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After reading about the horrible events that lead to Michael Morones attempted suicide, I asked myself, what could I do about it, when I though about this site. I decided to create a group for him that us writers of FimFic can leave his parents to read to him while he's recovering, and for him to enjoy when he wakes up.

Rules, absolutely no clopp flicks, period. Also, keep the stories as upbeat as possible, or if your story is like mine, The Silver Spoon, then make sure it has an optimistic ending were the main character has good friends at the end.

With that said, to get you story into one of the folders, submit it to the, waiting to be submitted file, and we'll decide where and if it should go in one of the designated folders. If you have reason to believe we may overlook you story, please explain why we should consider it either in a thread or comment section below.
I you want to help organize this group, feel free to shoot me an email on my home page. Lets all pray for Michael to wake up and enjoy the fruits of our labor :)!

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Just learned about this today.

I've been bullied for liking the show aswell (considering I'm young) but never anything so drastic as to make me want to end myself...

Excuse me as I go cry in a corner.

Here's another song for good luck

It truly sickens me that people can be so cruel to drive a boy young child to take his own life. Thank God he's ok, it's a freaking miracle. So, in the spirit of trying to raise a spirit:

347931 They have made an OC ponysana for Micheal on deviant art link. A search on dA brings up more art, including a wonderful strip by pixlekitties link.

Do you want to promote the group and call for stories on one of the self-promotion groups? Would that be too many stories at once?

347930 that will have to do, but thanks

347928 No, just the Facebook page, and a page set up for him by the VA's managment Co. Found that on EQD.

347917 do you have an email address I can send a link to for his parents?

More word, Michael's uncle posted on Facebook that his favorite pony is Pinkie Pie.

Is there any way to find out what Michael likes? We know it has to be rated everyone, but any other hints?

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