorry. He just...doesn't look like Scoots at all. :twilightsheepish: again, I am sorry. :fluttercry:

4239942 how about just a story about Shy explaining to her friends about Scoots?

4239972 That could work. It's like we're coming up with a whole new ScootaShy verse thing. ^^' lol.

4239960 thats ok mayne an uncle or grandpa but if u dont want him in the story its not a problem

4239983 I kinda did a ScootaMom thing in one of my storys... but it wasnt ScootaShy... it was ScootaFire

Yay the story was great

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4239972 You took the words right out of my mouth.:pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp:

4241761 lol looks like we think alike

So, when will we learn about Scootaloo's father?

4246077 Jeez...Guess I have to write this one now don't I? :twilightsheepish::twilightsmile:

Nice story there! :pinkiehappy:

Found only one error...

“Wow, mom! Your so good with the animals...I-I was wondering if I could help out?” Scootaloo asked.

Should be "You're"
Not sure if there's more because I read this while very drowsy...

Find daddy!!! :raritycry: I hope it's Big Mac though.

Cuteness Overload:raritycry:

4262746 Heh, thanks. ^^ Glad you liked it. :heart:

I love this, I think it could do with a few more chapters though...

I was a little worried you were gonna make flutters need to be hospitalised. Glad to see you didn't.

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