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Scootaloo finally has the loving parents she always wished for- or as close as she can get, anyways. Rainbow Dash is curious to hear more about Scootaloo's own foalhood. And after learning about the situation, Rainbow is not content to sit around and let Scootaloo's parents get away with their transgressions. Rainbow is rocking the boat, and not everyone is happy to change the status quo.

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Good fic, an interesting take on the line, I liked it.

Liek to see a confronation with scoota Dead Beat Parents, too late for them to do anything but still need to be told off.
Love to see them react to Rainbow and her parents offering the support they should given her, and the love she gives in return.
Bet that pop thier little world.

...this does not feel finished.

This feels like a start.

Please. Continue.

8174185 I agree, this needs to happen.

Scootaloo's parents need a Talk, badly. They can't Let her Daughter down, just because of a Handicap. They should give her any Support they can give, so scootaloo can live a normal as it is possible. Nice to See the Handicap idea, i always Think she just needs more Time to Fly then other Pegasus.

This fic is my old canon. Pegasus magic, NOorphan. It just made my day.
Finally someone made it up and wrote! Sweet Celestia, thank you!

Could easily be that weak Pegasus magic won't ground her forever. She may never be the best or fastest flyer, but Scoots seems to be getting more flight capable in the show itself. her parents might just find that with proper encouragement their little filly will someday fly

8174886 Sadly, this is a common reaction by parents to kids who were born blind, or deaf, or with other defects.

8176745 Yeah ì'm Sure too she will Fly Someday

8176747 sadly too often we have such Reactions

This's an interesting idea, but like 8174237 says, the story doesn't feel anywhere near finished. You've shown your idea to us, but you haven't done anything with it; there's no full story to it yet.

Hmm..... A nice idea. I can see a few problems with it, though:

"Weak Pegasus magic in the bloodstream. Your daughter might not even be able to fly as capably as other Pegasi do."

You establish here that it is magic that gives pegasi the ability to fly. The show has shown countless times that this is not the case, though, and that it's instead muscle strength, as you would expect it.
The most profound evidence for this can still be found in "Hurricane Fluttershy" to this day, as we saw pegasi training and strengthening the muscles in their wings to make them stronger in order to create more wingpower for creating the tornado that should lift the rainwater up to Cloudsdale.
This doesn't change anything for the fact that Scootaloo can't fly, but you might wanna replace it with muscle weakness to align it with what we've seen in the show.
The current reason feels out of place.

"I didn't figure out what they were talking about," Scootaloo admitted, "until the Equestrian Games a few years ago. Diamond Tiara brought that memory back... and I understood."

It is an interesting approach, that Scootaloo never knew why she can't fly, and only realized it as Diamond Tiara brought back the memory on this day. But she heard the doctor saying that she might never fly as well as other pegasi, was this really not enough for her to figure out that something is wrong with her wings?
Considering that she stood right in front of the door and heard that sentence, this seems like an awful stretch of logic.

The idea is intriguing, but the second issue is a plothole you should definitely fill somehow. This is a glaring issue that cripples the otherwise promising idea, so you should find a solution for this.
The chapter would also profit from a more thorough proofreading, as there are typos and some mismatched words.

8179429 Alrighty, thanks for the input. :twilightsmile:

I don't think Rainbow Dash's parents ever had the chance to met her friends and her pet TORTOISE.

I've been waiting anxiously for a fic based off of "Parental Glideance", and you delivered fantastically! The contrasts of parents RD and Scoots have play out fairly well, though for some reason it just felt like I was flung into the information a little too quickly. That's moreso a nitpick if anything. And even though Scootaloo's parents seemed rather cruel, it was a realistic kind of cruelty; not enough to make me feel sympathy, but enough for the whole situation to not feel forced either, which is a great blend.

The theory on how Scootaloo's incapability of flight is also intriguing. Even though there are instances in the show indicating the wing power is based off of muscle rather than magic, I always thought that they went hand in hand (hoof in hoof, in this case, lol...I'll let myself out... :twilightblush:) so it was both interesting and believable to me.

I also like that you left this as "incomplete", indicating that you'll be continuing this...right? :pinkiehappy:

8183066 Yup, I plan on adding onto this story some more, due to other people's encouragement that I should. :twilightsmile:

I gree, they're jerks for not loving their daughter, treating her like they never had one. I like the way Rainbow Dash countered Scoots "father"

Even though they don't show support or much love but doesn't mean she was treated wrongly. She has been healthy, has a home, goes to school and has great friends.

So trying to take her away from a home that she is safe isn't right Rainbow and can cause really big problems even with Scolotloo since she knows that even when they dont support her she still loves them.

Oh dear... Telling the mother about the husband cheating is going to be really bad for Scoots... She isn't going to be happy with Rainbow Dash but I do think that the parents really need counseling and not the cold shoulder.

Oh good gravy, Rainbow, what have you done?

Wow, it's great that Rainbow cares so much about Scootaloo and her parents are definitely bastards(especially the "father"). But I fear barging into Scoots personal life like this is just gonna blow up in everypony's faces.

I wonder does Rainbow Dash's parents know about her friends, her pet TORTOISE, and being the harmony bearer of Loyalty?

Time for a Harmony of Friendship meeting.


But I fear barging into Scoots personal life like this is just gonna blow up in everypony's faces.

Rainbow Dash being Rainbow Dash.

Really glad expanding a nice one-shot. Hope to see more soon. :scootangel: :rainbowlaugh:

Nice going Dashie. Sure your intentions were noble, but now Scoots' piece of shit parents are probably gonna beat her senseless(her "dad" already shoved her) and she hates your guts.

HOW is Dash going to fix this? Good question.

I like to give scoots Patents s beating of their own for hurting their Daughter. Shh, Calm down scoots, we're all here for you

Time for a good old fashion sit down intervention.

Twilight always has a plan, her plans always work, Although not alawys as they supposed to be working. I also loved how they potrayed Rainbow Dash's parents in the episode, they make good parents for Scoots.

What does Twilight care about. stupid idiot public Image or helping ponies?

Twilight's job is to be a mediator in relationship matters. That's what she and her allies are tasked with. That's what the Elements are all about. She's been hit with a delicate balancing act.

Tough love?! Scootaloo's parents don't even know what normal love is! When you love someone, you're supposed to seek their benefit even at the expense of your own. The only ponies who benefit from their desired arrangement is themselves. How in Equestria is that love?!

"Buck off," Angel Pulse answered. "You're probably worse parents than we could ever be, if you raised that stupid mare over there." She pointed at Rainbow Dash.

Yes because Rainbow Dash's rough patches wipe away all her heroic achievements including being part of the 6 mare force that has saved Equestria multiple times.

If she had been raised by you Equestria would be a wasteland.

I'd like to see Twilight's idea please :) And just hope Scoots knows, for the record, if Rainbow's parents do get custody of her, then they'll be step sisters, so hopefully she'll forgive her soon.

Something's tells me they say no. But Rainbow's parents are way better parents than those two.

"Don't worry, Rainbow Dash." Starlight smiled softly. "If this doesn't work, I'll just brainwash them into giving up Scootaloo!

You should really stop with those jokes, Starlight.

Brainwashing can be for the greater good.

Maybe in that case but not always

Really, all this because YOU wanted a perfect heir? You ponies really don't know what love is.


You ponies really don't know what love is.

they just do as they're told.

(Sorry I couldn't resist)

As for the story...I'm enjoying it. I'd like to see a more realistic approach to therapy but that's just my own personal hangup as a writer.

Wow so just for the fact Scootaloo can't exactly match your footsteps... the world both real and Equestria's are ever changing whether we like to admit it or not. There's no point hiding ourselves in delusions that say otherwise and trying to keep things static will only end in failure. Whether in trying to get your children to follow the path you took in life or constantly yearn for good old days.

8298401I was a little hesitant about including a therapy scene in the first place. :twilightsheepish: It's one of those things that has to be mostly accurate or else it'll mess up the story.

take heart then... its not bad. There's just a few parts where the therapist tells them Scootaloo is extraordinary for example where realism takes a back seat.

I hate cliffhangers!

Welcome to the era of the ponified serial.

A true comes true! Enjoy every second of it Scoots!

"And you're like the second daughter we always wanted!" Windy answered in a honey-sweet tone.

Uhh, then why haven't they...you know. Ah, shouldn't think about, should enjoy that Scoots has some real parents!

Maybe they can't?

It was a nice story, heck i would't be surprice if the move to ponyville

Nice story all around and I'm glad for a happy ending, Scoots deserves a happy ending, so, yay!

Y'know, there's usually a little red wagon involved in their travels. The one Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom sit in while it's attached to the scooter.

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