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I hath returned! · 10:50pm Jul 6th, 2015

Hello everypony!! For the looonnnggeest time I haven't been on and I'm sorry for that, it's just that, for some reason, Fimfiction wouldn't let me post any stories. I think it might've been a computer error on my end, but I am back now :D Expcet and updated story rouster in the coming weeks, because summer :p
Thank you everypony ;)

(Also Spike best Princess ;) )

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New Story Idea? · 7:02pm Nov 4th, 2014

Hello everypony! I'm so, so, so,so,so sorry I haven't been on in so long...;_; It's just that things have been very busy with me lately and there's been some...issues with my family. *sigh* why can't everyone just be like me? Nice?..Jeez is that too much to ask!?
Anywho, this whole debacle has given me some ideas for a story about me in the pony world. It'll be pretty much only OCS and it'll probably be kinda sad...so..yeah.
Glad to be back :D

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Do you ever feel like this? · 2:07am Sep 13th, 2014

Do you ever feel like your not good at anything!? like the things you do aren't good enough? That no matter how hard you try...there's always those sad thoughts that creep up on you when your alone....



Pinkamena idea....

but still...its what I'm feeling right now. Through all my smiles I sometimes feel sad, like I'm not good at anything, anything I try I get discouraged after a while. *sigh*

I'm not trying to grab anypony's attention...I-I guess I'm just....

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A Mini-Review of: Bride of Discord (Half-Review, haven't finished story yet) · 9:50pm Aug 29th, 2014

Hello everypony! I'm Cherry Sparkles, and I'm going to review the fanfiction, Bride of Discord by: DisneyFanatic2364. It is an amazing story full of twists and turns and meta commentary. The voice acting is superb and the characters are so in-character, it's scary.

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Midnight Rose's Return!! (From Camping) · 5:17pm Aug 22nd, 2014

Hey guys! I'm finally back from camping. It was pretty fun....cept I got somewhat lost in the dark...(heh) anyways, I'm gonna continue Friday's a Blank since I am back...but it might be a little while, since I have to get back in the swing of things, and I'm downloading the Sims 4 CAS (create-a-Sim) demo! ^^ SO EXCITED FOR THAT GAME U GUYS DON'T EVEN KNOW-....uh...sorry :p

anyways, I'm back! :D

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New Story Coming Soon! · 3:34pm Aug 15th, 2014

A new story is coming soon! I got the inspiration to write this while walking. It's gonna be a Vinyl/Tavi story with some cute Coco moments just for the heck of it. The two mares get together after a wild night of parting, the trouble is, Octavia can't remember who this DJ is! Why's she in her bed!?

It's an Octavia POV story. Might get some Vinyl moments too.

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New Account! :) · 9:52pm Aug 7th, 2014

Hey everypony! So, I was looking through my stories the other day...and it kinda annoyed me that my older stories, the worse ones, were getting attention and my other better, newer ones...not so much.

So, I decided to make a new account! ^^ yay!

Disregard this post plz!! Sorry for making drama over nothing....

(but please check out my newer stuff too!! Leave Clouds and Bunnies alone...it's crappy and deserves to be in its own time-out corner)

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New Story Idea? Anypony interested? · 12:48am Jul 30th, 2014

Well....here's the thing....it seems that none of my friends want to talk to me lately...Idk what I did...but...yeah ;_; (I probably am just talking to ppl at the wrong times but STILL!) -.-

I have a new story idea! Discord, being bored, goes into the portal from Equestria Girls, hoping to stir up something....but he finds himself in a completely different world from that.

He eventually gets found by a shy, timid girl, who reminds him an awful lot like Fluttershy.

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Romance Stories are my thing apparently.... · 11:11pm Jul 26th, 2014

So, when writing: This Love Is Forever. (Shameless plug for my new story ^^') I realized that romantic stories seem to come to me more easily than anything else I write.

If anyone has any ideas they'd like to try out, and it doesn't work for them, let me know! Or just read my newest story if your looking for ponies being gushy ^^

(wow stop promoting yourself, Midnight...seriously lol XD)

Well that's all! :D

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I just realized...Its been a year o.o · 2:01am Jul 12th, 2014

Wow, can't believe I've made it this far! :D Thanks to everypony who's liked, commented and faved my stories!!

Thanks to all those who've been so kind to me as well (you know who you are ;) )

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