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After school, Scootaloo is approached by Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. Rather than the usual comments about her lack of cutie mark, however, Diamond Tiara gets much more personal and hateful with her insults towards the young pegasus. So much so that to everyone's surprise, herself included, Scootaloo reacts with violence.

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This is an excellent story. More people should read it, because it comes with a very powerful message.

Huh, I came in expecting Scootaloo to just be punished.
Glad I was wrong.

6175426 There's really no tag for "Sad, but with a happy ending!" which is what most of my 'sad' fics turn out to be. <3

6175377 I'm thrilled you enjoyed it. <3

Great story. The only thing missing is finding out what Diamond Tiara's punishment is. I suggest being forced to talk to bullying victims, so she can find out for herself that sometimes words can hurt a LOT more than a kick to the face....

The only problem is Fluttershy's approach at the end. If they take it overboard with Diamond Tiara, which it sounds like she wants to, they're likely to create the opposite reaction of what they intend.

They might teach her that physical violence is the right answer. After all, you get off lightly for kicking somepony in the face.

6175544 I guess it all depends on execution.

Very sweet and all but I'm worried about Cheerilee.

A very nice story about how words can hurt. I am terribly tempted to write a short story examining this from diamond tiara's point of view. Upvoted!

I think I might have read this story before. Oh well, great job!

6177803 Thank you! And please, feel free. I know I made Diamond Tiara come off a bit irredeemable in this story, even Silver Spoon recognising that she'd gone too far, but no-one, and certainly no-pony, is bad without reason. I'm sure she has her own issues which make her behave poorly and act spoiled.

Lemmie know if you do write something from her point of view. I'd love to give it a read!

6177840 First time I've uploaded it anywhere! But it wouldn't surprise me if the general concept has been tackled before. Scootaloo's flightlessness and Diamond Tiara's history of tormenting the CMCs makes their confrontation a natural one.

A fave and an upvote from me :twilightsmile:

Unfortunately, I know full well what a reaction some sorts of bullying words and/or actions directed at a person can have. One boy in my school thought a certain action to be a good prank, but it was quite embarrassing and insulting for the recipient, and I was one of the latter. I exploded in such a rage that I could not stop attacking him until my teacher threatened to call the police (:twilightoops:); never before that was I that furious.

Fortunately, that boy learned to stay the hell away from me after that.

6178020 Sadly sometimes it does take standing up for yourself in a more physical manner to get the bullies to stop hurting you.

I myself have had to deal with bullying, but I am very non-confrontational so I tried every means in the book to try to either make peace or get them to leave me alone.

I told teachers, I told my parents, and I even tried to straight up ignore them...nothing worked...if anything it just made it worse.

It finally took me and them getting into a fight for them to leave me alone.

The ironic thing is that out of the 3 worst bullies I ever had to deal with 2 ended up becoming my friends, and one is still to this day my best friend.:twilightsmile:

As it has been said already, the only thing missing from this was finding out what DT's punishment would be. A great story however you'll need an editor. And a rather good one. (Noticed a few mistakes here and there.)


I am non-confrontational myself, mostly.

And I do get the irony :twilightsmile: Alas, none of my own bullies are my friends now. They still remain on my own ****-list.

There was one time I fought with a guy and he became my friend later, but he was not a bully. We had some sort of serious misunderstanding (I don't remember much) and fought epically, and three months later, became friends through another common friend of ours.

As some who was bullied very often in school I am perfectly fine with Scoot's reaction here. Admittedly I never actually hit anyone, though I did pick up a bat and began to walk very slowly towards my tormentor. Bully very quickly left me alone after that.

6177850 I meant that I think I might have read your story before, like maybe a few months back but now after checking the date on the story I realize that you may be right!

6178134 Unfortunately it can also prove to the opposite reaction, where they realize they need MORE force and will instead group up and beat you down even worse in retribution

6180037 Yes that can happen...and it is usually how tragedies happen.:fluttercry:

It is why bullying is a serious problem.

If a person cannot ask for help, make peace with the bully, or even fight back...well you have a person who is now up against a wall choosing between what kind of pain they will be feeling every day they go to school.

If a bully leaves a victim with no way out...well, like I said, that is how tragedies happen...:raritycry:

I like any story that has Silver being good, but this one really sticks out from all I've read so far. I love it!

I hated seeing that kinda of crap when I was in school. I stopped most I could. Because I was bigger then most bullies and a lot meaner. Being nasty is one thing but trying to make another person feel like they want to die I would not have it if I seen it happening! I was very "moody" and have a very bad temper as kid. The bullies at my school(s) hated me because the might just get a little ruffled or they might on more moody days get a butt stomping. Oh! don't get me wrong I was no angel not by a long ways. (squee)

Feh. Scootaloo should have continued hitting her.

And where were the rest of the foals? Why were they all alone in the school yard?

6194004 It was after class had finished. The CMCs had stayed behind to ask Cheerilee some questions, and DT + SS had stayed behind with the intent to tease the CMCs. Everypony else had gone home! :)

It would be depressing if it wasn't so hilarious.

I read in the jokers voice!

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Diamond Tiara getting kicked in the face?
Cue the music!

A good story with an important message. I like how Fluttershy and Scootaloo interacted with each other. They are unique in that they are not typical pegasi, but they manage in their own way. I also like Fluttershy's message that it's important to understand what the truth means.

Silver Spoon's character was a nice touch. I enjoyed that she has a moral compass, and, while she didn't do anything to prevent the violence, she still told the truth. She went against her best friend and, in a way, protected one of the ponies she loves to torment because she knew what Diamond Tiara was simply going too far.

As far as Scootaloo striking Diamond Tiara, I didn't feel much satisfaction, but that's because I knew the story was about the consequences of the kick and not the kick itself.

Added to my Fluttershy/Scootaloo library.

Don’t know if your going to reply to this but what’s the most horrible bully that you have ever seen

A large red head girl. I took a lot of shit before I did not. Because she was a girl.

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