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Safaia Bara

I'm pretty new to MLP: FiM, but obsessed with it already. I love to read and write fanfiction, so you MAY see some of my stories up here soon.


Post Sleepless In Ponyville-

Rainbow Dash has decided that she is going to spend some much needed quality time with her honorary little sister, Scootaloo. In doing so, she finds out more about Scoots than she planned, and that the filly really is in need of an older sister.

And she will be that big sister.

I'm posting this as an AU, mainly because it deviates from canon just after Sleepless In Ponyville. Plus, future installments will be later episodes that are set in this storyline.

Cover Art by lordyanyu

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 81 )

I do question disregarding Flight To The Finish.

6183787 It's mainly the pep talk between RD and Scoots that I'm opposed to- the whole you're cool whether you can fly or not- it doesn't quite fit in with my plot for reasons I can't disclose at the moment, as they will spoil the rest of my story. If you want to know the reasons why, you can message me and I'll tell you.

6185142 I agree, I love the CMC, but I think that they take too much crap from DT and Spoon. Actually, I'm finding it hard to think of any time where they really fight back...unless you count the DT's party where Scoots sticks up for Bloom...

Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed it. :scootangel:

Not bad for your first story, I can't wait to see more of your work.

Well that was awesome
Anything rainbow dashy and scootalooy (Okay I wasnt going to ship it neither am I going to make a crappy joke)
I saw very little character development problems
Apart from DT and SP (Bullies) being a bit to passive
And the fact that rainbow dash dint go for any cheap shots
But thats my opinion As for anything blatanly obvious
You dint go with anything
Congrats Faving and cant wait to see the next part

6218062 Thanks so much! This story is really taking on a life if its own...:derpyderp2: It's really weird. I can't wait to write more, either. :pinkiehappy:

6218745 Thank you.
Yeah, DT and SP really aren't the main focus, so I kinda let them taper off...for now. This was actually supposed to be a "Dash protects Scoots from bullies" oneshot, but as I continued writing, a new plot kept churning around in my head.:twilightoops:

The only reason I made Rainbow a bit more mature was to see her grow more into her role as big sister a*k*a setting a good example by not picking on fillies younger than her. Although, like I said, it took a lot of willpower for her to do it. :rainbowwild:

I'm really excited about the upcoming chapters myself, but I want to get a head-start on writing them, first.:scootangel: So it may be a little while before I post again- not too long, though...:trixieshiftright:

6219522 To be honest I also wonder what Diamond Tiara's and Silver Spoon's cutie marks mean.

6219650 It's a mystery :rainbowhuh: I'm trying to think of a talent or them to put in my story for later- but I'm coming up blank. Any ideas? :facehoof:

6219698 I thought that Rainbow Dash would have said, "How did you get your cutie mark, did you just put a tiara on your head and it just appeared?" I thought that would be funny.

6220054 :rainbowlaugh: That's cute- wish I'd thought of that...:applecry:

6220098 Maybe you could use it in another chapter, or something funnier.

6220169 If I do, I'll definitely credit you for it, thanks!

6220227 Again I can't wait to read more and good luck.

I'll be keeping an eye on this one. I do not think that you'll disappoint me.

6220485 Thanks so much! I'll do my best not to! :raritywink:

6219560 Cool cool
Take your time
Id rather we get something like this again instead of something rushed to meet some made up deadline in your head kk?

Pretty good for your first story. I'm impressed that it was written this well being self edited (my self editing skills are just about 0). The only thing I can think of is try putting in some dialogue indicators, it was a little difficult to tell who was saying what but other than that it was a really entertaining story. I'll definitely keep my eyes on this story.

6246775 Thanks so much, I'm glad you're enjoying it! :pinkiehappy: I try make sure I reread the story about ten times before I post it, hahaha. I appreciate the compliment, though.

I'll keep that in mind. Honestly, even I don't know who was saying what during the goodbyes. I got kinda stuck there...:twilightblush: So, I thought, 'I'll just let the reader decided who said what.' I was being lazy.

Thanks again for the comment.

Oooo this is good :yay: Fantastic job for your first story!

7025413 Thanks! I'm hoping to post the next chapter soon. I just need to get off my lazy butt to type it up :twilightsheepish:

7159760 I will be continuing. Real life has just gotten in the way.

Ok, sorry it's just been almost a year.

7159827 No need to apologize, I wasn't trying to be short with you. I have more written, just having trouble finding time to post it.

Did you make the picture? What about the art for your avatar?

Gah! When I faved this I accidentally put it in the clop folder! AHHHHHHHH! Such an innocent story doesn't belong there!

What have I done! (Puts in proper folder)

Yay updates :). Waiting long time for more from this one, didn't know if ever gona be more. Glad to see planning alot more for Dash and Scoots. Hope get rest updated soon.

8200540 Haha don't worry, an honest mistake.

8200934 yup, finally getting back on track with MLP (I finally started watching season 6). I'm about 1/2 done typing up chapter 3 and 1/3 done writing chapter 5. I'll post again as soon as I can.

Personally, I always found Spikebloom to be a match. Although I do have a smidgen of reason to believe that Sweetie might have a crush on Spike. Not sure it's enough to go on.

Choosing Chip Mint for Sweetie Belle is an interesting direction, but I feel like a pony like Pipsqueak or especially Button Mash would be more likely. Chip Mint is a Blank Flank, so they do have something in common, but the same could be said for the two I mentioned. Plus, Pipsqueak and Button both have somewhat established characters (be it canon or fanon), so at least you have something to build off of. All we really know about Chip Mint is he's a pegasus and he appears in Smile Smile Smile. It leaves room for interpretation, but there's really not much asides from that. Plus, for Button specifically, Button is commonly shown interacting with Sweetie Belle in fanfics and fanart, so it's a fairly popular choice. Asides from that, I would suggest Tender Taps for Apple Bloom, but he doesn't exist yet. (And if you take the Gameloft mobile game as canon, he actually doesn't even live in Ponyville for a while.)

I WUVV IT!:yay:
OH GOD I'M DYING RN!!:rainbowkiss:

Darn it, more ships that I don't support popping up in fics I want to read... oh well, not much I can do.

8210328 which ships are you referring to?

8209321 Hey! Thanks for the tips! I did a little research, and I think I'm going to switch out Chip Mint for Button Mash...I was pulled in watching "Button's Adventures". It was soooo cute!!! And then I saw "Don't Mine at Night". Now I'm hooked!

I also like Tender Taps for Apple Bloom, but, as you said, he's not in it yet...maybe I can hold off on AB's love interest until later??? What do you think?

8210580 Can I ask why? Maybe I (or my story) can change your mind? Hahaha

Who do you ship?

8210586 I highly doubt that, all my ships are based on what characters I feel would go well together based on interactions in the show, Rumble and Scootaloo have had no real interactions in the show that suggest romance to me.

I ship ScootaBelle.

8210596 Oh, well.this story is mainly Dash/Scoots centric anyway. You can probably ignore the Rumbloo in the beginning. It doesn't get more involved until later on. hope you like the rest of it anyway... :pinkiehappy:

8210620 I'll still try to read it and its not like I'm going to downvote you just because you don't do things I like.

8210620 Oh, SoarinDash too according to the groups... dang, that's not gonna help either.

8210645 whoops...let's just see where things go...

8210651 Eh, I'm not gonna criticize you for liking a different ship than me, but I can't promise I'll stick through the whole fic.

8210694 I understand. Thanks for agreeing to give it a shot :scootangel:

8210576 Well, it's already an AU, so you could technically pull some strings and have him come by early. But waiting a little bit for Bloom also works. Heck, you could even go so far as to include a mini side-arc of Apple Bloom and Shady Daze not really working out. It's your call, really.

but the obvious thing to do is to have aplpe bloom go back in time and end up in a relashunship with discord which completely ruins all of history and causes raindash bow to end up being scootalol's biological sister What? Who said that? I didn't say that, I don't know what you're talking about...

Great chapter, way to not make her parents irredeemably terrible cliches.

Thanks...I think? I couldn't tell if you were being sarcastic there or not.

Ya know...that idea that you didn't mention would be very interesting...wanna collaborate on a story?

i wasn't, sorry if it came off that way. Text doesn't convey nuance and what not

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