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Set in the Youngverse: Little Celestia and Luna have been waiting all year for tonight, the night of Christmas Eve! They have been tucked in bed, they're snuggled deep in their covers... But they can't sleep!

Woona and Cewestia sing about what they want for Christmas. Things could get cute. ^^
Will they get everything they hope for?

Merry Christmas everypony!!

Preread by my special somepony Salnalus Thank you <3

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Preread by my special somepony Salnalus Thank you <3

Of course, love. :twilightsmile:

3673315 d'aww *hugs and kisses* :heart:

That's sooo cute! It'll be better if you used "Cewestia" or "Woona" though. But... they didn't get the big dollhouse they wanted? :fluttercry:

3673459 oh, yeah they did! I just forgot to mention that! ^_^ Sorry. :facehoof::twilightblush:


...too cute.

3673493 :p this is why I put that there! I hate this meme. o.o' sorry guys it's just dumb. Thanks for the comment ^^'

Blame Knighty for it. And I don't mind it, I just find it hilariously silly how these things start.


It's okay. The story's still cute, though.:twilightblush::twilightsmile:

3673511 yeah I blame him... It's alright I guess I just find it annoying how meme'd story's get so popular and get featured... o.o'

It was Obselescense, not Knighty.

3673600 Ah, well blame him. ^^'

There's even a group called I Blame Obselescense. :rainbowlaugh:

3673624 Lol, I just joined. ^^'

Oh boy! Been waiting for this.


I'm gonna join too!!!:yay:

Added as Favorite. :scootangel:

Hi ponyofawesome92! About that message... I cannot (it doesn't mean I don't want to!) send you money for credit, but just tell me what I should do. Sorry I can't reply your message, the send button isn't working. The comment faces also failed to show up.

3682423 Aw, that's okay! I wouldn't mind just getting credit for the work. ^^' We're talking about that collab right?

Very cute and sweet. Young Celestia and Luna is a joy to read. Although, it also filled me with a brief sadness, due to the knowledge of what would happen to Luna in the years to come. :pinkiesad2:

4088586 aw, well this was kinda the idea...I hope it was fun anyways.

(For now though, just pretend those scary times never happed...since she's back and good now!) :twilightsmile:

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