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When Pinkie's letters get Maud to come and visit Ponyville; Pinkie and her friends are very excited to meet her. But Pinkie begins to worry about what her sister will say and do during this visit.

Contains Spoilers For The Episode Maud Pie. Begins before the episode.

Edited by: Salnalus
With help from: Sweetie-Bot-Error

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Oh, I love this! Maud's letter made me tear up a bit.

Cute story, and I can see I'll have to add it to a few groups so more folks can read it. There are some minor errors, though.

Pinkie’s letter’s had been less frequent as of late.

You accidently put an extra apostrophe in "letters".

“Dear, Maud,”

Sure, thing.

You don't really need a comma in between these words.


Don't forget to put a space in there -- this one shows up twice.

As I said, minor stuff. Everything else looks solid to me, especially the characterization.

4101328 Oh thanks for the edits! I guess my guys missed those. Will fix! <3 I'd appreciate if you'd put it into more groups.

4101211 Well I'm glad you liked it. Writing Maud's reply letter actually made me tear up too! :pinkiesad2:

I was the editor for this story... in my defense, I was tired as hell, so sorry. :ajsleepy:

Oh, this was so cute. I especially liked "she blinked excitedly" and the fact that Pinkie signs her letters with XOs. She would.

Is the cover art from dm29? I think I've seen it.

Awe, this was so sweet!:heart: but didn't Twilight knew Pinkie Pie grew up on a rock farm?
Silly me, it was the cutie mark crusaders she told the story to...:facehoof:
Sorry about that! I need sleep, desperately!:twilightsheepish:

4101838 That's what I thought when I wrote it. :scootangel:

4105299 Aw, it's okay! It happens to the best of us! (Idk why I made Pinkie nervous about telling Twilight. Guess I needed a conflict of some sort. bah.) :twilightsheepish:

4102005 Salnalus gave this to me, it was over on Tumblr. I thought it fit this story PERFECTLY I was gonna use another one so I of course used it right away!! :heart:

4106685 Yeah, that's from dm29 of deviantART. I'd recognize that muzzle style anywhere! (Not to mention the signature...) It was put to good use. :twilightsmile:

4107024 I kinda like this style of art! (I wish I could draw...::unsuresweetie:)

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